Policing Comes to a Stop in New York, People Get Along Peacefully and Society Continues

Image via the New York Post


So, where’s all the chaos and the murder and the children smoking meth?

We are constantly reminded by State institutions, from lecture halls to mainstream “news” organizations, that if it weren’t for the police out there arresting everybody, society would break down immediately.

Oh there will be the motorcycle gangs with flamethrowers invading supermarkets, the wild-eyed adolescents disobeying teachers and leaving school, the religious conservatives forming new dictatorships, the horde of unwashed illegal immigrants urinating on our golf courses, the rabid murder parties and fornication spilling onto the streets, zoo animals escaping and mauling the children — the end of human civilization.

Well, there has finally been a “virtual stoppage” of police activity in New York, and the people there are… reading blogs, working, buying groceries, watching netflix, waiting in lines, saying hi to strangers, checking facebook. Same as usual. It looks like they haven’t murdered each other yet.

Of course they haven’t.


Do you want to know what would really happen if the police state ended? What would happen if, say, tomorrow, the war on drugs ended?

About 80% of all the State functionaries from police and prison guards and prosecutors to court clerks and judges and school resource officers would have to find real jobs that people voluntarily pay them to do, since there would be no more need for them to enforce a corrupt war on drugs and generate revenue for the State.

The owners of State-sponsored for-profit prisons would become bankrupt. About four million non-violent peaceful Americans — formerly called “criminals”  for smoking a harmless plant — would be let out of steel cages and reunited with their loved ones.

The few officers that were left would be forced to respond to real violent crimes instead of, say, issuing revenue-generating tickets for incomplete stops, raiding people’s homes, shooting dogs, throwing people in cages for smoking a plant, or killing people for selling untaxed cigarettes.

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The New York Post has released a study showing that NYPD tickets and arrests for minor offenses — non-violent offenses — have dropped by a whopping 94%.

The drop coincides with the police union issuing instructions to the NYPD to stop arresting people unless it is absolutely necessary.

This was done under the guise of “increasing officer safety” after two NYPD officers were executed.

In reality, it is a de facto strike. The NYPD is mad at the mayor and other government bureaucrats, blaming the latter for the fact that the two officers were executed. By refusing to issue traffic tickets, by refusing to lock more people in cages for victimless crimes, the police are in effect starving the government of revenue.

Here are the stats reported by the post:

Angry [police] union leaders have ordered drastic measures for their members since the Dec. 20 assassination of two NYPD cops in a patrol car, including that two units respond to every call.

It has helped contribute to a nose dive in low-level policing, with overall arrests down 66 percent for the week starting Dec. 22 compared with the same period in 2013, stats show.

Citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, from 10,069 to 587, during that time frame.

Summonses for low-level offenses like public drinking and urination also plunged 94 percent — from 4,831 to 300.

Even parking violations are way down, dropping by 92 percent, from 14,699 to 1,241.

Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau — which are part of the overall number — dropped by 84 percent, from 382 to 63….

The Post obtained the numbers hours after revealing that cops were turning a blind eye to some minor crimes and making arrests only “when they have to” since the execution-style shootings of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

Friends, this is partly good news. Let’s hope those numbers get all the way to 100%.

We can go about our lives and bring in 2015 with an epic celebration. (Assuming, of course, the agents of the police state don’t stage some kind of false flag disaster to gain relevance as our “protectors” again.)

The de facto police strike unwittingly illustrates the true role of police: to empower, protect, and generate revenue for the State while keeping the people demoralized, scared, or poor. Because of the strike, we are now witnessing the reverse — more freedom for people, and less power for the State.

Consider how much money Americans are saving just during this short period of non-policing. Suppose that 24,000 parking and traffic tickets had been issued, like they were in this same period in 2013, and suppose they were only $50 each (they are much more, but let’s be conservative). That’s over a million dollars saved by Americans. For many, that could mean the difference between paying for rent and dinner vs stressing out about financial problems.

Consider all the families that haven’t been separated. There would have been around 400 drug arrests during this period last year. With only about 60 arrests since the de facto strike, that’s thousands of family members who wouldn’t be separated as their fathers, mothers, or kids are thrown in jail or felonized and forced into unemployment.

If the NYPD were to continue this non-policing month after month, it would mean millions of jobs saved, millions of families not destroyed, and billions of dollars saved by Americans.

If New York City is any indication, we would be better off without this institution.

Watch the video below and learn why Police Statism is the ultimate threat to a well ordered society.

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  • Bethany Spielman

    I’m a statist and proud to be.

    • Ann

      It’s not your fault you’re so stupid. Drank too much fluoride water.

      • Bethany Spielman

        You know nothing about me, retard.

        • James Dore

          we know you are a statist, and that is all we need.

          • Bethany Spielman

            Duh, why do you think I posted a comment?

        • vicarofrevelwood .

          wow, name calling, how highly intelligent!

          • Bethany Spielman

            I name call if the other person does first. “Moron” counts.

