RAW VIDEO: Cop Tases 12-Yr-Old Child While Choking Him!






— we previously reported that the child was 13. We have learned since then that he is only 12. His name is Joshua. We have also been told by witnesses that the officer punched Joshua in the face before they started filming.


— We’re continuing to search for details about this cop’s identity and the child’s whereabouts. Keep checking back here for updates periodically.

FALLBROOK, CA — We have just received a deeply unsettling video of a police officer choking and shooting a child with a taser gun yesterday afternoon, Saturday June 13.

More details are coming out, and we do not have the victim’s name yet, nor the officer’s name, but we do know this happened in Fallbrook, California. A witness at the scene provided us the following information.

The child was 12-yrs-old (on the video other witnesses assume he’s “15 or 16” but our sources say he is in fact 12). He was riding on his skateboard with other young boys behind a shopping center, and there happened to be a patrol car parked nearby.

At some point an officer inside of the patrol car told the 12-yr-old child to “get in the car.”

The child replied, “Why?”

The officer then warned, “You don’t want to get dropped.”

Witnesses say that at this point the child became scared and continued skating to a safe place away from the officer.  That is when the officer got out of his vehicle and began slugging the child on the back, according to witnesses.

The cop then “dropped” the child to the ground. At this point several witnesses pulled out their phones and began recording.

The cop can be seen in the video tackling and wrestling the child to the concrete.

But then the unthinkable happens. The video shows the cop locking the child in what appears to be a rear chokehold.

As the child is being choked from behind, the officer uses his free hand to bring his taser gun up to the child’s back and shoot it into his spinal area.  The child can be heard screaming, flipping around, and his legs can be seen firing up and down in pain.

The officer then shouts, “Put your fucking hands behind your back!”

The child can be heard saying “I can’t” while screaming.

The next tasering is even more horrendous. The cop literally has the child pinned down to the concrete, and begins tasing his back again. The child’s body can be seen convulsing uncontrollably, his legs flinging up into the air backwards, suggesting serious cardiac problems at this point or possibly seizures.

The other witnesses are heard getting angry and pleading with the cop to stop the attack, saying “He’s just a kid!”

The cop drags the child up and forces him into the patrol car — the child looks visibly injured or motionless.  During the final moments of the scene, the officer still has his taser gun out and begins approaching the witnesses.  The witnesses are heard asking a nearby citizen for help.

“It was scary,” one of them told FilmingCops.com.

“We thought he was gonna start tasing us too.”

The video then cuts out. The witness said that after the video ended, the cop went around to everybody and demanded their phones to delete the footage.

Fortunately, he was not able to delete all of it. One phone made it out with the footage, which is what you see below.

Other officers showed up, but according to witnesses, those officers did not know what had just occurred. The officer who did the tasing told them that his “arm was injured” as if he was the victim in all of this. He requested to be hauled away in an ambulance, apparently.

Warning: this video is graphic.

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  • borderraven

    Who is the deputy?

    • Donna Polles

      In the article it says they don’t know the victim’s identity nor the POS cop’s name. It only happened yesterday, I’m sure a lot more information will come out of this.

      • borderraven

        I see nothing else confirming it. I live nearby, so it will be followed later.

  • borderraven

    Fallbrook, CA is under San Diego Sheriff’s jurisdiction. I need info on the cameraman and the deputy’s name.

    • RobinJCurnutt

      The Job Search Site on the Net @mk32



    • karma

      the people who film theses incidents are in turn targeted harassed and even threatened by police

      • borderraven

        I’m in North County and can give them the laws they need.

  • Tanya Triplett

    i hope cnn gets this. disgrace to officers.

    • Clive

      Send them the link.

  • Rational thought

    You have no idea from a three minute video what actually transpired, or how old this kid is. He damn sure don’t look thirteen to me. This kid obviously was not obeying the officer, otherwise there would have been no need for the officer to do what he did. Are all you people that stupid that you don’t understand that a criminal has to be dealt with no matter what age they are? You do realize that there has been children as young as 12 or probably younger that have committed murder right? It even says in the text above that the kid was “warned”!!!!!!!!!! Teach your children to obey the law and do as they are told and we would have a lot less of this in the world. All I can say is it that it’s a good thing the kid wasn’t black or the black panthers, al sharpton, jesse jackson and everyone else would be decrying racism. What do you people want? Total anarchy? Get a grip. Let’s get some “actual” testimony from actual witnesses before passing judgement. Because first of all, it is illegal to be skateboarding behind stores, that is why there is no trespassing signs behind them. Secondly, where is the proof that the cop deleted video? So we are just supposed to “believe” what you say over the police officer, which by the way you don’t know the name of or the kid either one? Yeah. Try harder next time your trying to make a police officer look bad. Funny how when you need a cop, you call them immediately, but when your doing a criminal activity, the officer is a bad guy. These cops not only lay their lives on the line to protect you, but some have given their lives in the line of duty. Don’t get me wrong there are bad apples in every walk of life. But I know damn good and well not every officer is bad.

    • Kim Bak

      you’re part of the problem you think it is OK for cops to what ever they want just bc they wear a uniform God you are fucking stupid and are sooooo low on Kolhberg’s scale of moral development. I sometimes forget that people as dumb as you can’t help but to be dumb asses it;’s in your DNA to be fucking dumb.

