“If This Goes on YouTube, I’ll Find a Way to Arrest You” — Cop Whines About American Filming


“If I See You Post This On YouTube, I’ll Find A Way For The D.A.’s Office To Arrest You”

Chris | InformationLiberation

A camera-shy New York State trooper threatened to “find a way” to arrest a man if he posted video of the officer conducting a routine traffic stop to YouTube.

Predictably, the video was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week.

The video starts with driver John Houghtaling sitting in his car waiting for the cop to approach.

When the officer arrives, he politely asks the cop, “how’s it going?”

“Put the phone down,” Trooper Rosenblatt barks.


“Because I said so.”

After the trooper asks for his license and registration, Houghtaling complies as he is legally required to do so during a traffic stop, but he does not stop filming despite the officer’s threats, as recording police is perfectly legal.

The officer then asks Houghtaling if he “was the same one who thought it was a good idea to come to my station and videotape us for some reason?”

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Houghtaling asks if he’s “legally obligated to respond” to his question.

“How about if I see you post this on YouTube, I’ll find a way for the D.A.s office to arrest you,” the hotheaded Rosenblatt responds.

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  • This is so cool. Everybody who are pulled over should be doing this. It is about time people stopped being scared of the costumed men.

    • R.j. Spring

      and women

      • GarrySJones

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        • tzsm98

          I didn’t realize having relations with a donkey paid so well. Keep it lubed and enjoy the work!

    • dickbag

      If you are doing a violation a cop has the “your” gov given right yo pull you over as many times as they like. you dont want cops, live in a world without them , see how bad it gets you idiot

      • Miranda

        dickbag, “doing a violation” doesn’t warrant their sarcasm, intimidation and inappropriate treatment of the public. They don’t want to be on cam because they are being caught in police brutality that people have been accusing them of for years. Now they are being recorded, and caught and don’t like it so they try to intimidate people into not recording. You are one of those police supporters who think their intimidation, physical abuse and murder of the public is acceptable because “they risk their lives” Really? Well, I guess the public is risking their life every time some dickbag cops stops them. It has nothing to do with you telling someone to go live somewhere else if we don’t want the police to treat us like that. We have a right, in this country, to expect our police officers not to be dickbags…..oh, I get it….you’re a cop?…or some relative to a cop so have those idiots on some damned pedestal.

        • Little Wing

          If someone came into where you work and was a total douche to you while shoving a camera in your face would you act like pollyanna… or maybe react like a human being that someone is treating like sh#t?

          • Kaila Jackson

            Chances are, your job is already filming you and in this case the officer isn’t in an office he is in the public. If you don’t want this to happen to you then don’t be a police officer.

      • ‘Mikee Edwards

        You picked a great handle for yourself there, DickBag! Go jaywalk and get killed by the cops, ya TOOL!

      • LibertyMonger

        We want cops dickbag. We want cops who obey their oath to the constitution. Under this federally run system it is impossible for them to obey their oaths so until we change the system there cannot be any good cops, whether the cop is a good person or not.

        • Little Wing

          I want a citizenry in this country that is intelligent enough to understand that not all cops are bad and that is mature enough to not just drive around cop baiting and acting like angry 2 year old brats when they get stopped… simply for the youtube glory. What a joke.

          • lunaDeScorpio

            life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, pushing assholes buttons makes this guy, happy and i support his right to do so. kisses

      • Little Wing

        The guy knew his exhaust was loud. He provoked the cop to try and look cool on youtube. He needs to get a life.

        • Kaila Jackson

          …or he can’t afford to fix the problem….

        • Shoda

          Riiiiight, but this is the same cop who was charged and found guilty of abusing his girlfriend….I’d say his quick temper was preexisting before he even walked up to the car….so yea, there’s that.

    • Little Wing

      I’ll be the first one to tell you that a lot of cops shouldn’t be cops, a lot should be in jail, some are sadistic etc…I truly believe it is a shame upon our country when police don’t face consequences for bad behavior and killing unarmed men. That said, I’m polite to them and assume they are just another human being doing their job…. and I have never had a effing problem nor had to give up any right.