          • Arcanek

            Couldn’t think of it first, or are you just obliged to always follow someone else’s lead?

        • Kuner1

          We know you will land in a gas chamber one day

          • Bethany Spielman


          • Arcanek

            No, guest will have a different opinion when enough others have changed their minds.

          • Kuner1

            It won’t be that easy. I am active in right wing movements in Germany. The people I speak with are determined to let the traitors not get away. Some blew their cover recently on TV as they said the left wing media people would be the first to “get it”.
            And there is one motto that runs through all of our groups: “We must only win once”.
            I support this. There should not be a door open for leftists to “convert” once we are in power, just so they can inject their venom again. We must cleanse our nations once and for all. I say deport them all to arab countries, let them live in the islamic caliphate they so desire.

          • Arcanek

            The ide of collectivism will be shown to be a hoax. Left and right are just distractions. They say liberals are to the left and conservatives to the right. But a liberal is someone who believes in no class distinction: all are equal. a conservative is someone who tends to their own needs and does not interfere in the affairs of others. The two are not opposites, nor are they mutually exclusive. The idea of nations is just more diversion. There aren’t going to be any functional nations as the system explodes. Those who can tend to their own needs and treat others as equals will survive. The uncultured and the unfettered will not be victims.

        • pyrodice

          In fairness, you TOLD him something about you, and you’re unhappy about having been judged on that.

          • Bethany Spielman

            Actually, no, I obviously severely underestimated the amount of idiots (Anarchists) on this website. I guess you can’t fix stupid.

          • pyrodice

            If that’s what you think the problem is, you’ve got a few things in common with sociopaths… Can’t do anything wrong no matter how hard you try, and all that.

          • Arcanek

            Guest is a sociopath. That is a requirement for believing in the state. All collectivists are sociopaths.

          • Bill

            Libertarians are literally sociopaths, having zero sympathy for others and caring only about themselves,

          • Arcanek

            You’re a prime example of stupid. You believe in the fiction of the state.

        • Arcanek

          I know the state knows you better than you know yourself. That’s the control mechanism. Get a clue.

      • Ann

        Haha! You’re a statist which means you have zero critical thinking skills which then makes you a moron. You probably work at the post office.

        • Bill

          This site is dedicated to people with zero critical thinking skills.

      • Bill

        A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any choice. That’s the way your hard-core Commie works.

    • Steven Bannister

      I’m a libertarian but I guess I’m a statist too, in a sense. Unless you believe in extreme anarchy, we are ALL statists to some degree or another. (hint: If you’ve ever complained about the Republicans cutting “government services” you too are a statist!)

      • GTFOofNOLA

        Anarchism is the only consistent, logical position.

        • Glenn

          LOL. You do realise there are various, competing conceptions of anarchism? No? You do now. I bet some would meet more with your approval then others. They are certainly not all logically consistent.

          • Arcanek

            No, those are all false. Anarchy is from the roots An (without) and Arch (ruler). So anarchy means without a ruler. The competing ‘conceptions’ are all false if they violate that. What you know is wrong.

        • Bill

          lol. Move to Somalia.

  • Cromwell

    Really didn’t think this one through did you Patrick?

  • Al Wolf

    haha. did the thugs going off duty backfire? still they live off armed theft even in doing nothing.

    • BillieSSpaulding

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    • FredJHogan

      ☀☀­@c­­­­{­G­­o­o­gle­ is <-paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks. Its the most-financialy rewarding I've had. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it




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    • Steve Simpson

      ☀☀­@d{­G­­o­o­gle­ is <-paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! On tuesday I got a great new Land Rover Range Rover from having earned $8752 this last four weeks. Its the most-financialy rewarding I've had. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it




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  • JWHacket

    But city “revenue” is down.

    • Richard Forbes

      I mean if you wanna make the lower class pay more tickets and suffer more police brutality because of revenue then pay more taxes you dick

      • Landon

        Hah, the statistics are pretty stupid, considering if the police stop doing police work, it would only be obvious that the “crime” rate would drop. Whose there to count?

        • RobGeertsen

          It’s the same logic they use to impose ridicilous laws on us, so I don’t see any problem here

        • pyrodice

          This is exactly the reason black markets exist, if you want to think about that.

        • Michael Crichton

          A better metric would be crimes reported to the police by ordinary citizens. Unless they close the stations entirely and stop answering the phones, you would expect that to closely track actual crime rates.

        • Chris

          Its actually impossible to determine crime rates. Cops have to always make those results seem worse than they actually are so they get funded and get to keep their jobs. Police actually compile a massive annual report (its like at least a hundred page document) summing up all the results and submit it to the state for funding distribution. So you have each police station competing for funding, so naturally you’re trying to make your report sound the worst it possibly can. Those reports are then compiled by the government into the crime rates for cities and towns. What you’re basically reading about crime rates is really just fudged up data that means nothing other than how much each town lied to get their funding.

      • Matt Roach

        Taxation is theft. Encourage him to donate more to charity instead.