      • SDskateCitizen

        I don’t know why your mad… long story short. The kid didn’t listen the cop grabbed him, then the kid fought back then the cop used excessive force… they are both in the wrong.. Its NOT right for cops to do whatever they want just because, but its also not alright for stupid fuck heads like these kids to do and say whatever they want and act how ever the fuck they want then blame the cop for so called police brutality… me personally i think that fucking cop is a joke cause he’s an adult and the child is a child… if you can’t handle a fucking kid that age and that small and your a police officer you shouldn’t even be a cop to begin with. So I agree with you somewhat but don’t agree with the people who cry wolf and make others believe that they are right and justified and saying that police officers are the ones to blame. Who would you call if someone kidnapped your child or family member? would you want them to be a fucking pussy like how your saying you want this cop to be? But your right THIS cop should be imprisoned and those kids should also get criminally charged.. with what is clearly shown in the video, its called “Resisting Arrest” and his “Probable Cause” was a disruption of peace. So please people… don’t fucking say stupid shit like “He had no reason to even stop them” because if anyone of you skate boarded in your life time you would know that old fucks call cops on us all the time for skating OUTSIDE. yes its fucked up and I don’t get it but that kid should’ve known what was going to happen because clearly this wasn’t his first encounter. He should’ve cooperated and if that shit happened still, then he would’ve owned his ass NASTY! law suite + get that fuck nut fired + get his bitch ass thrown in jail, but instead I bet that doesn’t happen… 2 wrongs don’t make shit right people. Thats all.

        • Patrick H.

          It is if they didnt do anything wrong to begin with. The kid asked why, the officer didnt have the correct answer. I back the kid.

        • David Dillon

          Bullshit. Cops do not demand cell phones to delete incriminating video if they did nothing wrong.

          • David Williamson

            yeah when they do nothing WRONG!!!! LOL

        • DuckingGold

          You’re a piece of shit just like that cop. No doubt you jizzed in your pants watching that.

          • magormissabib

            discus bring sout the pererts like you

        • Samantha Clarice Hamilton

          SO CALLED police brutality???
          open your eyes did you not watch the video it is definitely police brutality and what’s worse it’s committed on a child

        • John_erox

          That kid did the right thing by standing up for himself to authority. It’s not his fault this grown police officer is such a pussy that he can’t handle a 13 year old child without resorting to violence. I hope this thug loses his job because he’s exactly what is wrong with America.

        • linda Pruitt

          Your another evil..poor excuse for life in the flesh person…Hitler

        • being grateful

          I don’t usually reply to these…just want to ask a question…how do you know these kids are stupid fuckheads? And My God what a criminal act..skateboarding! when they could be out actually getting in trouble. I would instruct my child to ask to call the parent and not get in the car! What ever happened to the police communicating with people? If the royal sin was skateboarding behind a mall then communicate that with parents involvement. This is insane. It surprises me each time I see these things that people don’t jump in and stop it. I hope I never do see it in person…I can’t stand abuse no matter who is doing it.

        • Dreema Marshall-Dunlap

          So you do agree the initial stop was frivolous… Unfortunately there’s no video showing that… Where do you get it that he was creating aha disruption of peace??? Where do you get he was resisting arrest??? … I’m confused.. Its the child’s fault because he should have know riding a skate board would get him harassed and tasered (although he wasn’t committing ANY crime)… Or did he commit a disruption of peace… Ahhh forget it because we never heard or seen anything that would lead us to believe the officer even read him his rights let alone tell him what he was being charged with… Seems like officer ass didn’t get laid the night before… Smh

        • Not pro Israel

          I hope its your babies next!

        • Shon Johnson

          Actually dipshit they can say whatever they want, it’s called the constitution and if cops don’t like it they need to find other jobs….sorry your wrong, and the fake account is not going to make you look less like the other comments you made with other fake accounts.

        • Kate Parsons

          I really don’t consider skateboarding such a heinous crime but perhaps I’m wrong!

    • Padge Vounder

      wall of text cop apologist. You’re twisting yourself into a pretzel trying to make excuses for this act of excessive force and brutality, and then trying to cover it up afterwards demanding phones to delete the videos, THEN claiming HE is the victim and calling for an ambulance because he hurt his hand? How about the child he tased in the spine and choked out? This is sick and disturbing. He needs to be imprisoned for his crimes. A 13 year old boy skateboarding, cop approaches him and demands he get in his vehicle, this is a fucked up situation

    • Bishop Johnson

      give the boot licker a pat on the head

    • Chris Rickard

      So you’re just under the assumption that the kid must have deserved it…..because officers NEVER overreact, right?……………………Right?

    • SDskaterCitizen

      Dont worry, upon watching this video, even a dumbass can see that the kid was being a little rebellious fuck and clearly fighting back against the cop anyway he could. Not listening forcing the cop to use force to get him to comply then “flop” as much and as hard as he could so people would look at what the cop did instead of the kid… and yes last month a 12 year old girl killed a 14 year old boy and hid his body in an abandon house. Police found the boy from neighbors complaining about the smell some time later. She confessed obviously, was on the news… but yeah this kid clearly has entitlement issues and most of spoiled people do in America. In 3rd world countries I doubt the kid wouldn’t have listened. So why are 3rd world children smarted than 1st world children? Because 3rd world people are taught respect at an early age. But to be honest I think the cop was in the wrong as well. You don’t need to use that much force on a child when your an adult. He already verified after the tussle that the child was unarmed but he was aggressive as shown in the video. If your an adult and a cop at that, a child… especially 13, shouldn’t be difficult to man handle. So i say both are in the wrong. But the cop was doing his job. He just went a little to far is all. At work, its just a slap on the wrist, but for that kid, he’s probably going to be going to juvie.

      • Patrick H.

        So what happed there has what to do with here. There was a cop that shot a guy in the back and planted his taser. So by your logic that one bad cop is why you dont have to listen to this one.

      • Linkoln

        The cop has fascist issues. But hey, I’m glad you’re so happy to be living in the land of the “free” (as long as you don’t skateboard, apparently.) When you say he was just doing his job, you’re confirming that he was too stupid to stop and wonder if what he was doing was the right thing to do.

      • Samuel Mackey

        Christ, I’m so happy you’re not my father. What a sick groveling boot-licking little minion!

      • Not pro Israel

        Hope you fet punched first on your next traffic stop. Then tased and then again. Then copsucking buttlickers like you can come apologize for the pigs that did it to you.

    • Jeff Whitehurst

      I used to think like you do, not all cops are bad.. but fact is this is all to common these days and the so called good cops who do or say nothing when witnessing such events are no better than the bad cop , that blue code of silence makes it so there are no good cops and when one tries to do the right thing hes usually fired

    • damitajo1


    • Patrick H.