  • Zeno Anacharsis Antisthenes

    Haha if he threw that cigarette out like that here he would get 1000$ fine.

    • urbabiezdaddy

      or a beat down for me

  • Howard Treesong

    This whole interaction is extremely problematic. When did this adversity start? What are we going to do about reversing this attitude?

    • JdL

      When did this adversity start? What are we going to do about reversing this attitude?

      It started when cops started making war on the American people. The drug war and 9/11 were two of the biggest excuses offered for them acting like criminal thugs. It will end when cops stop making war on the American people, which will come about by one of two ways:

      . Cops will clean up their act without bloodshed.

      . Citizens will finally stand up and not take it any more. They will do whatever it takes to communicate to cops that their criminal behavior will not be tolerated.

      • David Pierce

        Evil men will never relinquish power. It must be forced from them.

  • Jim Magdelania

    all pigs are scum

  • Jeff Woodruff Ilsm

    I want to know what happens after the video stops!

    • Mahmood Pooyanfar

      Same here. Would love to know the end result or when the officer comes back to the car.

    • Little Wing

      The cop came back and gave him a ticket for the muffler. Three days later he got tickets in the mail for using his phone while driving, littering and having an air freshener on his mirror. I loled. If he wasn’t a douche he’d have only got a warning about his exhaust.

      • jada

        The way you’re defending this cop and know exactly what happens afterwards leads me to believe that maybe you were the pig who made the stop or you might be one these pigs who thinks he’s above the law he’s supposed to be upholding.

  • Wade Dewell
  • Edwin Sequeira


    • Jean-Francois Dube


    • Sgt. Killgood

      A bunch of lying cops supported by a corrupt judicial system . we’re in trouble America .

  • Edwin Sequeira

    Bottomline : #PutWingsOnPigs

  • gerry

    Fuck this guy, he’s just being an asshole for no reason. None of you would want some obnoxious little prick shoving a phone in your face. Record cops when they do wrong, not just to agitate and incite them.

    • matt

      Wait until the wrong doing is being portrayed and it may be too late. People exercising their rights is a very positive thing my friend. I’d advise you get on board.

    • rice

      Cop pulled him over for a dumb inoying law having to do w his exaust. I would hope he would exercise his right to do something half as inoying back. Ftp.

    • Troy Buehl

      Gerry if obviously a cop. Or married to a cop. Or related to a cop. There is no such thing as exercising your constitutional rights “for no reason”. This is the day and age where you HAVE to film every encounter with them FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION. We only open the windows enough to hear them and hand them any paperwork FOR OUR PROTECTION.They forget that they are public SERVANTS. They work for THE PUBLIC. They do not tell us what to do. We tell them what to do. They are trained to not trust the public. They are trained to incriminate you by something you say. Therefore, you should not talk to them. DO NOT answer any questions. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT. This guy did the right thing. YOU sir, are a douchebag

    • John J Publicus

      Record all interactions with police at all times! At some point this will make a difference….

    • timdnml

      If the trooper has nothing to hide, why should he mind being recorded? And if he doesn’t like it, maybe he should get a job that won’t hurt his vagina.

      • Little Wing

        He probably wouldn’t have minded if the kid didn’t use his phone camera like an 8 year old. He needs to learn how to use it discreetly but he wanted a bunch of people on youtube to think he’s one of the cool kids. He was an asshat to a man who was just trying to do his job because if he was polite he’d have just gotten a warning … what’s the fun in that? No one would want to have to deal with all these nutless little phone pansies every day. Maybe the kid should try being a cop so he can go around be extra polite to little asshats shoving a phone in his face.

        • juice

          Why so mad officer??

        • timdnml

          Cop baiting? How is it baiting if the cop did the pulling over? Was it legal? Yes. Was it appropriate? Debatable. Was the cop a little bitch pussy? Yes.