        • Glen

          No, rich parasites not paying their taxes for the purposes of redistribution is theft. Capitalism is the daily theft of surplus value from workers by the parasite rich and their henchmen.

          • distachio

            You’re actually talking about Corporatism, not Captialism. Capitalism is merely the *voluntary* exchange of goods and services for consideration.

            Taxation is theft because it is taken by threat of force.

          • adolescentghost

            Capitalism is the means of production owned by private Capital in order to turn profits, as opposed to the State (Communism) or as opposed to workers (Socialism). That’s it. No sense in trying to muddy the waters to make capitalism look less bad by calling it something else, then redefining the word. That’s the dictionary definition, take it or leave it.

          • distachio

            And what is inherently wrong with “turning a profit”? Whom does “making a profit” harm if my business behavior is driven by customers and NOT shareholders (“Corporatism”)? If I mistreat my employees and my customers find out about it, do you think people will still patronize my business? Go to any flea market where people voluntarily come sell or buy products and/or services and you will see capitalism in its pure form.

          • adolescentghost

            Small businesses are a more true form of capitalism, I guess, but modern capitalism has been defined as the means of trade, distribution, production owned by private owners and corporations. The majority of trade is not conducted by small businesses. Corporatism is a form of capitalism which we have now, heavily focused on corporate control of trade. We’re probably both against that. Where we probably differ is that I believe in collective ownership of small business and you believe in individual ownership of small business. The good news is both are not diametrically opposed, and both exist in spite of corporate capitalism.

          • distachio

            You’re right in all cases. 🙂 The thing about “corporations” is that they only exist at all because of their cozy relationship with the State and the politicians (and their appointees) that run it. The corporation is a legal fiction that gives it the same basic rights and responsibilities of a person, which is just…wrong in every respect, IMO. It’s like if I conduct business using a sock puppet, wherein my sock puppet cheats my customers out of their money, or commits various other white-collar crimes, my sock puppet would go to jail, but I get to keep the money.

            My original objection is simply about not painting all “capitalism” with the same broad brush. In any case, I prefer the term “markets” to “capitalism” anyway.

          • adolescentghost

            Yes, agreed. Buying and selling, etc. that’s just markets. Capitalism and socialism to me just refer to who owns the means of trade, private owners or collective owners.

          • adolescentghost

            To answer your question, nothing is inherently wrong with turning a profit, but when profit motives are more important than the health and safety of human beings, there is a massive problem with that.

          • smrnda

            “If I mistreat my employees and my customers find out about it, do you think people will still patronize my business”


            “Go to any flea market where people voluntarily come sell or buy products and/or services and you will see capitalism in its pure form.”

            Somehow I don’t see that as a sustainable model for a modern industrial economy.

          • Ed Ski

            yes, definitions are important- when corporations run the government, as they did in Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy, the name for that is Fascism. and that is what we have, and it is NOT capitalism. when the government taxes the people to bail out the banks and the corporations, that is not capitalism, it is fascism. so now you have been corrected.

          • smrnda

            There’s no such thing as this ‘capitalism not corporatism.’ Exchanges are never really voluntary since there is no frictionless labor market. Take a real econ course.

          • pyrodice

            If they’re rich, and they got that way by supplying a service people wanted, do you separate those from people who got rich by robbing, violating, or otherwise harming people?

          • Mercantilism is a cooperation between the state and groups of insiders manipulating “law” to their own benefit.

          • distachio

            Also called “Corporatism.”

      • Glen

        Mate. More taxes from the parasite rich who benefit from the corrupt capitalist plutocracy would be a step in the right direction. Why do you think the capitalist’s state needs all that revenue? Partly because they stopped taxing the rich decades ago.

      • Angela Hamade

        I’m pretty sure JWHacket was being facetious. Hence, the quotation marks around “revenue”.

      • Copblock2015

        You’re an idiot, and deserve the beating the cops will eventually give you and your daughter

      • Chris

        But there is no revenue. The revenue all goes into the pockets of the police chief and mayor of each town/city because normally there’s an excess in tax dollars. Normally that money is pooled towards something else the town needs, but let’s face it this is America and corruption is out the ass. In reality we don’t NEED a massive police force in each town. Hell most small towns don’t even NEED a police force. You center one large police station on town borders and they’re responsible for areas.

    • Diana

      its was stolen revenue..the cops would find something to pin on you so you can pay revenues

    • Arcanek

      You mean tribute.

      • JWHacket

        Yeah, good point. It brings to mind a scene where Obama is sitting on a throne with his minions around him, and his subjects leaving at his feet what few valuables they have left. God, I can’t wait for him to go.

        • Arcanek

          The whole system is collapsing. They are already preparing the next stooge in line. the next one will be even worse. The only problem is that the whole system is exploding. It won’t last much longer. There are very few people left who still believe in it,and the next poolitical season is going to get nasty ugly.

        • vicarofrevelwood .

          If you think Obama Leaving the “throne” is going to solve the problem then you don’t know what the problem is.