      If if if… lets deal with the reality in front of us. I’m sure even the officer is’nt claiming a murder happened, and if it did why delete video that might have captured it. The moment the officer blindly eliminates video, he don’t have a leg to stand on. Why would you deleted video that proves your innocence? You would’nt unless your ashamed of what it shows. Bazzinga!!

    • Charles Edwin Langford Jr.

      Tired of this verbiage as response ,there must be script that you are reading from. same o same o

    • Logicaldude

      All I have got to say your head so far into your ass nothing will pull it out. Hope you get pulled over and a cop dispatches you to hell soon. You don’t ask a person who is underage to get into anything. You get their parents guardians contact info and discuss what ever matter you have to discuss. Unless the kid had has a smoking gun or a blood dripping knife in his hand. GET THROUGH THIS TO YOUR EMPTY HEAD POLICE IS ONLY JOB IS TO APPREHEND AND INVESTIGATE NOTHING MORE. Prosecution and punishment is someone else’s job. When the kid is clearly on the ground is not going anywhere, there was no need to taze him. It is because of idiots like you who support cop’s unprofessional, brutal, unconstitutional, egotistical, self serving, immoral and corrupt actions cops are going around all over the country killing and hurting innocents they are sworn to serve and protect. Wait for actual testimony? This son of a bitch erased as much of it as he can. Time and time again cops are found lying and protecting their own. For all we know you may be one of them. Yes there are bad apples in every walk of life but no group gets the kind of carte blanche cops get. Well if the cops can’t handle the pressure or are too scared to do the job get the fuck out of the service. No body dragged these guys into service, they get damn good money overtime and the best benefits. Cops get even with third party recordings, they refuse to wear body cams, body cams get switched off, what gets released to the public is delayed (till they get their stories straight) and edited. Police kill people with absolute immunity, they routinely use prohibited techniques. I have seen every kind of illegal conduct by the police including not identifying themselves as is every citizen’s right to know.

    • Linkoln

      So what? Just because “not ever officer is bad” doesn’t excuse the insane amount of power-greedy fascists that have a badge.

    • Anna French

      Holy fuck, just when I think humanity can’t get even stupider, you come along. Regardless of what the kid did leading up to the video – where he’s at a point where hes face down on the ground and barely moving, how do you explain away the second round of tasering? Jesus christ.

    • okcop87

      You are one of the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet! 1 he should have not used a rear choke hold. 2 the spine on the back is a red zone which in use of force means you cant unless your life is endangered which his clearly isnt. 3 you cant move after you have been tased for several seconds so the kid couldnt put them behind his back! I am a officer of the law and i would never treat a suspect like that! We have a big problem with treating suspects like they are terrorists. We cops have rules and sadly so many cops feel like they are in a war zone them against which is just not how it is! If more cops treated situations with reason nothing like this would of happen and clearly you have no idea about the law bc alot of these cops are breaking them and u shouldnt defened them. This kid was killing any one and clearly didnt deserve that unless he had a weapon on the cop which i highly doubt!

      • Samantha Clarice Hamilton

        yes exactly, you are a good one I applaud you for being brave enough to post something such as this in defense of a child

      • John_erox

        Bravo okcop87! Finally, the voice of reason. You are a rare breed of officer to stand up for this atrocity and see it for what it is. I commend you and say although I hate the police and all for which is stands, I have respect for you. That’ means a lot coming from me. Thank you.

      • linda Pruitt

        Good for you

      • Dreema Marshall-Dunlap

        My knight in shining armo!!!!r… Can I extract ur d.n.a. and create a whole new police force….

      • Anon420

        Thank god, if only there where more like you. You remind me of the days when being a police officer was something a kid wanted to do to help others. These days young people can’t look up to cops the way we used to.
        But you’re one of the last that we can have respect for, I applaud you, Sir.

      • You pigs have been calling us “perps” for decades. This bullying behavior is nothing new.
        “When in the course of human events…” <—that's where your brethren are taking us.

    • dsadlowski

      You do realize that there has been children as young as 12 or probably younger that have committed murder right”

      Yes and there is SCIENCE to tell us their minds do not work like adults either.

      Not only that our DISDAIN as a nation and human rights allows shyt like this to happen.

      All to protect the cowards safety.

      • Not pro Israel


    • Sunny Turner

      Rational thought bwahaha….wait you were serious right?With your mentality I would stay indoors.

    • Samantha Clarice Hamilton

      This child was SKATING not murdering…! This cop was using EXCESSIVE FORCE and no matter how you look at it this cannot be sugar coated

    • DuckingGold

      You’re fucking blind.

    • John_erox

      Rational Thought: “Let’s get some “actual” testimony from actual witnesses before passing judgement”. And then you go on to pass judgement and become a police apologist. You must have your head buried in the sand to not know that there is a serious problem in the country with police corruption and abuse. You’re right about knowing that not every officer is bad, that’s true. I even know some who are straight up legitimate friends. I’m not talking about them though. I’m talking about the majority of bad cops who abuse their position of special authority on our citizens. If there really were good cops they would be turning in the bad ones and that is a rarity when you hear about it. You’re whole rant was biased and slanted and quite frankly it let’s us see into your psychy and understand that you must be a conservative who believes in corporations.

      • Not pro Israel

        Cop weiner juices have negatively effected your limited moral development.

      • Flying Goat

        * Chokeholds by police are actually illegal because of their chance of causing deaths.
        * It’s impossible to move right after being tased.

        * Tasers are *not* intended to be used as universal pain compliance devices, so even if it were possible to put your hands behind your back after being tasered, tasing someone for failing to do so is also wrong.

        You need know nothing more about the incident. Heck, even if the 12 year had been firing a weapon at pedestrians, they’d still be true.

    • magormissabib

      cops rape kids. dont you pay attention.