    • Sgt. Killgood

      What’s up Bootlicker .

    • David Pierce

      Excuse me officer, could you beat me to death in a few seconds, I need to get my phone out and record this.

    • Sgt. Killgood


  • Mario Kenny

    No probable cause, if the cop gave him a ticket for a noisy exhaust the case will rest at the discretion of the judge and the case can be contested further, how will the cop defend this contested fine in court, with his testimony? if the cop has
    a recording of the noisy exhaust, this can be contested to be deficient recording equipment, this is just common sense…

    If he got any ticket at all it will be dismissed or the case will face further judicial review. Haha not only is the cop abusive, but he is also very ignorant of the very laws he is charged to uphold, what is that telling us?

    Further, if the cop loses the contested case based on non sufficient evidence, then a counter claim will be a right that the victim would enjoy, for money damages, no matter how big or small, cost, fees and tax. haha

    Ffurther his name and badge number is irreverent at this time, for in discovery, the cop will be found and properly identify, the video was more than sufficient.

    The cop lost his case by his admissible admissions on the site of the occurrence in real time.

    • Little Wing

      All the cop has to do is show 5 or 6 seconds of the vid. All 4 of the tickets he got can be proven just by that. Using his phone while driving, exhaust noise, littering and air freshener on mirror. The judge will uphold all 4 because the kid was an asshat and would have gotten off with a warning if he wasn’t out driving around looking for trouble. Everyone with an exhaust that loud is aware of it. Look at other cop bait vids. You rarely hear any exhaust noise.

      • juice

        Or did he just make you look like a fool, officer!

      • Kaila Jackson

        No, the judge will uphold 3 because he wasn’t driving while he was using his phone, he was just sitting in the car. The car was turn off, if you hadn’t noticed, therefore, he could not have been driving.

  • Lucas Irish

    I love how pigs think that, “Because I said so.” is somehow an acceptable answer. Who do they think they are?! That answer only works with your parents, not a state sanctioned, tax payer-funded, jackbooted thug.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    This cop needs no training . He needs to be fired before he kills somebody else . He is a threat to the American people . He has an anger problem , Who ever hired this maniac needs to be fired also .

    • David Pierce

      If it were as easy as asking, this problem would have been solved years ago. Evil is evil, and there is only one way to stop evil.

    • Little Wing

      I’m sure if someone came into your work and treated you like crap you’d respond with candy and roses….

      • Sgt. Killgood

        Good comeback , Bootlicker ./

  • Ed Roberts

    re hashing old stuff??? — From Aug 24,
    2014 – Department Of Homeland Security : Domestic Extremists Pose A
    Threat … “If I See You Post This On YouTube, I’ll Find A Way
    For The D.A.’s Office …

    – spreading more hate are we??? &
    ½ truths – even DHS does so – you should be weary right there —
    pissed off cops dont make bad cops – Cop clearly dont know all
    either but that dont make him bad — hes pissed & gonna look for
    a law broken —

    At 57 seconds camera boy littered –
    cop shoulda ticketed – what if cigarette causes a wild fire –
    you’ll blame global warming caused it!!!

    Cop didnt charge with litter or
    obstructing view with camera – cop coulda told him to move camera
    to side also – – instead of down –he didnt think of it ––
    cop was trying to be reasonable – you fight with cops & you
    will have to be friends with criminals

    Was in station taping – provoking,
    accusing – how would you like a stranger taping you – for no
    apparent reason other than your a mechanic of a car that someone
    said, killed someone via bad breaks?? What if you were tapped for no
    reason other than you are filming cops but not sharing the whole film
    – like when in police station filming them there too…

    You are entrapping them, bullying them,
    trying to bait them to react. There are bad cops – but you spread
    lies & hate–

    You have blood on your hands for
    pushing this false ideology of police…& authority also this

    & it looks like your gonna be held
    responsible if you dont watch your narratives…OF HATE & ½
    TRUTHS – & outright LIES… Anti-police social media postings
    have spawned a wave of arrests across the United States
    && http://rt.com/usa/217435-social-media-police-threats/

  • Juan Torres

    Nice job keeping your cool with this power hungry jerk
    If it was me I would of felt like telling him respect the right to film pig!