    • Polybius

      If 50% of them were fired the money would be made back and then some.

    • Even that gets made up for with the money we save by not imprisoning people for minor drug offenses.

    • Ed Ski

      consider for one minute how many tickets they would need to write to pay off one wrongful death lawsuit- it would be in the order of 100, 000 at least. then consider how many lawsuits are filed against the NYPD daily- it’s 2.5 a day. the city saves more money avoiding one lawsuit than they could make in 100,000 tickets! and yet still they cannot do the simple math and see that police brutality will bankrupt every US city unless they reign in the murdering lawless thug cops.

  • It sounds like the NYPD is using my program tactics to financially hold the city at bay to get their way. . The US gov is using a part of my program also to Bankrupt RUSSIA . My program creates the same effect that causes gas to be under $1.99 gl. for the next 20 years. The monthly revenue will help finance the change we need to correct what’s coming next. if the articul said we go 4 million in jail , we’re going to need 4 mill part time and full time jobs. . The web cam on the police will help reduce the arrest numbers permanently in the USA. .

  • Tim Thomas

    Give it time numb nuts. When the gangs and the rapists get word of what’s going on, people will be begging for the police to protect them.

    • John

      Lol … They don’t stop them anyway harassing ruined else .. I doubt that .. They would’ve focusing more on crimes that have a victon and las victimless crimes . I would say murder and rape should go down … Thy only solve 5% of those crimes anyway .. Too busy being power hungry control freaks instead of doing what we really need them to do !

    • joker

      Responding only when they have to. Rape and murder qualifies I would think. But writing a ticket for j walking or smoking marijuana on the sidewalk, not so much.

      • Bill

        The police didn’t make up the laws about jaywalking or smoking pot, they just enforce them. If you have a problem with the laws, talk to the people who made them. I support laws against jaywalking, for instance, because they save me the hassle of running over idiots with my car.

    • Arcanek

      The police are a gang, and they commit rape quite often. You must be a cop. Just take a look at what this site exposes.

  • gwest

    Wasn’t the virtual strike a recent thing, as in just the last few months, the very end of the year.
    Wouldn’t this mean 90% of police action happens in the last 2-3 months of the year?

    • JoeCushing

      I suspect they are talking about the same few weeks of those years. It is unclear though as you point out

  • Theodore M. Wallerstedt

    Yes, of course less policing = less prosecution.. that is because the thieves murders and vandals just didn’t get stopped or caught. Is this author a complete idiot or?

    • realtalk

      They said victimless crimes

    • Superfluid

      You realize the vast majority of crimes go unsolved, right? Beat cops are, quite literally, a drain on society.

    • magormissabib

      The point is that the majority of the ”criminals” the police arrest and fine etc. are non violent, individuals who committed made up crimes.

    • pyrodice

      So all you need to do to vindicate your point is wait for the stats on victims to come out for this year (might take 6 months to a year, you know how government is) and if more people were robbed, raped, or killed during this time period, you win.
      If not, then it’s all victimless shit.

    • Justsomeguy151

      No, YOU are the complete idiot. The point was that NY didn’t just implode into lawlessness simply because pigs stopped initiating encounters w/ civilians and then using violence, you idiot.

  • Theodore M. Wallerstedt

    PS I agree that society would be fine without cops.. eventually.. but initially a lot of people are going to get smoked.. which I am not fine with.. but ya know.. I also do not like cops.. but this article is entirely misleading and stupid.. anyone reading it going “Oh Really?!” is also an idiot.

    • Arcanek

      So let them get smoked by the cops? You’re fine with that? The people who who be killed, for the most part, are those who are violent, anyway. And, you’re about to see a world without cops, as the entire system is about to explode.

  • I’m not too sure where in NY you’re speaking of because in the Bronx, NYC and Brooklyn (in that order) the police are alive and kicking – literally. Especially in neighborhoods like Harlem, where police routinely put their feet on the backs of 14 year old kids playing basketball. In the Melrose section of the Bronx, about three weeks ago, a young man was gang-style beaten by police for asking why he was being searched. The searching officer found nothing on him yet slapped cuffs on his wrists for asking why the procedure even took place. Any human being would have questioned it. I’m sure she would have herself if the shoe was on the other foot.

    He was waiting for a friend in front of his own residence yet Stop and Frisk, and other searches, are common in communities of color. I’m a half-century plus and I’ve been asked for ID while being in front of my bulding. I find it intersting that it usually happns when I’m with someone of the fairer complextion. I believe they think I’m trickin’ or selling drugs or something because a bust of a buyer with the perp is a awesome collar for them.

    Better take another look at those numbers. Or maybe those stats pertain to the folks I mentioned earlier? BOL!!

    • physics2010

      Those numbers are a comparison for a single week. A single week in 2013 compared to a single week in 2014. That was last week, so what you saw three weeks ago (prior to the slaying of the two officers) isn’t relevant.

    • bjgollatz

      I am white. I get asked for ID about , 12-15 times a year because of where I am and the circumstances of my job. Get over yourself.