    • linda Pruitt

      You are pure. ..pure….evil…just like that cop

    • Laure

      And it is legal to film cops.

      • Steve Madden

        As long as you don’t interfere with their job.

    • Kindly go feck yourself, sir or madam.

    • Steve Madden

      You’re a stupid racist asshole. Please don’t breed. We don’t need any more. Read the facts as reported here by eyewitnesses before shooting off your racist rants.
      BTW they were on property open to the public.

    • Dreema Marshall-Dunlap

      “Obviously”!?!?… Where is that obvious???… Oh right cops wouldn’t DARE do something like this unwarranted smh… Yes there are 12 year olds who’ve committed murder but THIS kid isn’t one of them… Further more to say that you should also think about all the murders the police have committed but who knows if this cop ever did… Still in all this thugged out gang banger did way more than he needed to in order to arrest this child INCLUDING an ILLEGAL choke hold which was banned because its easy to accidently kill someone AND THAT MY DEAR SIR IS OBVIOUS!!!!

    • Not pro Israel

      Get the cops weiners out of your face.

    • Clive

      I have extensive unarmed training. If this cop couldn’t control a child without using his taser twice, let alone once, he has no business being in law enforcement. You are the kind of scum that allows this to continue.

    • Khaleesisdoormat

      What if the law is contrary to what a police officer demands? Then what?

    • Kate Parsons

      I hope you don’t have any children if you think this amount of force is acceptable for the offence of skateboarding! whatever this child may have done did not warrant the brutality inflicted upon him. Shame on you for condoning an obvious act of child abuse.

  • Janeski

    is there a law against using your phone to film an incident in USA, like there is in Spain? If there isn’t then there is absolutely no way I would give up my phone so he can delete the file.

    • vetipie

      Its 100% legal to video cops in the USA. Its 100% legal to tell the cops to fuck off and flip them off.

      • Janeski

        Well I’m sorry for you that your people in power made that law. I do believe that it’s not illegal (yet) to do either of those things in the UK. I’m sure they cannot arrest you for pointing your phone in their direction and if you want to tell them to fuck off politely, they cannot arrest you either. They can arrest you if you are causing “public disorder” of course….but neither of these acts would qualify for that Our police are generally quite civilised, I guess that’s the big difference 🙂

        • Armen

          why would you be sorry for that law? its LEGAL to film police while in commission of their public duty

          • Janeski

            DOH thanks for correcting me…I completely misread Vetipie’s repy. i thought he said ILLegal. maybe didnt have my glasses on 🙁 ignore me!!!

      • Janeski

        sorry misread your reply as saying ILLegal instead of legal.so you completely ignore my reply. Doh

  • Ell Ess

    I film straight to Livefeed….there’s no way they are getting away this despicable behavior on my watch!

    • dsadlowski


  • LawrenceNeal

    SA thugs don’t care about age or gender. Everyone is fair game for their brutality.

    • sweetdream

      Or race… The sooner people realize that the sooner we can ALL put our heads together and try to put a stop to the gang bangs in blue with badges… Smh… I pray this kid is o.k. were ever he is… Heart wrenching to watch this and not be able to do anything about it… You can hear one of the other boys yell for someone to call the POLICE!!! Out of what could have only been panic helplessness and fear… Notice the thugs almost always have their cowardly heads hung… Can’t even look up… A clear sigh or guilt and shame…

  • Christopher Shepard

    This was a San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy and their phone number is (760) 451-3100.

    • Judy Gardner Nickels

      This should be sent directly to the Presidents email with a reply that he has seen it. Somebody has to step in and get these guys fired. They are a danger to children and all life.

      • brenster

        it’s a white kid .. the president doesn’t give a rat’s @$$ .

        • Debra Wright

          Brenster, a child is a child. You are merely expressing your true feelings towards race. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks according to the Word of God!

          • Richard Chalmers

            Fuck GOD! My mouth speaks what I want it to!

          • smoses80

            RUDE and Completely Inappropriate.

          • That’s right. The President doesn’t give a rats ass no matter the race of the child. So long as he and his pals get the big money and the big power, we the little people can go to hell for all he cares.

          • parkland.dab.princess

            while his comment may be off a little, all these riots about black lives matter is kinda absurd. more white people die by police each year than african americans. but for some reason lately the only ones making national headlines are that of african americans and not whites or other races.. while we could go on to debate this subject for hours the fact of the matter is youre right, a child is a child, and a person is a person, regardless of race religion color gender gender preference etc. we are all humans and should all be treated as equals.

          • amy

            You must consider that of the 318.9 million people in the US approx 73% of that number are white and less than 13% black so of course more white people die by police – you just can’t make that comparison without considering that fact – black people are disprotionately targeted by the police, etc. #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter. I have to say being black in america is – sadly risky business.There is such a thing as white privilege even if people want to pretend it doesnt exist – it does.

          • Cindy

            There are many ways to look at statistics. You are correct in what you point out, but also consider the statistics on who is committing more crimes and, therefore, jabbing more contact with police. At the end of the day, the race does not really matter. Police just need to start treating all people appropriately and the good cops need to step up and make sure the bad cops are weeded out. What we really need less of, as a society, is all of this race-baiting that is being constructed. We need to all join together as one society and demand that our government treat us according to our rights.

          • amy

            Until they start prosecuting police it’s going to continue. The US is a very scary place at this time in history.

          • smoses80

            I Agee! And all the police who do and say Nothing when they see cops doing something illegal !!!

          • amy

            I’ll settle for them prosecuting the cops who do bad stuff – would be a great deterent if they prosecuted cops who do nothing but I just dont see how they could make that stick in court. Read a recent article where a cop who was a whistleblower on other cops – they did a number on him sending him for psych evals and other intimidation techniques. It’s that whole brotherhood mentality

          • Mary

            Your right Amy.. until it stops we live in a very frightening world.

