“He looked at my testicles…” – Police Officer Charged for Illegally ‘Strip Searching’ Young Boy at School


STOCKTON — Officer Mario Gates is the president of the Stockton Unified police officers union.

He also works as a Stockton Unified School District police officer.

His position as an officer is now under fire, being accused of forcing a 14-yr-old boy to strip his clothes off during an illegal strip search.

The boy was forced to take off his clothes to be searched “without reasonable suspicion for a said search and without prior authorization of the supervising officer on duty,” according to the complaint filed by the DA.

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The boy had been involved in a schoolyard scuffle with another student, according to his mother.

The officer then strip searched her child when nobody else was around, according to her statement.

When she picked up her son, school staff did not tell her about the strip search.

“The guy made me pull my pants down, looked at my testicles, made me squat and cough,” her son told her, humiliated by the ordeal.

Officer Gates then showed up at the mother’s home after the search to “apologize” for humiliating her child, according to reports.

“He knew what he did. I was very, very upset,” says the mother.

Officer Gates was placed on administrative leave as the complaint surfaced, according to reports.

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The Chief of Stockton Police, Officer Gustafson, says “This is a serious matter and I am deeply concerned about the allegation.”

Officer Gates is scheduled for an arraignment on February 13, 2015.

Watch the eye-opening video below to learn why schools have become places for police to abuse children and get them used to a life in prison, video produced by CopBlock.org


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  • Guest

    1-209-933-10825 The Stockton Unified School District Police Dept. Please call them and tell them how sick this is!!! They are very rude and are trying to sweep this under the rug. It is not illegal to call and tell them what you think! PLEASE, LET’S FLOOD THEM WITH CALLS!!!

    • texangirl64

      Check your number again

    • Hugh Jazzole’

      1 is only needed from landlines

  • yellowdogmichael

    1-209-933-10825 Option 2. The Stockton Unified School District Police Dept. Please call them and tell them how sick this is!!! They are very rude and are trying to sweep this under the rug. It is not illegal to call and tell them what you think! PLEASE, LET’S FLOOD THEM WITH CALLS!!!

    • wildman

      check yer phone number there slick may be 1 too many numbers DUH

      • yellowdogmichael

        Thank you, Wildman… I guess I goofed. But it should be correct now. 1-209-933-7085 Option 2.

        • wildman

          yes sir we want the poLICE to get all the attention they deserve

  • what is wrong with police

    this can damage anyone for life regardless of their age and make people hate police this is a sexual assault and NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO DO THIS OR BE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO DO THIS TO ANOTHER PERSON!

  • Trev Smith

    in the UK, our prisons are schools. Go to prison with nothing but the shirt on your back, come out with a diploma ><

    • galtspeaks

      In the US our schools have become prisons, but then again the entire country has become a police state.

  • Michael Fuson

    hes a pedophile. he should be charged with child molestation. the parents should sue big over this.

    • Rusty

      Child sexual battery is the charge I would face if I did exactly the same thing.

    • Hugh Jazzole’

      he should have to register as a sex offender

  • Momma H

    This is absolutely nothing new. My son was assaulted by 2 school security officers in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I was called to the school office. When I arrived and saw had contusions to his face and head. I asked what had happened. He told me in front of a Sheriff’s deputy (“school liaison officer”). The security officers agreed with my son’s account of what happened. One had tackled him from the side (while my son was standing still). While my son was on the ground, the other stood on the side of his neck then dropped with his knee to my son’s head. I told the deputy that I would like to press charges. She refused to take any sort of report against these two men and instead, wrote my son up for trespassing. After taking my son to the ER, where a doctor wrote in a statement that the concussion (along with several other injuries) my son had was due to excessive force, I went to the sheriff’s station. They were of course closed. I went back the following day and was told they they absolutely would not take the doctor’s report nor would they take a statement or file charges against these “liaisons”.

    • Jazzi Blonde

      This is where you get yourself an attorney ! Call your State attorney General which Im guessing wont be much help, then find out who your area representative is and email or call them. Call Call Call, even your local media. Dont stop until someone starts answering your questions.

