Indian Man Attends Police Brutality Protest, the Next Day Cops Shoot Him Five Times, Executing Him

RAPID CITY — Allen Locke of Rapid City had participated on Friday in a protest against police brutality.

The very next day, he was shot five times and executed by police.

Allan was a native American, father, and only 30 years old.

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It began around 6 PM on Saturday, when police showed up to Lakota Community Homes to “remove a resident,” according to reports.

It is unknown why Allen was being removed — some speculate that it was due to a bank taking his home away from him.

Police claim that Allen “had a knife” and “charged” them.

Fearing for their lives, they unloaded five bullets into his body, executing him on the spot.

Cops are trained liars, and the only person who witnessed what they did is now dead, unfortunately.

It is noteworthy that they felt they needed to shoot him 5 times until he died instead of injuring him with a single bullet. Of course, shooting him 5 times had the advantage of ensuring that he was not alive to dispute their “official report.”

On Friday before the shooting, Allen’s family said that he was part of a #NativeLivesMatter anti-police brutality demonstration.

Allen’s community has held vigils and ceremonies to remember his life.

“He is making his spirit journey,” his family said in a statement to the community.

The cop who executed him has been identified as Officer Anthony Meirose.

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Officer Meirose has been granted administrative leave.

The Pennington County Sheriff’s Office and the Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation will be “investigating” the shooting, according to reports.

Both the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the shooting, according to reports.

We will update this article as more details are made available.

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  • Christopher Matthew

    At least 1,069 people have been killed by U.S. police since January 1, 2014.
    At least 1,828 have been killed since May 1, 2013.

    • Shell

      That list just broke my heart, I had no idea that many people have been killed.

    • Drakenfly

      The list is actually a low figure since most police departments do not report all shootings to the FBI who does the counting but they will tell you how many bullets they used in a given time frame so they can be compensated by the government which is even sadder…

      • Brandon

        That list is actualy based of local news articles from towns and cities across the country

        • Drakenfly

          I was reading the following and that kinda matched with what the wall street journal had but with a different time frame…that’s why I thought they were using FBI stats as well because it matches with the “50 percent more” aspect of what the WS Journal said…

          The data showed 1,825 officer-involved killings in those departments
          between 2007 and 2012 – nearly 50 percent more than the FBI’s tally.

        • Margaret Sturman

          the truth doesn’t always come out.

  • jason

    tony Meirose, thats his name on facebook from rapid city, find him and let him know how you feel!

    • Ja ka

      I think that pig took his page down.

      • JasonSBabb

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      • SamuelTConti

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  • Disgusted

    This is absolutely unnacceptable. Another innocent man MURDERED! and his KILLER walks free!!!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! WE need to MAKE a CHANGE!! WE CAN NOT ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE!! THIS IS MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sgt Mars

      Bullshit. He charged the officer with a knife you fucknut. If that’s what you call innocent then you really are a special kind of stupid.

      • Smh0891

        Says who… The officer? We all know we can trust a trained liar..

        • LW

          And you know this officer personally. Do you even know where Rapid City is?

          • Charles Vella

            You don’t need to know a liar.

      • Jeffrey Oviatt

        same thing happened to a friend of mine! the cops say he rushed them but his parents witnessed the whole thing and disputed the police account and still nothing happened to the police. and the officer who shot him turned out to be a dude my friend picked on in highschool. cops are above the law.

      • Jay Warren Clark

        Nice talk Officer Mars. Assuming that you are a police Sgt., is this the level of restraint you show citizens when you interact with them in your official capacity? If it is, then don’t you think that you argue against yourself here? JWC

      • Kojo

        Yes, people know it makes perfect sense to charge the police with a knife. Like you’re really going to get somewhere. Good luck with that Sarge.

      • Craig Carlton

        I feel sorry for you. It must be hard to be that ignorant and obedient. Poor poor little many. It’s ok the state will protect you from these peace loving hippies.