      • Craig Friend

        Your circumstance doesn’t make hers less valid. You get asked for ID because of “the circumstances of my job.” She and others like her get asked because of race. You really think there is a comparison?

        • Indeed @craigfriend:disqus and I was considering a pass on responding to @bjgollatz:disqus yet your response has nudged me a bit, lol. The only thing that needs ‘getting over’ sir ‘wjgo’ is your arrogance. Invalidating my experience in the manner you presented is just rude; the behavior of a bully. You are talking about job-related police interface: something you are prepared for and expect. in your situation you know EXACTLY what’s up as soon as you see the police officer. You know why and you know what will be expected of you. In my case, it’s not something one should have to just deal with and “get over” because there is no telling as to the nature of my contact with the police or its out come in my neighborhood – and God forbid if I’m in a predominantly Caucasian area. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up just considering that one since the incidents of people of color being harassed by Law ‘En force-ment’ due to their presence in a ‘White’ community is ridiculously common occurrence. As I say to others of your temperament, “Unless you’ve woken up in the morning with excess melanin in your skin, and went about your daily Life, you are in no position to arbitrarily criticize or judge the experiences of those who actually do.”

        • Indeed @craigfriend:disqus and I was considering a pass on responding to @bjgollatz:disqus yet your response has nudged me a bit, lol. The only thing that needs ‘getting over’ sir ‘wjgo’ is your arrogance. Invalidating my experience in the manner you presented is just rude; the behavior of a bully. You are talking about job-related police interface: something you are prepared for and expect. in your situation you know EXACTLY what’s up as soon as you see the police officer. You know why and you know what will be expected of you. In my case, it’s not something one should have to just deal with and “get over” because there is no telling as to the nature of my contact with the police or its out come in my neighborhood – and God forbid if I’m in a predominantly Caucasian area. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up just considering that one since the incidents of people of color being harassed by Law ‘En force-ment’ due to their presence in a ‘White’ community is ridiculously common occurrence. As I say to others of your temperament, “Unless you’ve woken up in the morning with excess melanin in your skin, and went about your daily Life, you are in no position to arbitrarily criticize or judge the experiences of those who actually do.”

  • Guest

    Their strike kinda backfired on them didnt it.

  • Nat Turner

    Amazing, when you leave the bully in the corner to pout and the law abiding citizens get along! WHO WOULDA THUNK IT?

    • JWHacket

      Just another example of government scare tactics. If they aren’t there to take care of us, our lives would fall apart. BTW, that’s sarcasm too Dick Forbes.

  • Shawn Ofthefamily Folkes

    Hahahaha as is the case in Acapulco. ..no polixe needed

  • Shawn Ofthefamily Folkes

    Oh and while Im here let me add..
    Dont be fooled or surprised…they are RACIST.
    Fuck…who isnt these days?

  • Steven Bannister

    NOBODY said that society would break down immediately without cops. But it WOULD break down eventually. Criminals would gradually become more emboldened, petty theft would increase at first, then outright assaults, murder and rape. A place like New York City would literally become like a jungle and the relative peace New Yorkers enjoy today would be gone. Society NEEDS cops. We just need to have them behave better.

    • Ben

      I would just like to point out that arh well all tribes people dont have police, they seem to getting a long a lot better than we are. We dont need police just a better environment is all it takes. Look no further than the tribes people

      • Steven Bannister

        Tribes are small and homogeneous. They consist of extended family, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. New York is not small, not homogeneous and most definitely not a tribe.

        • Simon


        • Glenn

          Agree. Tribalism is no solution.

        • Arcanek

          New York City was purposely made into the overpopulated mess it is to justify the police state. There are plenty of psychological studies that show what population density results in. They knew very well what would happen when they created the housing projects. Thecops in chicago refused to go into Cabrinin Green before it was razed unless they had to retreive a body. So, your whole idea is just fiction. The police act the way they do because that is how people act when they are given authority.

          • samkatz

            “Purposely made into an overpopulated mess?” By whom? The people who emigrated here? This blog is comprised of the dumbest people I have ever seen on the Internet, bar none.

          • smrnda

            If population density results in crime, then why is the crime in Tokyo so low? It’s denser than any US city. Plenty of non-US cities are far denser with far less crime.

      • Aporia27

        In addition to the fact that NYC is not a tribe, it’s important to point out that just because tribes didn’t have “police officers” (because they didn’t have as much division of labour, period), that doesn’t mean they didn’t take punitive measures against rule breakers. Moral Origins by Chirstopher Boehm is a good overview of the anthropology of morality in small scale societies. Rule breakers are sometimes shunned, outright exiled, or killed.

      • samkatz

        You might want to check in on the extremely high crime rate on American tribal lands. Or possibly the genocide in Africa for your concept of tribal peoples. Or better yet, you might just want to shut up, because you’re hilariously ridiculous.

    • GTFOofNOLA

      Not if you also repealed the laws forbidding citizens from implementing self-defense, most notably the gun control laws.