          • dufas_duck

            “Good cops” won’t do a thing………….
            1…Cop’s career is more important than any citizen’s life…
            2…Cops will lie and cover for a bad cop 99.9 percent of the time.
            3…Cops investigating themselves is the same as having crooks investigating themselves…
            4…Cops think everyone is guilty until they can make it so…[In other words, cops lie, make up charges, when they find they are wrong about a citizen..]
            5…The cop’s ‘us against everybody else’ propagates distrust from many citizens..
            6…Cops are always right, citizen is always wrong…

          • Mary

            Listen to this video.. This is what needs to occur, Officers who stand up for what is right, who treat citizens with dignity and respect, who will do their job and stand by the oath they have taken, and to protect and serve.. No one ever said to any cop in the Academy, your life is going to be easy, your never going to have problems, your never going to be injured and you can abuse people.. Until the good cops stand up and tell the truth and don’t hide behind that faded blue line of bullshit, and help rid the departments of Officers who have severe emotional and mental problems.. They came on the department with these issues, the streets don’t cause them.. The narcissistic cops who aren’t honest and are brutal and bullies are the ones you have to worry about, they don’t tell the truth and are as sadistic beyond your imagination They are beyond the law, they steal, cheat, and break as many laws as those they arrest. So, each department has three kinds of cops.. The good who can’t be tainted.. The almost good who doesn’t commit violations but who covers for the bad, why – they think a form of loyal is due.. never putting a thought that if the bad cop was loyal to the blue, he or she would never commit the crimes they do.. In fact they would be true to the oats they take. Now, watch the video if you want to see a good cop .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVM1fFhQws4

          • parkland.dab.princess

            at this point being ANYONE in america, is risky business. and i specifically said EVERYONE SHOULD BE TREATED AS EQUALS. and while whote privelage does exist, i never said it didn’t even white people cam be excluded from that catagory so its irrelevant to my point. i never said anything bout privelage or it not existing.

            my whole point is that everyones lives matter, regardless of who they were born or what they believe look like or who they love just like i saod previously……smh.
            you can reply if you so choose but u won’t be wasting anymore time debating. good day

          • amy

            Don’t be defensive – it’s not personal and it’s not about you. It’s just a simple fact that the ratio of white people would be higher based on population. No one said you said something about white privilege I SAID THAT because I am sharing my opinion. I am not in a debate with you, I shared a fact and my opinion and yes
            everyone should be treated equally but in america they are not –

        • Charlotte Johnson

          That’s totally disrespectful. Just because you are racist and other presidents didn’t give a rat’s @$$ about blacks, you think that it’s revenge because the president is Black. Another racist, small minded comment that could have gone unsaid and not missed. Just so you are aware and not surprised-Black people are the most compassionate race in this country especially when it comes to children. Any children. We are conditioned to love unconditionally and this has allowed us to be civicly violated on a continous basis, but we still hold to that care. To most Blacks, a child is a child no matter the color, race, gender, or even religion. Children are not responsible for themselves, that’s why parents are important. I even cried watching this video because a grown man taking advantage of a child enfuriates me. He should be charged with child abuse by the state and locked up as an endangerment to children. What father, man would treat a child, anyone’s child, like that but someone who is not in control of themselves. A crazy person. If he has children, they should be removed from his home for their own safety as he obviouslly has a problem with the appropriate way to discipline a child.

          • Nick Miller

            I don’t think he is racist but he is certainly promoting separatism through his racist remarks. Yes, he could be that manipulative. Probably a sociopath getting his jollies by such ignorant comments.

      • Debra Wright

        Why send it to the President; the powers that be in those areas need to get some backbone and do something about this demon that has found a home in the law enforcement! it makes all the law officers look bad when actually they are not all bad!

        • Yes they are.

        • Shon Johnson

          Debra, there’s no such thing as a good cop…

  • Real Justice

    Anyone who thinks that this abusive psychopathic police officers behaviour was right, has mental health issues that they need to deal with, pronto………..you are as dangerous to the public as this deranged sicko cop !!!!

  • vetipie

    very fucking creepy

  • Patrick H.

    Hopefully the deleted videos can be recoved. Dont record anything new until you recover the deleted videos. There are programs to help. If you have a deleted video check out copblock.org see if they can help for recovery.

    • O KE

      My iPhone has a feature that recovers recently deleted photos – and also videos, I believe

  • Basil Malik

    This is what you allow when you cheer the abuse of a suburban child at a swim party.

  • Dmhalix

    https://www.facebook.com/sandiegopolicedepartment?fref=ts Here is the San Diego Police Departments Facebook page lets see if anyone can get a response from them or just let them know how you feel about what this pos officer did to this kid

  • Cindy

    I was told the officers photographed and collected data on the kids with out an arrest as well as forcing them to delete videos. I am very disturbed at this behavior. All of this is for skate boarding,

    • roninmd

      You should see what they do to bikers.

    • citznfish

      Oh Cindy…you were “told” huh? Thanks for posting your fact based, evidence filled, remark.

    • Mary

      Another fact has come out in an interview with the boys who witnessed this.. The comment slapped me hard, if its true then this case needs to be blown wide open.. The boy who was tased, was on his way home with his friend to have his parents look at his injured hand when the cop told him once, get in the car please, when the boy ask why, the cop got out of the car and tackled him. And during the struggle they heard the boy scream, my hand, my hand hurts.. So, with a hurt hand, and on his way home.. Why did this cop stop him? Where are his parents.. nothing.. absolutely nothing out there about his parents, no interviews nothing..

  • Chiguy

    I don’t know what kind of USA these police want to live in, but in my USA, blind obedience to a badge isn’t part of the program.

    • Sandra

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    • G – rogaine

      Extra Cute profit with filmingcops … ➨➨➨➨➨➨ Tap To Continue

    • Antonio Norwood

      They are supposed to serve and protect, yet instead they find any reason they can, no matter how little, to use force. Not all do this, but many of them are cowards and do not know how to put themselves in others shoes.

