“It’s Disgraceful” — Police Outraged at New Superman Comic Book



NEW YORK — Police have become outraged at the latest release of a Superman comic book in which the iconic American hero fights back against bully cops.

The comic portrays Superman as standing with a crowd of Americans who are embracing him.

Cops in riot gear soon arrive to break up the gathering and take Superman (who has now been revealed as Clark Kent) into custody.


Police fire tear gas at the Americans. As Clark Kent aka Superman watches the scene unfold, and witnesses the violent bullying, he feels his power back and decides that enough is enough. The feeling is portrayed with powerful imagery. A feeling, perhaps, shared by every American when we witness police bullying the innocent, shooting dogs, and killing mentally disabled people.


One officer tries to bully Superman, but instead of backing down, superman knocks the officer out with one punch.


Younger Superman fans have embraced the new comic book and feel that they can now look up to Superman as a true superhero.

But police themselves are outraged.

Patrick Colligan, president of a group of individuals that calls itself the “NJ State Policemen’s Benevolent Association”, said that the comic book is “disgraceful.”

Colligan claims that cops are protecting the public, and it is at their expense that the comic book writers are selling the latest issue of superman.

“We are once again painted with the very broad stroke nobody wants to be painted with,” Colligan said.

Colligan then seemed to suggest that comic books should stop taking on social issues.

“Comic books are taking on social issues lately and maybe they should get back to taking on superheroes and making people laugh,” he said.

What do you think about the latest Superman comic book? Let us know in the comments below.
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  • Williams StrangeFest

    It’s good that society is starting to turn against police and it’s about time Superman…We need you more than ever.

    • Kenneth Eaton

      Supes was originally this way. Post Convergence Supes is basically the same as golden age supes in terms of power… and it appears methods. Dude originally FOUGHT corrupt politicians an cops.

  • Vincent Valentine

    They can claim it’s disgraceful all they want, but the true disgrace is how the police treat everyone else. They have brought this on themselves for their behavior. The bad cops get away with murder and any “good cops” out there are either too afraid to speak up and condemn the bad cops, or turn their heads.

    • itstherecit

      ….”good cops” can’t exist….if a cop doesn’t comply with the “corrupt cop culture” or breaks the “wall of silence” they will either be fired or resign because they “don’t fit in”

  • ironfalcon

    It takes a comic book character for folks to wake up

  • John Vangalis

    If it wasn’t an issue then the Police wouldn’t be upset, but since so many Police have been shown abusing their power over people who aren’t even part of the problem now the Police are crying that they are being picked on.

  • Casiquire

    “Comic books are taking on social issues lately…” uh haven’t they always? Isn’t that part of the point?

    He seems as clueless to the nature of comic books as he does to the problems of the police force.

  • Mathieu Hubin

    “Colligan claims that cops are protecting the public, and it is at their expense that the comic book writers are selling the latest issue of superman.” So who is protecting the public from the cops?

    • ls1200

      Fuckin SUPERMAN!!!

  • Tyke Figueroa

    Comics have ALWAYS taken on social issues.

  • Jeremy Derifield

    This is the most butthurt profession in America; this is a group of people detached from the rest of society who can’t handle the slightest amount of criticism or will take the slightest amount of accountability. It’s always somebody else’s fault.

    • Jon Snow Lives

      Preach brother preach.

    • Powkat

      They want deference. So much of the abuse they dish out comes when they don’t think someone is ‘obeying’ fast enough, or has the nerve to ask why they are being stopped.

    • Toban_Frost

      More than that, they can’t even take criticism of FICTIONAL COPS!

    • Hassan

      I would also add the US military as well. I should know since I served in the military. NOBODY is above criticism.

      • Jeremy Derifield

        I was in the Navy and have several vet friends and a brother. I don’t see the petty whininess in military like I do in cops. I mean, I’m sure it’s there but most vets I know don’t get all bent out of shape at the slightest criticism of the military. Police FLIP OUT.