      • Bill

        Yeah, that’s what we need, a bunch of busybodies shooting bystanders because they feel threatened.

    • Glenn

      Steven, mate, you do realise for the bulk of human history and civilisation there were no police forces as we know them? They were arguably introduced initially to crush mass civil disobedience esp strikes, under the pretext of preventing and punishing violent crime, which constitutes only a small part of the role in practise, esp today. Before then ruling classes simply used the army or plain hired thugs and crims to squash the workers when they got out of line; to protect the property and profits of the few. Of course as the implementation of neo-liberalism let the rich rape and pillage without even paying a pittance in taxes back to society, police took on a revenue raising role. Police are also a great place to dump ex-military hard wear to keep the 1% arms dealers in business…

      • Peter

        The bulk of human history didn’t have such high concentrations of people (think cities with skyscrapers, population density), small concealable weaponry that can kill dozens of people at once, getaway vehicles, so many places quickly accessible to run and hide, and nooses. I guess we should bring back nooses and public hanging as well?

      • samkatz

        You realize during the bulk of human history people lived until … like … age 35? You are so clueless it’s hilarious.

    • Arcanek

      What is your proof of this? This is just fear tactics. You are just making baseless assertions based on your fears.

  • Best holiday present ever.

  • Jaheyla

    The comments are always more interesting than the actual post !

  • Mary

    lol. This is comical, honestly.

  • Jake Redd

    As soon as the dumb police figure out they are not needed they will set up some false flag that causes innocent people to die so they can “scare” the population into “needing” them again.

  • Kim Serrahn

    They don’t work, they don’t get paid…………………..

    • bjgollatz

      So, you want the police to be paid on a commission basis? Are you insane?

      • Kim Serrahn

        Just like a store clerk or cashier at a gas station. If they don’t work they don’t get paid for the day. So even if your a cop, you decide not to work that day you don’t get paid for that day. So……….. And far from be insane.

      • Arcanek

        They are paid on commission. There are quotas, even if they are not written directly. How do you think they get promoted or graded for performance?

  • CharlesInVermont

    I thought the story was good, the video at the bottom caused me to doubt the whole thing. I was a libertarian WHEN I WAS TWELVE. It is bullshit to think we don’t need government. We need police officers, we just need them to not be corrupt, and to truly be part of the community they police.

    • bjgollatz

      Yep. When once realized just how much death, sorry and ruined lives, underscored by the amount of economic devastation caused by vehicle death – its is a godo thing, and a necessary thing for the police, to police the roads, and issue traffic citations. How many DUI drivers were not caught – but will not kill someone?

    • Arcanek

      No, we police ouserlves. Libertarians are just as collectiivist as any other group of sheeple. Libertarians don’t know what liberty is. All programmed. There are far too many of us for them to police. We police ourselves. You haven’t figured out the control system.

      • Obi Sean

        Police ourselves. Yup! Survival of the fittest. I can do or take what I want because who would stop me? And If I organize a big enough group of like minded “entrepreneurs”, we don’t have to worry about people saying no to us. It’s like the mob, preying on people who can’t or won’t call the cops, because this time, there won’t be any. LOL!

    • JWHacket

      We need government. We need them to fix the roads and secure the borders. We don’t need them to regulate businesses to the point where the business can’t effectively compete. We don’t need them to continually generate petty ordinances and laws to generate fines and fees to feed the machine We also don’t need them meddling in our lives at almost every level. It’s the constant expansion of government that irritates me. The more it expands the more it costs the taxpayer.

  • SayWhat?

    So this article has been able to surmise that in the 11 days since this action has taken place, all is right with the world and we can do away with most police officers? Good luck with that. And quite frankly I’m tired of hearing about the anger surrounding police issuing summonses and arresting people for “low level, victim-less crimes”. They are still crimes for a reason. It’s still illegal to roll through stop signs, smoke marijuana and sell un-taxed cigarettes. If you want those laws to change, talk to your legislators, but don’t be mad at police for enforcing ALL laws. This is so rediculous

    • Glenn

      “They are still crimes for a reason” Yep. Because they serve the interests of the 1% and their plutocracy.

    • Arcanek

      You’re a child if you can not act without causing harm and expect someone else to be given authority over you to not abuse this authority. You are incapable of thinking for yourself. You have been programmed. Victimless crimes are thought control. You have fallen for the trap. And, you also have ‘faith’ in the worst group of liars on the planet, politicians. Are you really so naive as to believe that they would cut off their revenue stream? Just because you need a violent babysitter, there is no reason for responsible adults to put with one just to appease you. And you’re going to see what a world without police looks like in the not too distant future, as the whole mess melts down.

  • jb

    did anyone notice the math is completely wrong? There seems to be a digit missing in every comparison.

    • bjgollatz

      This is filmingcops.com. What were you expecting?

  • Seatired

    NYPD has been holding their city hostage. They create crime by violating the rights of the citizens and are usually awarded for doing so. Police in America have become criminal organizations supported by the federal government. The same government that deals in guns and drugs with brutal drug cartels.

