Police Threaten to Arrest 75-Yr-Old Woman Over “Height of Her Lawn”


RIESEL, TX – A 75-yr-old woman was startled to find out that police intended to handcuff her frail wrists behind her back and lock her in a cell.

“I’m 75 now, and I’ve never had a speeding ticket, never had a parking ticket and now here I am got a warrant for my arrest from the big city of Riesel,” Gerry Suttle said, shaken after the incident.

It all started when she received a phone call from the police chief.

The police chief told her that a warrant had been issued for her arrest.

The warrant, it turns out, was issued for failure to appear at court regarding the “height” of the grass on her property.

When remarking on the grass, police chief Danny Krumnow said, “It has grown up, and the court had issued her letter and then the court issued a warrant for failure to appear.”

Suttle, however, confirmed that she never received any letter about any court date.

Seuropeans-using-new-techhe is now scared to be alone or drive, given that police are out to arrest her as if she’s some kind of callous criminal.

“My name is on their list. If I get stopped, I’ll get picked up,” she said.

One wonders how cops sleep at night, knowing that they are ruining this woman’s well being.

Upon hearing the news, Suttle’s son quickly said he would travel to her property to mow the grass.

But police, evidently, might still keep the warrant out for arrest.

Jay Syrmopoulos of The Free Thought Project asks some pertinent questions regarding this case:

Does law enforcement truly have nothing more pressing to focus on than a 75-year-old woman whose grass is too long??

Why aren’t people able to have a natural lawn without the expectation of some cookie cutter yard standard by which all properties must be judged?

Suttle’s son said that he would come mow the grass, as his mother isn’t physically able to do so, but that the city may not drop the arrest warrant.

Indeed, who do you think is being more harmful to society in this case, the elderly woman or the police who want to trap her in a cage? Let us know after you watch the video below:

UPDATE (6-13-15): Community Pulls Together and Helps Woman Before Police Can Get Her

This is how it’s done! The latest report from CopBlock.org is as follows:

When four brothers saw news that 75-year-old Gerry Suttle faced arrest for her lawn being too tall, they responded by loading up their lawn mowers, going to her house, and mowing her lawn.  The Reynolds brothers didn’t know Gerry, but they decided to help her anyway.

“We haven’t met her yet but she’s 75 years old and she needs some help mowing,” said Blaine Reynolds. “That’s the least we could do.”

Others in the community followed by the boys’ example and joined the brothers in mowing the lawn.  It took 2 hours.

“I really wouldn’t want her coming out here and doing it or paying someone else to when we could have just done if for free,” Brandon Reynolds said.

What if we pulled together and helped each other more often like this?

Cops would finally leave us alone!

(Just kidding, they’d probably make it illegal.) 

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  • Semi-Retired Educator

    This is Texas people!! You know, the state that wants to secede from the Union because they think the US Government is too intrusive??
    Spending all these hours, sending a letter & issuing warrants, etc., for likely just a code violation is ridiculous….& really stupid once discovered the owner is 75. The Judge s/h contacted the local Boy Scouts or his own Church, to come help the elderly woman out, NOT issue a warrant for her arrest!! Seriously?? These City officials s/all be fired, for lack of compassion for their fellow human. You couldn’t pay me enough to ever live in TX.

    • Allison Shaw

      They probably want an excuse to seize her property.

    • vetipie

      Texas does want to secede, yet the minute they had floods they bleated for FEMA, FEMA

      • Everdear Gomes


        • Joshua Odom

          it’s called paranoid schizophrenia I suggest you look it up everdear, and turn alex jones off, he’s one aluminum foil hat away from a brain tumor..

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      her age is irrelevant, the plain fact is they are terrorizing her for what is at best a city code violation. corruption at it’s finest

    • miss j

      you do realize ALL COPS in all the states are just as psychopathic, right?

  • When government is run like a corporate machine, lives get chewed to shreds in the works.

  • Bill Catz

    Those big tough cops after that frail 75 year old woman. I bet the parents of those cops are real proud of their sons ridding society of the danger of an overgrown lawn. At least they didn’t shoot her and then get paid vacations.