        • Larry Capponi

          cops are low IQ dicks

          • Daniel Martinolich

            This is an extremely ignorant statement. I served in the United States Marine Corps as a Captain and had several buddies of mine, extremely intelligent individuals, move on from the Marines to police agencies across the United States. Cops are, for the most part, extremely under-paid for the services they render (much like your average teacher). Inner city cops have to deal with the lowest scum of this planet on an hourly basis and have to see and witness some of the most horrific scenes. To lump all police as corrupt and “low IQ dicks” is ignorant to say the least.

          • Larry Capponi

            Ok then 90% are , the war on drugs has to end then the police can keep the 10% of so called good cops and fire all the other fk ups they hire to fill boots

          • Ron Barth, Jr.

            They don’t exactly recruit the brightest bulbs for the USMC, either, now do they? Cops are low IQ dicks, and the biggest fucking whiners on the planet. It is government-sanctioned extortion for the most part, and they are the dim bulb muscle for our pervasively corrupt system. And they’re hardly underpaid. Cops on large urban forces after a few years will make 6 figures (if they log some overtime) in return for their zero productive skills. And the benefits are hard to beat: get injured playing softball on the weekend, take a couple months sick leave with pay; rob, beat, and shoot whomever you want, and you will be blessed with an absolute presumption of innocence, evidence be damned. Fuck cops, they’re domestic terrorists, and fuck cop-sucking apologists.

          • JuneTiger

            The problem is that they’re trained to view or lack the training to not view residents of their community as, “the lowest scum of this planet.” It doesn’t matter if the person is a criminal or not. It is not the police’s job to decide who is “the lowest scum of this planet.” Police are NOT given the job of being judge, jury and executioner. Quite frankly, a police officer who betrays the public is WORSE than a murderer or child molester. So in talking of scum, who really is the worst?

          • GreenTriumph1

            They agree to the wages so by definition they are no underpaid. Also have you seen the pay rates in New York area or California? Is police work a $150K job?

          • Aa Lava

            Exactly and don’t forget to add in their generous pensions. Both teachers and cops whine but they are our highest paid public servants. As far as teachers go, don’t forget their salary is for 10 months of work and not 12. A teacher is just an overpaid babysitter.

          • GuamTippedOver

            lol on what planet are they underpaid? They are not exactly educated and skilled labor by any stretch.

          • Pesimistichope

            IDK where you live but the cops in California are a coveted job which is known to start in the upper 70’s a year.

            Many police in the Bay Area not just SF but out lying areas make well into 100,000 a year or more.

            The extra judicial police killings of 2015 had 1276 people shot by police. 96 unarmed individuals where killed by police.

            The intelligence should be and is regularly questioned for good reason.

          • Jeremiah Martin

            when the “good” cops start calling out and holding accountable the “bad” cops for their abusive illegal actions, then maybe the public’s view will change but until that time the “good” cops are going to be lumped in with the “bad” cops (and rightfully so) because silence is consent, to turn a blind eye says it’s ok to abuse your power making “good” cops just as guilty and accountable as the “bad ” cops. So you see sir it’s not The public’s fault as to how we see and label all cops because we can only judge from what we see and that’s an abuse of power by the minority and the rest condoning their actions by silence. If the good cops want to know why they are lumped in with the bad I suggest they seek answers first by looking in the mirror.

          • itstherecit

            you nailed it…but the way i see the “rogue good cop” is they all get fired or resign because they don’t fit into the “corrupt culture”…in other words “THERE ARE NO GOOD COPS”

          • Orlando Duffy

            I agree with you completely but to lump all people in the inner city as scum is just as blind a statement as considering all cops as corrupt.

          • Carol Adams

            Well maybe if the uncorrupt cops showed themselves when the corrupt cops are running rampant instead of sticking their heads in the sand we would see all of them as corrupt.