      • dufas_duck

        No, not all cops do this…but, most cops will lie and back up cops like him that is shown in the video so to cover the cop from any problems…

        • Chiguy

          And yet it happens again and again. The other cops don’t do anything, their supervisors don’t do anything, the courts don’t do anything.

          • dufas_duck

            Hell, there are confessed child molesting cops still working as policemen. The thin blue line is getting thicker and thicker……

    • lwainscot

      The boy was a habitual run away, who was well known by local police, and had a history that was troubled. Ditching school was the least of his problems.

      • Darren Johnson

        So it was enough to earn being brutally tortured?

        • TamLee

          Brutally tortured? A bit overly dramatic, isn’t it? Again, find the WHOLE story, not just the pieces THIS venue wants you to know.

          • babybackribs

            No, I think torture describes a grown man choking and tazing a child pretty well, regardless of what the “WHOLE story” is, you apologist.

          • TamLee

            Oooo name calling, so mature.

          • Jimmie C. Jones

            ” You can name a tree by its fruit”. He who plays the game must answer to the name…”When the time comes for the Great Scorer to mark against your name,He will not mark for win or loss,but how you played your game”… “Truth,though trodden down to the very earth,shall assuredly arise and prevail. Error shall writhe and groan in infirmity,and amongst its worshippers”.

          • TamLee

            WTF does all that mumbo jumbo even mean?

          • Jimmie C. Jones

            The WHOLE STORY??!!!… Pray tell..BOOTLICKING COP LICKSPITTLE,What “Whole Story will justify this???!! The kid was 12(Twelve) years old!! The Porker had him down on the ground Choking him AND Tasing him!! ..A TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILD!!!

      • Aarnes Deborah

        oh so that gives the cop the right to beat him and taze him?? I don’t think so…

      • charmaineladyblackicewilliams

        so what that got to do with him doing that to a child if it was your child bloody murder u be screaming

      • Nick Miller

        WOW!! He’s a school ditcher and a problematic child!! We need to string him up by his balls. Maybe give him the electric chair after that. Who does he think he is? Hang him high!!

      • mmdccbslm

        you know this how?

      • Serene Voice

        I have searched and cannot find any information on this other than what Filming Cops has here. Where did you read that the child was a runaway and/or ditching school? Would you share your source please?

  • David Terry

    i would picked up the skate board and smashed his fucking head in. come get me. ill be waiting..

  • Sick & Tired

    It’s simple people,,,, OBEY the law and you won’t get your ass beat by an officer! People today think that because of social media (and their own LACK of social responsibility) they no longer have to abide by the rules/laws. As for this video,,, All anybody has is a bunch of hear-say about what the cop said and what the kid did prior to the video. His age is irrelevant, if he disobeyed a police officer and tried to leave the scene the officer was in his right to take him down. You people need to wake up,,,, 99.9% of police officers are good people doing a job they were hired to do. Quit portraying them as the bad guy and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS!

    • Nancy L Collver

      sick is right n I’m tired o folks like U, I have obeyed the law all my life, I have been raped by them, sworn @ when they respond 2 my call, harassed n criticized. Don’t talk about what U obviously know nothing about. U weren’t there U DON’T KNOW ASSSHOLE

    • Linkoln

      Just because “It’s the law” doesn’t mean it’s moral, right or just. Laws don’t equate morality. Almost 100 percent of all cops are good people? You need to find statistical data elsewhere, not in your ass. If you think tasing a child is okay or necessary (a 13 year old can be subdued very easily without excessive force) then you’re just as big of a fascist as that piece of shit cop. The kid was skateboarding. Don’t give me that “he’s just doing his job” bullshit either, just following orders means he was too stupid to pause and think ‘is what I’m doing right?’

    • John_erox

      You’re a special kind of stupid to believe that everything would be roses if we just obeyed the law. That’s why the first thing out of your mouth should be “what law am I suspected of breaking” and have the officer explain himself. tell him “am I free to go or am I being detained” and that’s standing up for yourself. If the scumbag cop can’t handle anybody questioning his authority he shouldn’t be in that profession. Maybe a crossing guard is more in line with his skills.

    • Darius Quinn

      Obey the law? People have rights, an officer of the law does not have the power or the authority to tell that kid to get in his car unless that child is under arrest or he’s a missing child, highly unlikely considering the fact that he was with friends. Cops aren’t supposed be able to do whatever they want, and they are not the law, they’re supposed to be law enforcers. It’s that slave mentality that’s wrong with America, the police are NOT the law, the Constitution, along with local and state ordinances are. If he was stopping him for a quick search based on reasonable suspicion (also known as a terry frisk) that would have been one thing; that’s not what was going on here, and if it was that officer’s approach was wrong. If you think the law is that you have to obey everything a police officer tells you to do, then you obviously don’t know your rights, which means you forfeit them, which makes you a slave, and I don’t take advice from slaves. Go serve your master, I for one will exercise my rights as a free American and encourage others to do the same. If I or other Americans get beat up be the enslaving pigs you call “the law” then they’re the ones in the wrong for infringing on my rights, not me.

    • Clive

      The funny thing about rules is that they apply to everyone, including cops. This was flat out felony assault on the cop’s part. If 99% of cops were good we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

  • Brock Lee

    Why didn’t u people help him,,,,dam

  • Dave StrongArm

    Dead man walking.

  • dsadlowski

    If you record anything like this use a application that goes straight into the cloud.

    No deleting then

  • Roxanne Marquez

    i think this cop was trying to abduct kids and sounds totally creepy

    • Clive

      That was my thought, as well. He was probably going to rape the boy.

      • MelThompson

        Yes exactly. A marked patrol and marked officer in broad daylight in front of countless other people that is exactly what he was trying to achieve. (sarcasm)

        • Clive

          A cop in the neighboring city was arrested for selling meth out of his squad car, while on duty, in broad daylight. Another cop in the same department was just convicted of raping a boy numerous times over the course of years. Yes, I’m sure it never happens. (sarcasm)

          • MelThompson

            Yes that’s exactly what was going on here. (Sarcasm)

    • Khaleesisdoormat

      He succeeded.