  • not amused

    Booo! did the white guy feel oppressed for being a DICK whilst driving? why film a cop doing has job, you are a Knob and deserve no credits for filming this idiot fest, he has the right and the laws right to pull you for having a bad grip in your tire whether you like it or not! This cop is protecting you now, while you sit here watching your asshole post on facebook, did you know facebook own any pic you place on it? go film them doing that you idiot !

  • SaveAmerica1776

    why would he throw a cigarette butt out the window, cop is right there?! that was an idiotic move

  • Nat Turner

    When will that cop go to prison for the threat?

  • David

    do I look like some persons property? i do not possess such objects as no such objects you are requesting exist to the best of my knowledge. what is a license & registration?

    when you see lights, that is a request to give way. you are supposed to give the right of way to that emergency vehicle. move over, wave them on. if they insist on talking to you, ask them ‘by what contractual obligation do they presume to exist which they are a party to.’

    civil=contract (please produce the contract)
    criminal=injury (produce the injured party with a valid claim)

  • David

    BY WHAT AUTHORITY. something few recall that should be addressed.

    oh, by the perfected security interest attached to the motor vehicle, it is State property, the police are investigating what you are doing with their company property. which the OWNER did contract with a company (the RMV, a private corporation which the cop is not working for) for use (which is by default commercial) upon the public road.

    you should know this. you should also put NOT FOR HIRE conspicuously upon the vehicle.
    that rebuts any presumption of your use. no bill of lading nor waybill, and do not produce the registration paper, as it IS a bill of lading. (you were hired to deliver the cargo [automobile] to the addressee. the sufficient description of the cargo described on both a registration aswell as a license, makes them… everyone: a bill of exchange.

  • RedBearded T

    A loud muffler is not a traffic violation, it’s a noise violation. Meaning he pulled you over for a personal reason and did not pull you over for a legitimate reason.

    This is in his comment about the video.

    John Houghtaling “Hello, everyone. My name is John Houghtaling, obviously the person in the video. I want to thank everyone who has commented and shared this story. Here is what happened after he came back to the car: Trooper Rosenblatt approached my vehicle as I still had my phone in my hand. When i went to hit the record button, he used his hand/fingers to reach in my car knock my phone down. I was terrified that this man was going to take me out of the car and assault me. After he knocked my phone out of my hand, he dropped a muffler ticket into my car and left the scene. Three days later I received three more tickets in the mail. One for using my phone while driving, one for littering (which I agree was wrong), and one for having an air freshener on my mirror. “

    • Little Wing

      Too bad they couldn’t give him one for cop baiting too. I don’t pay my taxes so the men I pay to police my community are held up dealing with this shit. They have work to do and this kid knew his exhaust was loud.

      • juice

        I have came to the conclusion that LITTLE WING is probably the officer in the video,

  • Little Wing

    It’s not cool it’s ignorant and ridiculous. Trooper reacts like a human being when ignorant little asshat with annoyingly loud exhaust provokes him. Said asshat having no clue how to use his phone discreetly. Try acting like that with the cashier at a store or clerk where you register your car… anyone just trying to do their job. The only way this would truly be damning is if he was filming discreetly, he wasn’t a douchebag and the cop was rude in those circumstances. I’m glad the little prick got a ticket for littering and I loled at the one he got for having an air freshener on his mirror. Sick of people whining when they get what’s coming to them.

  • GarrySJones


  • Rick Aaron

    the moment he threatened you; that conversation should end. He should now be REQUIRED to call a supervisor. He simply cannot threaten you. period… Stop talking to him UNLESS a supervisor has been called to the scene..

  • LoyalLeo

    Yet ANOTHER glaring example of white privilege!