          • Miguel Miquel

            it’s mostly very true that cops are dumb. or they would not enforce illegal or unconstitutional laws or apply excess force for small crimes. police should actually not have lethal force they can’t handle it responsibly , nor should they have billy clubs. if anything they are overpayed.

          • We are Anonymiss

            “Cops are, for the most part, extremely under-paid for the services they render”? Not where we live! We have regular cops that, counting OT and benefits, make 250k a YEAR! Hell, a cop fresh out of the academy here, just base pay alone is 60k a year. “Police Pay and Benefits Higher Than More Dangerous Jobs.” http://www.taxpayersunitedofamerica.org/commentary/police-pay-and-benefits-higher-than-more-dangerous-jobs

            60k a year to start? That’s more than we make a year…by far! Then, they get to retire earlier then we do…in their fifties, with a full pension. Under-paid you say? Our state is teetering on BANKRUPCY because of these government fucks pensions!!!

            Most of the cops we run into on a daily basis aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box. A lot (not all) are really not much brighter than Barney Fife. How much brains does it really take to pull the trigger of a firearm at someone who is running away from you?

          • Jack Smith

            Daniel – I’m a disabled Vet and your statement is kind of hypocritical (or just reveals your own racism or discrimination). You say lumping all police as ‘low IQ dicks’ is ignorant while out the other side of your mouth, you lump anyone who lives in the inner city as the ‘lowest scum of this planet’. So which is it? Are you a hypocrite? A racist? Or possibly both?

          • mcraycl2

            Just like you lumped everyone in the inner cities together!!

  • Edward WinterRose

    If the cops feel they are being painted with broad strokes, the onus in this instance is that they change their behaviour so that said broad strokes would be perceived as patently false and ridiculous. As it is, the stories are entirely believable, with a level of verisimilitude that seems to produce shame-based anger on the part of the cops rather than any meaningful attempt at positive change.

    • MastoDonJuan

      So, would you say the exact same paragraph to someone who drew a comic book about the generalized perceptions of black people? What about homosexuals? It’s amazing how someone will stand on a soapbox to DEFEND the denigrating of one group but would cry foul when it applies to others. Hmmm…

      • ls1200

        In what way would Superman fight a group of black or gay people? What context would you suggest that is equivalent to this one?
        Because cops going after superheroes is actually a common trope in these sort of comics. They are, after all, a defiance to authority by their mere existence. The difference now is that news of cops abusing their power and, in some cases, murdering innocent civilians are flooding tv and online news sites, which is something THAT SHOULD BE TALKED ABOUT! The problem is not the fictional cops getting their asses kicked. The problem is the real would problem that this comic is commenting on.

      • Edward WinterRose

        Flag on the play: These guys chose to be cops. They choose to behave the way they do. And they behave the way that they do despite every other police show on television showing them to be positive community sensitive role models who care for individuals and their rights instead of covering up their own crimes and violence as they do in actual life. More to the point, and back to your comparison, LGBT or Black people did not choose to be what they are. And up until recent years, being a character while black or gay still got you deeply smeared or broadly typecast in the most derogatory sense. The difference between standing on a soapbox for one and not the other in this case is the context in which both groups have traditionally been portrayed. The real life people being victimized by police have had nothing but insulting stereotypes since printed and filmed media ever started. They are only just earning the respect they’re getting nowadays as human beings after every publisher and filmmaker up until now has made their money making fun. Oppositely, the police nowadays are being made to wear cameras, have cameras in their cars, and be on record constantly lest they abuse, maim or murder their suspects. They still commit these crimes in spite of law enforcement for the most part only being portrayed in a positive light. A context which in actual application is patently false when you examine the injured, the maimed and the corpses left in their wake. LGBT and People of color have had to earn every positive stereotype they get in the media. The cops however are pissing their credibility down their legs and crying crocodile tears about it when they’re called on it.

  • Phil Hofer

    Comic books always have taken on social issues. Especially the Super Hero Comics!

  • samoanpunch .