  • Jackie

    His name is Joshua !
    My brother was with him when this happened! He’s 13 years old!

  • jorge

    The kids name is Josh Castaneda he is a chill skater and one of my friends and the bull shit that happened was not right just cause he was on the run doesn’t mean that that cop could hit him and my friend told me that he is in the hospital and after the hospital he is going to juvenile hall 🙁 fuck the

    • smoses80

      Tell your friend sorry. What happened to him was Not right. If the cop didn’t think he was wrong then why did he Force the others to delete the videos? He makes me sick. I hope your friend recovers and goes home. Unless there is an awful situation at home. If there is he needs to talk to someone.

  • Jackie

    His name is Joshua! My brother is the one in the red hat in the unedited video.. The boy was 13..

  • magormissabib

    If that was my kid there would be a fucked up cop tonight.

  • Adam Shannon

    San Diego Sheriffs Department Chief of Police’s phone number, (619) 531-2777 call during 8-5 mon-fri

  • Concerned about child

    Recommend calling the local San Diego News Stations I called Channel 8 and they had very little information from the police department did not know the condition of the child and had not found out the childs name. Said they had contacted police that he was treated on site did not provide name or where he is. The news station said he ran from police if that was the case why was his skateboard and the officers car right there beside him. We are very concerned about the child because his head was falling over as he was put in the car. Also posted on Channel 8 News see link below but no information is being provided on his condition or who the child is hours later from the news station:

  • Why didn’t the people attack the cop together? What will it take for Americans to fight back. Seriously, my home country came to be because we didn’t want the Protestants to tell us how to live/what to do. I dont have to mention what the French did in their revolt against the monarchy.

    So, what is the excuse Americans? What will it take for you to fight against the sadistic scum!?

  • William Zhang

    Normally…I am quick to defend cops. Mike brown case was indeed confirmed self defense AND THE police retired from his position right after(federal,state and private investigators(full proof of the brown family)….Although the child was fucking stupid by running away from the cops(makes it suspicious that you committed a crime)IDC it your job to comply passive commands like “sitting down,stay or come over here” because it is protocol .However,afterwards the police officer decides to physically arrest the person without a 2nd warning(this is where the police fucked up and deserved to get fired). No sympathy for that fucking cop

  • Anon2

    Perhaps the cops need to start being tased like that in their training (certainly not the current way they are, support by other cops and laid on a soft mat) …roughed around, choking them out and while screaming vile names, to put their hands behind their backs immediately. Something tells me this cop knows already that kid couldn’t physically do it and was looking to tase him again. And certainly not tased in the area where this dumbo cop tased a 12/13 year old. Just wondering, does this officer have children? If so, has anyone ever inquired on their well-being? Anytime an officer acts like this or gets put “administrative leave” …paid vacation, they ought to have blood pulled immediately for alcohol and/or any drugs.

  • Sandy Coronilla

    Hi, I’m a reporter with the San Diego Union-Tribune. I’d like to reach out to whoever shot this video. Could that person please contact me at [email protected] or Twitter: @SandyCoro or 619-293-1244. Thank you very much.

    • Not pro Israel

      Do something to make it stop, not just make a spectacle of it, please. It is not a cop vs. blacks thing, its a broken Nazi police state vs. Americans thing.

      • No, the press cannot tell the truth lest they lose their licences. This will be spun to “prove” that we need more police not less.

        • Forgive my ignorance, but what license does one need to be part of “the press”?

          • No, you’re right. Journalists don’t need a license in America, but their bosses do. I was referring to business licenses.

          • But there are such a thing an the “independent media” right? That’s an important separation.

          • I thought all journalists were of a particular political philosophy though…

        • Federal police is what Obama has been touting. I’ll take local police over federal any day.

          • Oh yes, much better to be brutalized and caged locally.

          • If local police are bad, you have the option of moving. And yes, it is not the same everywhere. Virginia has been attempting to outlaw Civil Forfeiture – at the root of police who think they are above the law (as Civil Forfeiture itself is blatantly unconstitutional). Unfortunately our current McAwful governor has been vetoing.


          • The option of moving?? ‘Mercans don’t run to liberty, we stand fight for it.

          • You have a much better chance of winning (in court, in public opinion, in voting out the politicians supporting corrupt police, or even, God forbid, in a literal war that even you won’t like when it actually happens) with local police than with a Federal Gestapo.

          • Yeah, that’s what I meant (court/voting, etc.)

          • sirwolfgang1

            OPTION TO ??? What incredibly STUPID ARSE ADVICE TO GIVE Just shut up CD

      • Anon2

        It is starting to be shades of Abu Ghraib.

        • MMinCC

          You’re a fucking idiot to say that

          • Jimmie C. Jones

            Yeah,and YOU Are a FUCKING IDIOT to Say THAT!!!

      • howwedoit

        yes I agree , but it is also happening to people of color MORE! and that is a fact,..why try to deflect from that?

        • Stryfe2010

          Yes but it also needs to stop for everybody not just color. Our country needs to stamp out rasism. We are all human beings who have the right to be treated the same and we need to stand together to put an end to police brutatlity for everybody

          • C. Edwards

            Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this country was founded in racism and without you can’t have a republic and a free market. We’ve been bought and sold just check out your birth certificate. You’ve been assigned a number ( property of the us gov )

          • Ralph Trefry

            The power that instigates this cause is Judaism. Study your bible and the Talmud.

        • MMinCC

          Ahhh, the kid is white, moron

        • Jack Trust

          More whites are killed by police than blacks.
          It’s not a race issue, it’s a” police state” issue.

        • Bob Franklin

          And the demographic for victims of police brutality & other general malfeasance is rapidly shifting. This ugliness is metastasizing throughout all sectors of society. To put it another way, “fools fight in a burning house”. We need to put aside petty cultural differences & band together as one people to fight this or we are all lost.