      • Margaret Sturman

        Your rant is a waste of our time, we know what is going on and it is nothing less than a total destruction of our bill of rights by steroid addled irrational cops. It is a crying shame that the Department of Justice has behaved in such a spineless fashion. A lot of cops should be out of jobs and on their way to prison by now, you seem to forget you are public servants.

      • Nick Nausea

        Sgt Mars: Buddy-boy, I’d watch who you are calling names, especially as you are plainly a
        filthy lying, cop.

  • SonnyC

    Police investigating police? What’s wrong with this picture? Who saw the knife in his hand? Anyone witness the shooting? Is it the cops word without anyone to argue against what happened? Justice? Pleeeease !!!

  • Jason Jones

    Wow!!! This is really the twist you’re going to put on this? I am ALL about police accountability but there’s only one fact in this whole story, the guy was shot. You guys are losing a LOT of credibility making things up and spitting it out like fact. Might have to start calling this place FOX News.

    What really happened? The guy was at a home, that was not his, and refused to leave. Read this as, tweeker going to his baby momma’s house raising hell. The police were called to remove him. He pulled out a knife and charged the cop and was shot. This guy was a thug and methed out like crazy when he was shot.

    This was one of the cases that I would stand behind it being a clean kill. I seriously do not understand why you people would “report” this as anything different. You’re just killing your credibility.

    • Marais Baudet

      Lol… Wow lil buddy. Get off your knees, pry your lips from their boots and wake the F up.

    • Kevin

      “clean kill”, your a full nut job.

    • change is coming

      Your a fucking stupid asshole police are there to handle a situation instead of murdering somebody who cares the reason, if he has a knife or what they have several non lethal ways to diffuse a situation, I believe cops should have there gun taken away English police don’t have guns and there country operates way better than ours, this is why people are executing police on the streets and I believe this pig should be shot dead in his cruiser or on his door step in front of his family, if cops want to uphold the law or constitution or whatever they do by sitting on there ass and cherry picking assignments they should be held to much higher standards and have much stricter laws that police have to follow. If things keep going the way they are I’m all for a rebellion of killing cops. They need to change there appearance the NY police appreciation protest proved it all nobody has respect for these pigs we need a new organization protecting us cause this shit isn’t working

    • MsMesteth

      He is my cousin your talking about….You know nothing about him…So stop with all your BS…..Our family is mourning….Respect that….

    • Beverly Galloway

      He may have been a piece of shit tweaker, but who are you GOD? I am all for him paying for his bad behavior but death? NO one gets to kill another and are not only getting by with it but are now feeling the heat for it! It will get much worse before it gets better! We need a REFORM! The whole Justice system is corrupt and needs reformed! Until then we are just going to keep seeing this. This sad police state where you can be killed for selling loose cigs or being retarded and trying to stay for another movie or being 12 and Native American, then if these people had lived they would have been jailed with rapist, murderers, and other VIOLENT offenders EVEN THOUGH they committed non- violent crimes. It’s all fucked up and corrupt.

    • eric harper

      Were you there? No I thought not you fucking sheep, you’re just regurgitating what you read by the same animals that took his life, just shut up fool.

    • Jenni Lovsey

      Were you personally there? No? Then shut your pig apologist ass up!

    • Crystal Car

      Don’t bother with these people. There is no evidence to prove innocence to these one sided individuals. You and I know a tweeker is dangerous and can run through things that would have left most normal people dropping to the floor begging for death. Trying to talk about this only causes them to cuss you out and use name calling because the facts point to the officers innocence and that doesn’t bode well for their agenda.

      • some people

        Really tweakers have super powers while on the drug that’s a new one, you obviously don’t know to much except stories you have heard methamphetamines do not have the same effects as PCP. And where in the story does it say anything about meth or being hostile toward family it says the bank had foreclosed on the house. So why are you jumping to conclusions that he is a crazy meth head with super human strength?

      • Craig Carlton

        C’mon really? Clearly you are oblivious to what is actually going on. You should really just fall back to sleep and obey obey obey. 🙂

    • Charlie

      No kill is clean retard!!! I would love you to get into an argument with a loved one, only for the police to kill you because you “looked dangerous”….what a joke you are, loser

    • padraig22

      You asinine lickspittle prick!