    Artist have always been at the forefront of political issues. It’s why the First Amendment is not the second or third. The ability to portray messages without words has the ability to transcend illiteracy and touch people emotionally in a very simple way. This is nothing new for any Superhero. Batman, superman, and the entire Justice league have always been at odds with government overreach and conspiracy, even in the Marvel world, Ironman turns into a bad guy by siding with the government to impose registration and indefinite detainment of super powered humans and thus Captain America goes underground to lead the resistance of freedom fighters to include many well known heroes including Spiderman. Many times throughout history these comic heroes have tackled real life issues of all sorts. The police brutality issue is real, it only makes sense that DC and Marvel, who both have strong feelings about freedom and how Police are supposed to act like, are going to tackle these issues in their art. And good for them. If police don’t like the portrayal then maybe it’s time they quit denying the problem exist and make positive changes. Because we sure as hell aren’t going to let up on demanding accountability and better officers with true integrity.

    • Neal Feldman

      Actually the relative position of an Amendment has nothing to do with that Amendment being more or less important or significant than any other Amendment.

      • samoanpunch .

        I understand your point in the legal sense but my point was, without the First, no other Amendment would matter and ultimately cease to exist. The control and manipulation of information has and always will be the greatest weapon in existence. What good is the 2nd if we’re duped to fighting one another instead of those who seek to manipulate us for their own personal gain? What good is the 4th if we’re taught since we’re born that giving up our privacy is in the best interest of National Security? Free speech has always been the initial target of all tyrannical take overs. Because if you control the narrative, you control the people.

      • randy

        He was proving a point, no need to criticize him for spitting some knowledge buddy.

  • Junior Crusher

    They get every other action movie from hollywood that glorifies police, even when they trample rights to save the day.

  • Neal Feldman

    They have a long history of taking on social issues, or has everyone but me forgotten the Green Arrow Speedy drug arc?

  • Jodie Morrison

    Perhaps, for the time being, it would be wise for the president of police ‘malevolent’ association to play the ‘Invisible Man’ part? 😉

  • John Baner

    They don’t show this much anger and aren’t this honest when one of their own commits murder. They don’t show any sympathy when they hurt the public. Why should anyone give them sympathy now? When they start repenting and stop the brutality maybe then these broad strokes will stop. They should express their concerns in an official complaint to the Superman comic books.

  • Sam Arenson

    If they don’t like it maybe they should start their own comic book company, with blackjack and hookers.

    • Melissa Todd

      Forget the Blackjack… Kiss my shinny metal ass… lol

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Stop killing people and being imperious douchebags and people won’t even think of creating something like this. Gotta love police. They are “outraged” at anything and anyone that doesn’t blindly support them.

  • Difdi

    If you were to act like police do, they’d declare you to be a domestic terrorist. If you were to treat police the way they treat you, they’d feel so threatened they’d open fire in self defense, then claim later than you gave them no choice.

    If you act like a supervillain, don’t be surprised if a superhero comes along and treats you accordingly.

  • zombie

    We don’t need Superman to take on the cops. Our cell phones are becoming very important weapons in catching these [email protected] with badges. Before long a cop won’t be able to kick a suspect in a back alley without looking over his shoulder and checking YouTube when he gets home. Give it a rest, Clark. Don’t jump on the anti-bully bandwagon yet.

  • joe polastics

    The rap group NWA, Ice-T and Snoop Dog are finally vindicated.

  • Richard Thompson

    Its amazing the venom and outrage when the light of truth is placed on those who Harm others or keep silent about it . Those misuse their position to bully and intimidate others they are supposedly there to look out for.
    The police in America are more dangerous to the public then any terrorist group and have killed hundreds of unarmed citizens In the last year and keep on trying to justify it.America is beginning to hate what the police stand for. The system is corrupt beyond repair In America you can get tryed juged and executed for a missing tail light..