    • Rene Arizona Craig


      • Morgan Morris

        The truth hurts.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      not yet anyway

  • JanetMermaid

    I used to be a proud native Texan. Now I’m thoroughly ashamed of my state.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      and country

  • Leland Whitehouse

    Fires are serious. This is an easy fix. Why didnt the local fire Dept come by with a final warning. None of this was necessary.

    • Ravan Asteris

      In one area I lived in, if you didn’t mow your dry grass, the fire safety department sent out a crew to do it and added the cost to your property tax bill. No warrants involved. Liberal area, less government.

  • Gayle Yetter

    This is absolutely rediculas!! It’s an empty lot for crying out loud!! I hope they sleep well at night knowing how upset this elderly woman is!! She said she is afraid to be alone or even drive her own car for fear of being picked up! So not only is this poor woman woried to death of being arrested for an over grown lawn, even though some good smaritans mowed it, they may not drop the warrant and now she is left to feel like prisioner in her own home. Way to go town of Riesel, Texas. Glad I don’t live there!!

    • Everdear Gomes

      theres zero real men apparently. why dont the peace officers mow it down????? oh i guess they only mow down love, little kids, and old ladies. zero real corage in our stolen land called the unite d( means together unite.) states ( means apart) makes zero sense. i hope god come quick.

  • old409

    She better not resist arrest or make a gesture that could be taken as aggrssive or the cops will shoot her.

  • Roy Phillips

    This lady might consider the words of one Judd Fletcher, a citizen of the town of Mayberry, North Carolina. Seems he was arrested by Deputy Barney Fife for disturbing the peace and inciting to riot after he threw a checkerboard and its checkers at Chester Jones. When Sheriff Andy Taylor, who was acting as the Justice of the Peace dismissed the charges, Old Judd thanked him and then said “And thank you, too, Deputy.” “What for, for Heaven’s sake?” asks Barney. Judd quickly responds “Why, considering the kind of crime I done, for not trying to get me hung!”

    • Rene Arizona Craig

      LOL It ain’t Mayberry anymore is it folks?

  • Mike Calo

    can be considered a public nuisance depending upon where you live. If
    she couldn’t mow it, she could have asked or hired someone to do it. It
    is NOT the policeman’s fault for DOING HIS DAMNED JOB, people. GET THE

    • Kevin

      Mike, When the police have NOTHING better to do than this, there is something very wrong with the system. In our community we help each other out and so do the police. The problem is MONEY, they have to make that budget so they can have a bigger one next year. And it does matter how or whomever, someway they will get that money..

    • Rob LeGar

      The Gestapo in pre WWII were just doing their jobs too. Turns out, at the Nuremberg trials that was not a good enough excuse for their actions. The cops are a problem that other countries are aware of and are concerned about. Maybe, you should research more into why people are so angry and tired of the police doing this kind of thing. They could stand up and say no, but they do not. They just do their job and lately that seems to be killing unarmed people while getting caught regularly abusing their power. If our politicians would directly address the problem instead of making excuses, Americans wouldn’t be so angry.

    • Aaron Sewell

      I want some of what you’re smoking! Each individual is responsible for their own actions, including cops. In fact, cops should be held to a much higher standard because of the importance of the position and their granted authority. Isn’t a pimp “just doing his job”? What about a hired hit-man? The, “I was just doing my job” claim does not give people a blanket excuse to do the wrong thing, and cops are people too. Some cops make it too easy to hate them, and they make it look like all cops are part of a criminal gang. Being a part of shaking down an old lady who can’t mow her grass tarnishes the reputation of the police in general, not just the individuals who chose to take part. Blame the people who chose to do the wrong thing, not the people who are vocal about those who are doing the wrong thing. The whole “kill the messenger” thing was old a long time ago. I didn’t choose for them to be a cop, and I didn’t choose for them to do the wrong thing. Blame the people who are responsible for the hatred and distrust of police, not the people who prefer liberty over tyranny.

  • Mark Malone

    When the government starts paying her property taxes and house payment, THEN they can have a say in how the yard looks. Until then, they can fuck off.