    • Momma H

      I forgot to mention that one of these security guard had a problem with my son because I had complained to the dean at the school that he has been searching and patting down boys (who all happened to be very young looking) in the restroom and locker rooms… Of course, nothing was done except the retaliation against my son.

      • Debbie Stinnett

        Sue their ass in civil court if DA won’t prosecute. Jury trail.

      • what are you doing about this? can i help you publish the truth and get the word out about these cops?

    • Justin

      Go to the commissioner to file charges not the police.

    • Jack Kelly

      All cops refuse to make any reports on other cops.

    • galtspeaks

      When peaceful revolution is made impossible, violent revolution is made inevitable.

    • Hugh Jazzole’

      federal lawsuit.chck NOLO.com filing fees cn be waived for low income

  • upagainstthewall

    Mineral County Sheriff’s deputies in Hawthorne, Nevada had deputies that did this type of illegal search/examinations at the elementary school. They were assisted by the prinicipal. I have always questioned why they thought repeated examinations were necessary… especially since neither examiner were qualified to examine the child they assaulted and abused.

    And to those little minded folks in Hawthorne, Y’all better stop touching the innocent children since you ain’t got no reason to perform these actions except to fulfill your own pedophilia fantasies.

  • chevy

    Wtf is wrong with these dull minded zombies. A cop with higher Intelligence quotient wouldn’t even commit or think of a crime like this.

  • Denis Deeborn

    Had that been my little boy I would have found that POS and beat his ass into next year, cop or not, you cross the line when you sexually abuse a child. No badge will protect you from whats going to come after that and any department trying to protect this pedophile should be charged along with that POS for child endangerment, And cops need ask “Why don’t the public trust us?” Because of thugs with badges and guns who constantly get away with things like this,. Mind you, this kind of action only makes it worse for the good police officers who when taking their oath to serve, they do exactly that. Being a cop in today’s society is IMO< one of the worst jobs you can be in. To many pimple faced kids being given a badge and gun and pretending to me GI Joe, abusing people, violating constitutional rights, shoot first and investigate later, gangs of cops shooting a single unarmed citizen, it's repulsive! And they wonder why they are loosing veteran Officers by the hundreds who are taking early retirement. This Officer needs to be striped of his badge, charged and be made to register as a sex offender. I will step out and say this however, in my town, we have an officer who I feel is the role model and one of the best Police Officers I have ever met/known. He is our departments Capt. and the respect I have for this Officer, he is the only Officer I would ever teach my children to run to if they ever needed help. Professional. caring, concerned, open to the community. He takes his job serious and he has excellent communication and relationship with the community. It's officers like this who also need to be mentioned in the Media for the wonderful job they do and to serve as that roll model.

  • Krautninja

    A bit late on the subject, but a lot of the story is missing/ being reported very differently on other news outlets. Firstly all the other sources say the officer claims he was advised the kid may have a weapon (this has not been confirmed, but in Stockton, I simply would not doubt it). Also other outlets have said the principal notified the mother of the search when she arrived at the school. Another report says he did visit the home, and not only admit to the search, but offered to have him put into the program for troubled teens that the department runs.

    The search as described sounds a lot like the typical search one would receive if they were being booked and placed in jail that they do to ensure you have no hidden weapons, needles or other outside contraband.

    I’m no fan of the police by any means, but given it has also come to light that the mother is reportedly been “down on her luck,” this also sounds quite a bit like someone twisting a story to come up on an quick buck using the controversy and the nations current frownin of police officers to her advantage.

  • Yohan Luechtefeld


  • Michael Fox


  • Michael Fox

    For those of you who still have not gotton the memo on cops that communities of color have tried and cried to no avail until the recent advent of the video camera on cell phones. There are lots of unfit for duty ” cops” ( mostly if not exclusivly white male cops ) who have been let loose into our communities for generations. I recall growing up in Queens NY in the 1980s and the boys on the streets nick name for cops was ( HOMO SQUAD ) as opposed to HOMICIDE DETECTIVES. Referencing cops penchant for stoping and frisking. They seemed to get a thrill from the power that they had over the young men on the street.