    • Jeffrey Oviatt

      or msnbc,cnn or any other news agency out there fox is just the worst.

    • Scott

      If your version of this story is correct isn’t it just indicative of the larger problem? Shouldn’t the police be rooting out the meth problem instead of killing the addicts? Maybe if there were as many rehabilitation centers as there are prisons they’d have different tactics.

      • Margaret Sturman

        There is a FB page called “Cop Block.” All they do is publish local stories about law enforcement malpractice. It’s more complex than killing drug addicts, a lot more complex.

    • diablodejalisco

      why cant they ever just shoot the person in the leg? its alway multiple shots to kill. these people really are murderers that watch too much television. thats the way they do it in the movies. needs to stop and now.

      • Christopher L Banacka

        you NEVER ever shoot someone in the leg.
        Anyone who has ever had any real training, or understands the basic idea of a firearm will tell you and they will know that aiming for a leg i the dumbest thing ever.

        If your life is on the line, you stop the threat, you dont TRY to stop the threat, because if you fail, you die.
        21′ foot rule, if someone comes at you with a knife and they are within 21′ feet, you keep shooting until they stop coming.

        Now if the guy charged them with a knife, good cops.
        If that is a BS lie, who knows, then fuck the cops.

        • Margaret Sturman

          Please inform yourself, no one is safe. They just make it up as they go along and it goes like this:
          1-he felt threatened.
          2-the dead unarmed person had a gun.
          3-he or she reached for his/her waistband.
          4-he gave the cop dehumanizing stares.
          5-he felt threatened.
          6-he felt threatened.
          7-he felt threatened.
          The treat people, both black and white like garbage, they approach people with aggressive, disrespectful attitudes, they break into homes without warrants, they kill innocent people, family pets, children and get away with it.
          It’s the getting away with it that just blows my mind. Police officers who behave like this not only damage the entire system but they make it impossible for real law enforcement to happen. Unless the Federal Government through Congress or the Justice Department puts a stop to this practice a lot of innocent people will suffer on both sides. Becoming accustomed to being abused by authorities is something that happens in other countries we call police states. Time to wake up and make some changes folks.

    • Christopher L Banacka

      Agreed, sites like this could be so good.
      Instead they spew just as BS as the normal media but towards the other way.

      I really like the line about just shooting him once.
      There was 2 things that could have happened, they blindly shot him 5 times for no reason; or he charged at them with a knife and shot him 5 times in self defense.

      In case #1 they are scum bags, in case #2, they did the right thing. There is no shooting someone ONCE. you shoot until the threat is stopped.

      Stupid websites :/ Even copblock has gone full retard :<

    • nativemob!FuckDaPolice

      You’re a bitch

      • Jason Jones

        And, you’re a troll. Good job.

    • Craig Carlton

      Jason you are just plain lying. The article says NOTHING of a drug using tweaker. You made that up. Clearly you did not read; you just got down on your knees and lapped up the state’s drivel like a cheap whore earning 25 bucks a suck. You sir are a liar.
      The article ONLY says
      “It began around 6 PM on Saturday, when police showed up to Lakota Community Homes to “remove a resident,” according to reports. It is unknown why Allen was being removed — some speculate that it was due to a bank taking his home away from him.”

      • Jason Jones

        If you would care to read my other post here you would see where I stated that I knew this guy personally. I had to deal with him more than once. Every time I encountered the guy, he was high. So I’ll take your personal attack as just not seeing my other post where I state that.

        • Craig Carlton

          Who cares if the guy was high every time you saw him? He never hurt you did he? You are still here with us. He clearly had a drug problem (based on your eye witness accounts) and needed help not a death sentence. Make all of the excuses you would like but advocating the outcome as justifiable makes you less of a human than a tweaker in my mind and I would suggest MANY MANY other minds . My words were not a “personal” attack but they were an attack on your “lack of empathy and humanity” which you clearly do not possess.