  • Sam

    I understand that certain cities have certain laws. I stay in North Miami and we gotta keep the yard cut and if the code enforcement come they’ll give you plenty of warnings then they’ll just fine you not put you in jail. This is crazy! Meanwhile there are serious crimes being committed. Who issued that warrant in the first place


    THIS is what intrusive and overreaching government looks like. Not free healthcare or education, THIS. F*cking cops terrorizing their own citizens with the full blessing of local officials.

    • Morgan Morris

      YES! This so much it’s not even funny. They don’t want to be so intrusive that they make employers pay their employees enough to live and they don’t consider lying to women and forcing them to carry fetuses they don’t want to term intrusive. But arresting a 75yo woman for long grass that is “small” government.

  • Rene Arizona Craig

    It takes a community to stop them 🙂

  • Chuck Fasst

    A long, long time ago I was a little boy in America. There were vacant lots all over the place. The grass grew tall. That was where we went to play. Nature was all around. We would run through it and play hide and seek – remember that game? It was like the mighty jungle for our little bodies …. be careful – there is a lizard slinking along and oh! There is a Garter Snake. It’s so slimy … but it isn’t really. Pick it up and see. Oh look at that tongue – it might lick you. Let it go. Uh oh! Is that a bees nest? Run for your lives, they are coming for us! Get away just far enough. The bees retreat. We learn that they are just protecting their home. Now here come the birds. Oh my God the crows are coming for us. What have we done now? Get away to the streets – the asphalt will save us. We will go where the humans go … get away from where the wild things are. We will play kick the can. Aw yes thank God we survived all of that. Look at us now. We are in the future. Big ole cops are here now to save us from all of that. Aw yes I feel better now. Do you feel safer?

  • Louise

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  • Aaron Sewell

    I know how they sleep at night knowing they are intentionally causing harm and loss in our society, like a log, but with a rock hard erection, and dreaming about doing it all again tomorrow.

  • Theodora

    So mowing the lawn is a police matter in the land of the free?

  • Ryan

    If they’re pulling this kind B.S. on a 75 year old white woman, what are they doing to black and Hispanic residents? BTW, who in their right mind has an interest in being a rabid ordinance enforcer and why do people keep electing/hiring them?

  • SylviaTCherry

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  • whymilikethis

    Why didn’t someone take care of it for her? The town could easily have sent someone out to cut the grass with her permission. They didn’t even need to issue a citation! If the town is so small, someone knew she could not take care of it & should have stepped up to the plate. But, its Texas…

  • Matt

    City of Riesel Texas
    254-896-6501 Office & Court

    254-757-5222 Police Non Emergency
    give them a call and let them know how you feel

  • Shaded Lumikko

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  • Everdear Gomes

    SO WHY ARENT THE PEACE OFFICERS MOWING HER FUCKING LAWN?????????????????? THERE ARENT REAL MEN THERE ??????????? fucking please you nasty nazi freaks. i dare you to go read about courage , go get some, and fuckin evolve, zero real men. get together assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! change the fucking world!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we better hurry. NAZI AMERICUNT IS COMING SOON. GET TOGETHER IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YES, FUCK ALL GOVERNMENT JOBS. IF YOU WORK ONE, QUIT.

  • Sandra

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  • Gary Williams Jr.

    it’s very simple. she doesn’t hire someone to mow her grass, so there’s no tax paid. and that’s the “problem” the mafia, also known as govt. doesn’t like it when people don’t pay their “protection money”. so they’ll arrest her so that she knows not to deprive the mafia of their money

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    note to spammers. I have flagged all of your crap, and I will do so every time I visit this site

  • JohnASilcox

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  • turd flingr

    She needs to file a written “Demand for Certification of Service”. Obviously service of the summons wasn’t done properly. This would be her remedy. Quite simple actually. A 3rd grader could do it. And fuq anybody who tries to say this is legal ‘advice’.

  • Ryan Marvin

    we the people in the usa should go to war with all cops why becuse who cares if the grass is tall
    when animals are way more freedom then us in the usa

  • Ryan Marvin

    becuse the cops dont do any thing about people drive there cars with bass