  • Khai Fox

    comic books have taken on social issues forever. x-men isnt even a superhero comic. it’s a sci-fi comic centered around a civilian militia fighting for human rights.

  • Christopher Kelly

    Maybe if the cops would stop doing bad things they wouldn’t be “painted with the very broad stroke nobody wants to be painted with”. There are good Cops in this country who do their job the right way but they a vastly outnumbered by bad cops who do their job stupidly then when bad results happen they try to lie their way out trouble sometimes succeeding which pisses people off.

    • 416R

      No, the everyday good things Cops do don’t get publicized like the seldom bad things do. The truth is, no other society in the world depends on law enforcement like America does. Again, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, then remain quiet.

      • John T. Castle

        We all know what he’s talking about. Cops are paid with money taken from everyone via government extortion. Opt out of paying taxes if you don’t believe that’s true, see what it gets you.

        And maybe you mean that no other *government* in the world depends on “law enforcement” (revenue generation) like the various levels of American government do. That’d be closer to the truth.

    • Brandon Swords

      All cops get paid through taxation, yet it’s not their actual duty to protect citizens, which is a case of Taxation Without Representation, thus there are no good cops. Unless you consider thieves to be good people, regardless of how grandiloquent and sanctimonious they are.

  • Zodiac

    I told you white pigs and your slave toilets stuck to my butth0le like the pederast child raping police clown failures you losers are.

    stop reading comic books, get to work and come kill yourselves!!

    • Corey

      woah man, calm down

  • Yash Kansal

    Wild-West of US trigger happy army and brianless robo-cops must be disarmed and liquidated before mass riots within, thanks to Corporate-America=Universal Poison=Public Enemy No-1 https://www.facebook.com/inthenowrt/videos/vb.276157035868006/486297371520637/?type=2&theater http://s376.photobucket.com/user/chemistypk/media/CorporateAmericaN_zpsx61recwx.jpg.html?sort=3&o=21

  • Elena Bennett

    Yet another reason why he’s Superman. REAL “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” do NOT allow for corruption and brutality against citizens. ❤️

  • Savage

    Yes… the behavior of police is disgraceful… the fact that we INSTANTLY recognize these images is one of the most damning things I can imagine

  • beyondbelief

    Well If they don’t like it then stop doing it. If the police didn’t have a guilty concoctions then it would not bother them it would be a fictitious comic book. The fact that they are bothered tells the real tale . Too bad too sad cry me a river!!

  • Boobies McTitburger

    Where can I get a copy of these?

  • JeffreyMS

    I work with customers in my job, and have done so for every job I’ve ever had. If I acted arrogant, aggressive, and unprofessional with my customers, I’d be fired sooner, rather than later. And yet, some police are getting upset that they are being called on the unprofessionalism that many in their field exhibit. How about this: be human beings, stop escalating violence, and fight corruption instead of the public, and we’ll all start respecting you again. And if you are one of the “good” cops, WHISTLEBLOW whenever possible.

  • Jeremy

    I respect the police. They do a job that I never could, but this is just
    ridiculous. Fact is there are bad cops our there. There are police that
    are frankly bullies and abuse their power. Yes I believe they are the
    minority but it happens and you know what? Sometimes it is good for
    comics to tackle real world issues. Here is a piece of advice for those
    police offended by this. Instead of harping about how a comic portrays
    you, stop worrying about that “thin blue line,” and work to rid those in
    your ranks that make this portrayal valid. Just my opinion.

  • Jeremy

    I get it. No one likes to see their profession disparaged. Especially one with that much pressure, but this comic is not “painting with the very broad stroke nobody wants to be painted with,” and comics have been tackling social issues since their inception. That is not the issue. The issue is the fact their are police our there that makes the portrayal of this character in the book valid.

  • Golden Pointsettia Producers

    All of his discussion at the end is ridiculous, Superhero comics have been taking on social issues since World War II.