          • Jason Jones

            Again, making it personal about me. I just gave facts on this guy’s history.

            We all make choices. Some of us accept personal responsibility for those choices. And some of us try to make excuses. This guy made bad choices and you are just making excuses to justify his decisions.

            I’m done with your trolling attempts. You’re not going to get a reaction out of me, no matter how hard you try.

          • Craig Carlton

            Funny. Getting upset about it being personal and you end with the most personal insult you can; accusing a fellow commentator of trolling; hence a troll. Priceless 🙂 Sorry I hurt your feelings and that your butt hurts from the truth being shoved up it 😉

          • Jason Jones

            I do believe you have proven my point.

          • Margaret Sturman

            I guess the cop’s bad choice when taking another human being’s life doesn’t count to Jason. Pity.

  • John’s Kawasaki


  • UndeadMartyr

    I’m not sure how factual this article is. I wasn’t there so I can’t say for sure, but the officer did respond to a call from that house that the individual was not welcome in the house by the residents. I don’t think the bankster was living in the house and is the one that called the police. I understand there were witnesses, but have not spoken to them and again was not there, so I can’t say for certain. It is a bad deal that someone lost his life. That is the only thing I am sure of.

    • Crystal Car

      Good job not jumping to conclusions. Sometimes I look at these articles to watch the simple minded jump to their own conclusions with no evidence.

  • Michael Fuson

    looks like he was targeted because he dared to protest against his masters

    • Rapid girl

      Looks like you are following your master….. The writer of this article. If you knew anything about Rapid City or the community you would know that this article is complete crap!

      • LW

        Totally agree. Not even 100 people attend that “Protest”. If he would have cooperated nothing would have happened. If I charged a cop with a knife I would expect to get shot, that’s why I would never do it. Cops just want to make it home to their families at the end of their day just like you and me.

    • Margaret Sturman


  • Beverly Galloway

    Jason, I just tried to find him on Facebook and I cannot! Must have removed himself from searches.

    • padraig22

      he is obviously a troll, probably a cop or a snide

  • Walt Karma

    why don’t police departments train cops to disarm people with knives, branches, can openers, that type of thing. its not so difficult to do. so they may get cut or stuck a little. don’t be pussies…probably not life threatening. and there’s always a bunch of cops…they could mob the guy…without killing him…guess shooting em is easier…and they never get in trouble with it…

    • Crystal Car

      It’s difficult if he was actually a tweeker, which are dangerous just being on the drugs with no weapons. Plus the innocent people in the home who called the police to come help them had to be protected at all costs. I’m just waiting to see the actual evidence before I judge anything.

      • Lonnie

        A lot of cops use drugs..esp.meth. police are trained in self defense..but when they are carrying a gun as well as mace billy clubs why do they choose to shoot to kill and why do they use so many bullets. I guess alot of people who defend excessive use of power.have never been a victim of it.but yet still why blindly act as if it doesn’t happen especially in rapid city …native American people have been targeted to long..in rapid city.. not just by police..

    • Jason Jones

      They are trained to handle a knife in a fight. But they are also trained in what is called “Use Of Force Continnum”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Use_of_force_continuum

      That is something that is taught to most LE, DOC, and security officers.

      But I guarantee, even as a private citizen like I am, if someone comes toward me with a knife that they are getting shot. And shot as many times as it takes for me to feel they are no longer a threat to me.

    • diablodejalisco

      no balls anymore. they are afraid.

    • Christopher L Banacka

      You can’t really disarm someone with a knife. Look up “the 21′ rule”
      Someone that is within 21′ of you can charge at you and slit your throat or many other major parts of your body before you can draw and fire your weapon.

      Now there is no way of knowing if the guy really charged or not, that is what this story should be about, not that they shot him 5 times.
      If he was shot once and died vs shot 20 times and died, it doesn’t matter, he is dead. What matter is why was he shot.

  • philly

    I didn’t know the police had any powers on the res. I thought they were supposed to alert reservation police and be escorted by them

    • Jason Jones

      This wasn’t the Rez. It was in a housing development in Rapid City.