    • Arcanek

      They have always been criminal organizations. That is what happens when someone is granted authority. During the depression, the owner of Walgreen’s told the stores to grab all the alcohol (still sold for medicinal use during prohibition) because the firemen and police would steal it. The only difference now is that there is the venue for public reporting known as the world wide web. It’s finally getting reported.

  • Red Fox

    Make cops personally liable for their actions, a wave of retirements will ensue which will save the city a ton.

    • Arcanek

      Govzilla, or any branch of it, would not last long if it were subject to the same rules as the populace it feeds off.

  • wbliss

    Just give it time. When the scumbag criminals and gangs figure out what
    is going on then there will be massive amounts of robbery and crime.
    There will also be large numbers of people speeding etc. once they know
    they can get away with it. New York City will be an even bigger pit
    than it already is.

    • Glenn

      So sad. Just look back a few hundred years mate. Your argument is simply not supported by historical evidence. Communities are capable of policing themselves; a class of law enforcement professions is not absolutely necessary. Personally, I’m appalled by violent crime, including that by police; investigating such is the most legitimate function police can have. As for speeding, it’s happening 24-7 anyway.

    • Arcanek

      The people will stop speeding when they wreck their cars. their is already massive crime in areas the police avoid. The population density of nyc is one of the roots of the problem.

    • eccles11

      “Figure out what is going on”

      It’s all over the news. Everyone knows. Keep kicking the can down the road.

  • Glen

    “Statism” per se isn’t the problem. A participatory democratic state wouldn’t behave in the same way; wouldn’t even be capitalism as we know it. The problem is extreme inequity (class) that allows a few, and their corporations and “think tank” lobby groups, to buy and pressure political parties, and corrupt state functions, to serve their narrow elitist interests.

    • Arcanek

      Yes, it is. If any action causes no harm, what is your justification for prohibiting it? And exactly what is ‘participatory’ democracy? Is it voluntary? If so, why bother with a vote. Democracy is the rule of the majority. Why should anyone be forced to comply with the wishes of the majority?

  • Ibcamn

    yep,the people of NYC may breath a bit easier for a bit,i’m hoping this wakes up a lot of sheeple to people!,god i’m hoping the people of the big apple start to see what a little freedom from daily harassment can feel like!the police being peace officers(more or less)not toyally peace officers but police,and not the corrupt LEO’s that murder people for jaywalking and kill your pet for barking at them!maybe the people will see that the gov’t is out of control!i have a friend[s] that live in manhatten,i’m going to call them and see what they think of all this!ahahahahaha,the city is losing sh!tloads of revenue generated from corrupt cops!wonder how they feel when all this comes to a screeching hault?the cops will,i’m betting,feel better about themselves and their private lives will be better and they may wake up and see it for what it is!like i said….i’m hoping,god i’m hoping people wake up!!wake up and see what’s happened to our country and be ready to stand with people who are awake and see,sheeple to people,i’m hoping…so,here’s to hoping!!…god bless people!!

  • Ibcamn

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!i just thought of something people!!!what if how the cops are acting,(turning their backs on mayor,slack duty’s)is because they were part of the scam[s]that NYC and regime have perpetuated against the US people,all the lies and fraud and death that they have done for the regime,and now the regime is throwing them under the bus???what if they are pissed that they just committed fraud,in front of the world for NYC and now the mayor f#@ked them in the ass and threw them away!?!so now they are acting like the cops they are suppose to be to show the world that one of the biggest cities in the world,won’t go totally ballistic if cops lighten up?what if they are defying the regime to give them the finger and expose them for the frauds that they are????….what you think??yes no??!?!!NYC has not gone mad max and still stands,not burning to the ground like obama tells us!!families are having fun in the park,kids are going to school!what if this is what they are doing??HO-LY-F#@K…think so people?…..i think i need some sleep,sorry for going ape sh!t on the words,night………………………………………………….just saying

  • Victoria JW Meyers

    the numbers in that chart don’t make any sense. The police have only been “on strike” since December 2014- so how could the numbers be upwards of 90% less for the entire year of 2014 compared to 2013??

    • eccles11

      It’s a comparison of the same period of time exactly a year ago.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    This video tells the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth . We have a corrupt judicial system .

  • Stefon Scott Loch

    Protect yourselves , you lazy , ignorant , naive and weak humans. This species pisses me off .

  • And Justice For All

    We never needed the police, they have always needed us, they need our money, they need to feel superior over us, they need us to fear them so they can continue to be the thugs they truly are!