  • Andy

    I used to work at the police department. Knowing what I know now believe me when I say that they don’t even believe their own bullshit. Police brutality and corruption get way worse then what we see of their behavior in public. This country would probably implode if the full truth came out. In fact, I think they actually use that as a rationalization for continuing to cover up their highly illegal, treasonous, and tyrannical covert operations against the American people which began long ago. But of course, it all begins with the government also. This police outrage at what is a truthful comic-book is nothing but another political statement made in a further attempt to “protect the establishment”. The nerve of these blue clowns is astounding. I shake my head and can’t even describe how frustrating it is every time I hear some badge bunny come to their defense.

  • xalener

    Uh, comic books have always taken on social issues :s

  • trentus

    ALL of the best comic books have historically been a commentary on social issues. Maybe those officers should consider a moment of self-reflection. “If you’re not part of the cure, you’re part of the disease.”

  • CoasterDeb

    No social commentary? Guess they forgot this – http://mentalfloss.com/article/23157/how-superman-defeated-ku-klux-klan

  • where can I can get this yesterday.

  • Rework Oh Ryan


  • Hugh

    books are taking on social issues lately and maybe they should get back
    to taking on superheroes and making people laugh,”

    because it’s not like they’ve done that before with poverty (Superman),
    minority rights (X-men), the Tuskegee Experiment (Isaiah Bradley), Wars
    and American Idealism (Captain America), Nuclear Energy (The Incredible
    Hulk), the Red Scare (Iron Man) the working class (Spider-man), Gang
    Violence (Luke Cage), Feminism (Supergirl and Wonderwoman) or the flaws
    in our own judicial system for handling new ideas (She Hulk).

  • Nubby Mcquilicutty

    The whole country has their number…they dont beleive their shit and they are sick of their lies…what are they to do?!? Cry…

  • Eli Cabelly

    Police departments have been infiltrated by white supremacist terrorists, and now they’re objecting to being called out for who they really are.

  • Gordon Klock

    At this point in time, any cop who has issue with such criticisms, should take a long, hard, look in the mirror…(& maybe realize how infantile, & stupid they look when they complain about said criticisms of their monstrous behaviors)……

  • William Dews

    I like the comic book, who would have every thought you could find more truth in comic books, than a majority of media outlets?
    What’s more offensive, comics showing us what police are doing with ink, and paper? Or cops actually killing citizens with bullets,and leaking our blood in the streets?

  • Padge Vounder

    I’ll support the LEOs who take on corruption and brutality. Until then, they’re all criminals deserving of every bit of scorn and hatred they receive.

  • Corey

    Every cop in every comic book in history has always been portrayed as a secondary hero, almost like a bunch of mini sidekicks to the main hero. Then, one time in one comic, the writers choose to portray a scene in which there are realistically corrupt cops, and all of a sudden the entire real life police force is being painted with broad strokes.

    I also found it hilarious that he said “that nobody wants to be painted with” and not “that aren’t accurate.” He’s practically saying “yeah, i know that we’re a bunch of ignorant power-trippers, but we don’t wanna be /called/ that.”

  • Jorge Jaramillo Villarruel

    Itt’s a great story arc. I’ve never really been a Superman man, but this new story arc, I’m reading it, it’s really good written and I love my comics and my books just the same: Social.

    I don’t give a fuck about what a brokenhearted pig has to say, the day they stop working for the rich and start to protect the poor and the weak, that day I will support them, but today they are the bad guys and Superman is the good guy. What a pity ain’t no Superman in the real world, where the filth kill us and get no punishment.

  • Guest

    Who cares if cops are ‘outraged’? I’m outraged at all the shit they get away with, and there’s no indication that it will ever stop.

  • nerys

    “We are once again painted with the very broad stroke nobody wants to be painted with,” Colligan said.


  • GuamTippedOver

    Superman is intelligent, honest, brave and values the lives of peoples. So essentially his character is the opposite of the cops – is it any surprise they might clash at some point?

  • Mike B

    The Superman comic writers have investigated themselves and determined they acted appropriately.