  • padraig22

    The Police are trying to start a race war. “They got the guns but, we got the numbers”. What did you think all those bullets and military-grade hardware was for? Amerika is fucked when the whole of their most-celebrated city’s police force is fat, degenerate and murderous. All you can expect from state thugs is state violence.

    • Rapid girl

      YOU are starting the race war!

    • diablodejalisco

      and most have shaved heads, like skinheads.

    • Christopher L Banacka

      Websites like these are starting a racewar, and anyone else who mentions someone’s race.

      • padraig22

        When we are actively fighting racism it is hard not to mention someone’s race?

      • padraig22

        Point taken.

  • kevin

    People, I am from Rapid City, Lakota Homes are government subsidized housing, they are not owned by a bank. The guy was not a tweaker, but he was an ignorant fool for charging the Officer with a knife. I would have shot him also. People those of you who are saying that this officer needs to be shot, you really are ignorant. If something happens to the officer now, the local LEOS know exactly where to look and who to look for. Quit being stupid.

  • Brian LeMoine

    Law enforcement are trained to sustain fire until a suspect drops to the ground. Having a 14 round clip 9mm is standard police issue. People don’t understand why so many rounds are fired into people by police. Its their training , and weapon fire power. In the old days of law enforcement a 357 mag 6 shot was all one needed , or a 38 special. Some used 45 ACP 7shot mags. The police argument was gang bangers out gun in fire power police. New 9mm, and level (5) deadly force training & policies were made and put into effect. After 911 came home land security, Patriot Act, police given full auto weapons that was meant to be used by SWAT , or SRT, or TAC teams now given to basic street patrol. And again to combat domestic terrorists & criminals police use military fire fight tactics (sustain fire until subject drops) … Using a semi-auto one can fire 3 to 6 rounds in seconds, even more… I do not support shooting any one without a gun. The force option continuum in police defense and arrest tactics using level (4) pepper spray-baton-electronic stun gun should be reasonable force used on a suspect with a knife… However police are allowed to escalate one level above force encounter from suspect… Police are allowed to use deadly force level (5) on suspects with a knife, or any other threating object… Many times turns out to be a wallet, cell phone, spoon, sun glass’s… Magic words from cop-I fear for my life-suspect came at me- holding what I believe to be a weapon… Works every time ,even in unarmed suspects shot dead by police… Only way this is going to stop , or change is citizens demanding use of force policy reform…

  • bowdawg

    No video, no proof cop is not a murderer.

    • Scott Drew

      Pigs are pigs. No cop is innocent.

  • timgoes

    If there were body cameras he would not be dead.

    • diablodejalisco

      or the cop would have turned it off before he shot.

  • Rapid girl

    What a joke of an article! There is absolutely no education or fact behind it. People like the writer of this article are why we continue to have such hatred and violence in this world…. Because you people are creating it. Quit spouting off about something you know nothing about! You have absolutely no evidence…. I know this because you make the claim that the “bank was taking the home”…. Lakota community homes is a Section 8 rental community. The bank would not be involved with rental property. You sir/ma’am are not from my community, nor do you know anything about it obviously so stay out of it! We do not need your garbage, uneducated, twisted mind causing more problems than there already are! Focus your trash writing somewhere Else. As for all of you who are following this garbage…. Do your own research on credible websites. Not on propaganda, entertainment sites. You are all just little followers of the pot stirrers. Have your options but make sure they are backed up by fact and not by someone’s twisted, agenda filling, story.

  • jason

    This “article” is as fucked up as a football bat. The cops were called because the Locke would not leave a person’s house. The homeowner called the cops you morons! Then he charged the investigating officer with a damn knife! You know the easy way not to get shot? Don’t charge a cop with a knife. The last 3 indian/cop shootings in this town are a knife and a gun wielding assholes getting shot, and 2 cops getting killed and another wounded by a gang member.