  • Bobbie Jo Shuldt-Duerre

    History has shown over and over again that when ever people are oppressed there is more crime ….. people were not meant to be controlled, and when we have to many controlling factors integrated into our lives, we easily react with the natural reaction of the fight or flight response; this often is seen or displayed as rebellion, crime…etc. A leader is not the same thing as a ruler is… protect and serve= peace officer & law enforcement officer= police officer! We were never actually informed of, nor voted for, or otherwise collectively agreed to this change in the wording of their job Title & how these changed also the job titles’ descriptive meaning! This was gradually and discretely brought about over a relatively short time span. Many of us can look back in our not too distant past and can now recognize this sneaky & rotten move! Another point many people would benefit from realizing is that this type of Change is Exactly how so many are blindsided to the truth and live in a bubble reality…. and before they know it they have been harshly awakened to realize they have slowly stripped of their human rights and there is no true humanity left! Sadly enough, not only the deceived this way loose their rights they help take these rights from all the rest of humanity in their blind faith ways! ….. So….. TRUTH IS … YES we Need PEACE OFFICERS ……. and No we do NOT Need POLICE OFFICERS! Wake up People …. there is a difference by far!

  • I’m not stupid

    The problem, though will come soon, just as NYPD did during Occupy Wall Street, they will begin directing the homeless and mentality disabled to places of public interaction to cause a racause. I guarantee this. The only when to prevent this, or at least catch them doing this, is for everyone to start publicly predicting it, so when it happens, we can catch them and call them out on it.

  • American

    Anyone who thinks these are promising statistics is an idiot. Criminals are still out there, people running red lights are out there (creating the risk of taking people away from their families), drug dealers, rapists, murders, thiefs, etc.

    Yes, petty crimes such as speeding or other traffic violations exist and people are required to pay fines…but they were breaking a law in the first place before the officer gives someone a ticket.

    If the police force is on strike, the reported crime rate will go down, the ones who do the reporting are gone! This is the farthest thing from promising. If you want to live in a lawless society, without any police force…FEEL FREE TO LEAVE AMERICA AND FIND ANOTHER HOME.

    It is sickening the views that several on this post have about police.

    • eccles11

      “If the police force is on strike, the reported crime rate will go down, the ones who do the reporting are gone! ”

      Unless 911 operators are on strike. This is false.

    • eccles11

      Lolol guys if you are tired of the police state YA CAN GIIIT OUT OF MURICA and leave more freedom to me.

  • j3rry

    Just don’t break the law and cops don’t bother you.. I’m a not a WASP, but I’ve yet to have been pulled over for a ticket or for smoking weed or possession or any sich. Why’s that? Never happened, they can’t pin it on me of it never was a chance. Whether weed is harmless or not is not the point, the law says no, so for the time being don’t do it and work to legalize it if that is your true desire. Don’t stoke the flames by buying and continuing to use, but change the system. But who am I talking to, you guys know everything doncha?

  • Tyler

    Minor offenses are down because police aren’t arresting for them, doesn’t mean they aren’t still occuring. Cause and effect. What about major crimes like murder, rape, assault?

  • samkatz

    Sure it’s fun … until somebody gets raped, robbed or murdered … which is … like … every few hours. Or as I like to say, “Hey! Come back from the dead and solve your own fucking homicide!”

  • samkatz

    By the way, this article is completely misleading and actually full of shit. The only slow down is in quality of life policing. It has nothing what-so-ever to do with hard core crime, which happens to occur in NYC 24/7 if the author ever bothered to listen to a police radio, which apparently he or she hasn’t. Nice research! There is no “strike” slowdown … the politicians here clamored for an end to quality of life policing, which is all anyone who lives here screams FOR, if you have ever been to any community meeting in NYC. In a few weeks, the shit will hit the community fan when quality of life conditions don’t get corrected and the place goes to shit like it was in the 1980s. As for all the douche-bags posting here … sure, it’s fun living in a fantasy shit mess, until you’re the one mugged … or better yet run over by a car running a red light. Actually, “the ultimate threat to a well ordered society” are amateur reporters on the Internet. It leads to people going outside with baseball bats and taking care of the problems themselves … sure, that’s fun, too … until you’re the one who gets whacked. Because there is always one thing you can always count on in society … people behaving badly.

  • The cops think they’re “starving the government of revenue?” It costs the state MORE when the cops are locking people up for nonviolent drug offenses. Do you have any idea how much the state has to pay to keep each prisoner in those overcrowded, inhumane hellholes? It’s almost as horrific a money-sink as the DoD.

    The only reason any politician ever supports the drug war is because their constituents are bloodthirsty assholes who want to see brown people getting brutalized and terrorized.

  • Ed Ski

    looks like proof that there are too many cops on the payroll- time to lay off about 50%. i also not that they have been complaining that there was a huge backlog in the court system, looks like that was because cops arrested too many people for the wrong reasons. next i note that these same cops who are now not following the orders (ticket everyone, stop & frisk, etc., ), before claimed ‘we are just following orders’ when they harass everyone in sight. this demonstrates a. that the orders were unnecessary, and b. that they pick and choose what orders to obey or what laws they choose to enforce- proving that they think they are above the law.

  • We’ll see how “peacefully” the “people get along” in New York by watching the homicide rate… not by looking at court summonses, traffic/parking violations and overall arrests when LE isn’t enforcing them.