  • djkc909

    What’s the big deal? Truth? Oh. Yeah. Truth is always a big deal. Especially when it exposes the corrupt, tyrannical system and its goons. What’s wrong with this comic? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Why? Because “bully cops” *ARE* the “bad guys” (too). Go Superman!

  • Jalule

    “Aaaaw, they hurt my wittle wacist feellingsh…mommy, daddy, tell ’em to stooop! I wanna abuse people as much as I caaaaan!”

    You guys are LUCKY the LatAm community is not asking a question right now — ‘what if there is a
    #DanielHoltzclaw-like story featuring Latinas in NYC, LA, Chicago & Cleveland?’
    So yeeeah, no.

    I want to trust & respect cops. No, really, I do. I’m just waiting for them to give a reason to because they are FAILING. And for the record, this comic is better than that 90s jerk-off fantasy called “Batman vs Superman” that you’ll see in movie theaters soon. 😉

    P.s., comics have *always* spoken about social issues. Look up the origins of Superman and join me in laughter…that was fuuunny! xD

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    I thought people in the police hated over sensitive race baiting and political correctness? Me too. It’s a 2 way street. Seriously, what a fucking baby. The rest of us have to turn the other cheek to far worse in the media.

  • Christine F.

    I always liked Marvel better, this gives me some newfound respect for DC.

  • Blackie Nuff

    Awwww, boo hoo hoo, poor piggies are being called out for their BULLSHIT.
    Truth hurts, don’t it, bitches?

    ►Excerpt : Patrick Colligan, president of a group of individuals that calls itself the “NJ State Policemen’s Benevolent Association”, said that the comic book is “disgraceful.”◄

    NO!! What is TRULY DISGRACEFUL is how cops have done SO MUCH of this bullying FOR SO LONG, with NO SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES or REPERCUSSIONS to themselves (no dismissals without benefits/pensions, no hefty fines, no jail time, NOTHING that sends a strong message), that it eventually invokes comic books to make a social commentary on it, and THAT is what the fucking indignant pigs find “disgraceful”, rather than their own murderous conduct. That’s typical!

    ►Excerpt : “We are once again painted with the very broad stroke nobody wants to be painted with,” Colligan said.◄

    Oh, like the same broad strokes non-whites get painted with (as gangsters, hoodlums, and criminals)? Boo hoo hoo, cry me a fucking river, piggy. At least by the time WE are done painting YOU with that proverbial paintbrush, you’re STILL ALIVE to go home to your families, unlike the people YOU paint with YOUR prejudiced brushes, which only sends THOSE poor bastards to the fucking MORGUE!

    ►Excerpt : “Comic books are taking on social issues lately and maybe they should get back to taking on superheroes and making people laugh,” he said.◄

    Translation : “Wahhh, comics should stop outing us as the bullies and authority-abusing pricks we are! Wahhh”

    That stupid swine has obviously not picked up a comic book since the 1950s. Superhero comics have addressed social issues for DECADES. And corrupt bully cops have become one of those issues… which one should be corrected again? Oh right ; censor and silence the comics… don’t fix corruption in the police departments. Got it.

  • Ryan Freeman

    It’s way past time for us to dismantle our militarized police and government.

  • Art Moak

    People who hate cops have usually had some contact with them. They don’t hate cops for their uniforms. They hate them for their actions. They earn the hate and then whine about it.

  • Bess

    If cops want to be looked up to again, then they need to stop being the corporate gestapo and start defending the constitution and the bill of rights for everybody, instead of beating up children, elderly, black and native people. It’s cops who have become a national disgrace!

  • If you think you’re being painted with broad strokes, it might just be that you’re part of the paint-by-numbers problem.

  • Lee Reinhart

    I would love a copy of the comic book.

  • Scott Giblin

    As long as Superman is defending the American way of life and it’s
    Constitution then he can beat the crap out of every BAD cop there is,
    more power to him.