    • diablodejalisco

      so the cops story goes. i am sure they all carry a throw-down weapon. that will usually clear them. we are such a stupid people. we fear our own shadows, just the way the government wants us.

  • Wynn Horton

    “…was a native American, father, and only 30 years old.” This shouldn’t matter. Let’s stop it with the pleas for sympathy for his having a kid or being a minority. The important fact was his being shot FIVE TIMES (far too many, as usual) and the fact that there were no cameras on the cops. We need to have cameras on all cop cars and on all cops, ESPECIALLY if there is a potential for violence. We need to ask our sheriffs to do this and tell them their position depends on it. No cameras = no vote for you next election, Mr./Ms. Sheriff.

    If he was illegally squatting/trespassing in the house the bank foreclosed on, it is very possible that he did have a knife. Not enough info about this issue was given. Many men get violent when their homes are taken away, regardless of the reason.

  • Johnny Nukes

    The cops are getting way out of hand. This is why we have the Second Amendment. If you’re gonna die take some cops with you when you go. I don’t give a flying fuck who sees this post. If you disagree with me fuck off.

  • Scott Drew

    I’m a white guy and i dislike all cops. I learned what the police where really about in 1985, hated them ever since. NEVER TRUST THE POLICE! NEVER TRUST THE POLICE!

  • Billyboy

    Did I miss this journalist’s name? I may have missed it, I guess. I mean, after all, a journalist brave enough to reveal the truth to those of us who mistakenly believe in enforcing our nation’s laws wouldn’t hide his identity, would he? How will we know who to thank?

  • Jaxin Hix

    I feel that the whole story is not being told here. KelolandNews reported that authorities were called to the scene for a dangerous threatening subject. When authorities arrived, they were charged by a man with a knife. They shot him to protect themselves, unfortunately killing the man. Although the death is unfortunate, if the 911 caller felt threatened for their life and family, we can come to the conclusion that a threatening manner and demeanor was put forth towards the officers. Although a lot of people would like to blame this on a “White vs. Indian” I think we are missing the real meaning. All men are created equal, and its about time that we forget all this race nonsense and started finding out the facts about the situations and didn’t try to automatically blame the police.

  • LW

    Maybe you should get the facts straight. The cops were called to the home and he charged the cop with a knife in his hand and was intoxicated. If I was in the same situation I would protect myself just like the officer did. This had NOTHING to do with a march that not even 100 people attended or his race. He was doing his job. #EVERYLIFEMATTERS #COPSLIVESMATTER

  • AuntySocial

    Cops kill us to get more vacation.

  • Bella Robinson

    Here is some more shit that cops do that the public is unaware of.






    It is time all Americans stood together and demand federal legislation that holds the police accountable. Whether you are a person of color or a native American or a whore, we all deserve the same rights and protection as “the privileged class”

  • Mikael Roadkill Strömberg
  • Gary Williams Jr.

    as Russell means said “America welcome to the nationwide reservation” they are doing to us all, what they’ve been doing to the Indians for 500 years

  • mike

    Cant believe you all are believing this crap. None of you were there so why the fuck are you acting as such?

  • Leo Bekker

    The ONLY good cop is a DEAD cop.

  • Bleh

    And here is some more for you. I didn’t know about these.


  • Bleh

    You do realize you just removed a legitimate link, right. One showing a similar cop murder of several innocent people in LA Koreatown?

    Why would you remove it?

    • Bleh

      It is the former link welcoming visitors to Koreatown. The site Korean owners changed its content instead WARNING TOURISTS AWAY BECAUSE OF RISING COP MURDERS.

      And you removed the link.

      Ban me. I’m banning you. You’re cunts.

  • Rachel Flanagan

    A son will never know his father, RIP Allen Locke.

  • tokies

    it’s like they are so far gone they can’t even stop themselves

  • jaime

    Don’t none of you get it by now? Cop’s give out ticket’s, the court’s take our money. No matter what,, cop’s can do no wrong, the Justice system need’s them free. Its like this , we don’t care what mud or shit the pig’s roll around in,,the bacon is still Good.