      • Bob Franklin

        Damn well said, Not pro Israel. We are ALL in danger, not just one specific ethnicity. But it’s gonna have to come from us, from the grass roots level, as it’s clear our elected officials are all on board with the State agenda.

        • Ralph Trefry

          Get off the ethnicity rap, it’s the religion of Judaism that’s blowing the world up. Jews are not all the same, some Jews are Christians. Ethnicity my ass. It’s always religion.

      • Yes, but remember that the “solution” they want you to accept is *Federal* police to replace local police. If you think that will be an improvement, you are part of the problem.

    • Gilbert Sanchez

      https://www.facebook.com/gilbert.sanchez.9237/videos/10155664661350463/ Since when do officers demand that suspects do what they want or risk torture? Do your damn job, subdue (not torture!) your suspect and get him in the car! I think he is a coward (the kid was13) and getting your jollies this way is sick. Partial plate #…327610, not sure of the 3. What do you get?

    • citznfish

      Hi Sandy, Please do what these people cannot. Get the real facts before jumping to conclusions. KTLA (Los Angeles) just ran this story as well. It’s amazing how different the story really is when it becomes an unbiased report.

      • smoses80

        There is a video that shows the CHILD Not fighting the police officer… Is That different too? And ALL the witnesses?????

      • Alan C

        Does the “good” version explain why the officer deleted all the recordings?

      • Serene Voice

        I search KTLA Los Angeles’s site and there is no coverage of this. The only video is the one shown on this site. If you are aware of another, please post it here. Also, where is the story about this child being a runaway and ditching school. Unable to find any source for that either.

      • Mary

        The articles appearing in the papers all come from a primary sources within the Sheriff’s Office, and each one of these reports were given to these particular individuals by one source, the deputy in question to the chief and to the PR rep. So, had the papers had access to witness statements at the same time, they might be scratching their heads wondering.. humm why is t he witness statement different than the officers. Oh I know your immediate response is going to be.. kids lie.. well, I’ll tell you a little secret.. not all cops tell the truth.. and not all kids lie.. Where are the boys parents? Where are their interviews? You take a stand that is just as clear as a bell.. And bottom line blue boy, you can’t squash the truth.

    • lupita

      Hey I know the people who took thus vedio

    • lupita

      Hey would u like if I help u contact those people

    • dufas_duck

      How are you going to ‘spin’ the story?? It’s getting to the point that the media can’t be believed anymore…

    • K. Chris C.

      Remember: At some point propaganda becomes complicity in power’s crimes.
      The people are listening and listing.

      An American citizen, not US subject.

    • cenehi

      Your first choice filmingcops Find Here

    • Starshine

      I was informed by another community member that when one dwells and digs into police affairs here in Fallbrook they become a target for police. I was beat to the ground in this hillbilly town based on my sexual orientation, busted my eye brow and blood all over my face and clothes. Local police were called, they had suspect in front of them yet nothing was done. Detective said there were no leads to case. Every time I think about this it infuriates me that no Justice has been done. I’m at the point of taking matters into my own hands.

  • Prisoner416

    Is there a version of the video without the slowdown and unneeded repetition of events?

  • El Dragón Rojo

    Bunch of cowards… Just watching and filming. It was only one cop. If it was me and my friends there, i would have seized the chance to unleash the rage onto that rotten piece of humanoid thrash.

    • Herman Christ

      Sure you would have, tough guy.

  • sngitar58

    ?__________dears 77dollors in one hours with filmingcops —- Find it More __________??

  • Rick Goodrich

    People should have beaten the shit out of that COP… There where enough people watching to rid the world of this piece of shit…

  • Bob the Lunatic

    cowardly piece of shit, I hope he gets torn apart by dogs

  • Sarah Paxton

    I hope the parents of the child sue the living hell out of the city and the officer. In no way is tasing someone like that acceptable. Strip that bullies badge!

  • Clive

    How do pieces of trash like this cop live with themselves? Worse, how do people defend these kinds of actions?

  • Richard Chalmers

    The guy shouts at the end that the kid was 15… can’t even keep a story straight these yanks!

  • I don’t understand. We keep begging the bullies to stop bullying us, but they keep on doing so. Whatever can we do?

  • Jeremy

    Comply with all orders from Police. Resist arrest and bad things will happen.

    This is a non-story.

  • Antionsuld

    < ✜✱✪✪✲✜ +filmingcops +*********….. < Now Go R­e­­a­d M­o­r­e


  • Anthony

    This is definitely California, where the police have more authority over your child than you do. If your child acts out and you try to restrain them guess who’s going to jail.

    • citznfish

      Anthony, that’s for proving how unintelligent you are. We always suspected, but now it is confirmed.

  • Charlotte Johnson

    I’d like to know, how many of these cops that have killed or brought harm to other people’s children so easily, have children of their own. These children need to be removed from their homes as they have proven time and time again that thier fear of children does not allow them to make adult decisions when it comes to a child’s safety. Where are the cops when you truly need one. Committng their own crimes.

  • John

    To access 9-1-1 (emergency) from outside of San Diego, dial (619) 531-2065 call and voice your opinion loudly

    • John

      24-hour non-emergency calls: (619) 531-2000 or (858) 484-3154

  • Anyone but Obama

    STOP resisting arrest. It’s that simple. If a cop tells you to sit on the ground or put your hands behind your back or anything else because he suspects you of a crime, then do it, moron.

    I don’t know what happened here. What I COULD see for sure is someone twisting and resisting a cop trying to put handcuffs on him. You never heard of teenagers doing drugs and losing control of themselves? It happens all the time.

    First thing everyone says is cop is wrong. They don’t know the facts or what happened earlier before filming. A cop isn’t a judge and jury. He can arrest you and then others can determine if the cop was right or wrong and he’ll lose his job if he was wrong.

    If you morons keep resisting cops, more of you are going to get shot. Sharpton will get rich extorting money from someone, your family might get some money, rioters will get merchandise they steal from looting stores, but YOU WILL BE DEAD. Good deal for everyone except YOU.

  • StephanieBBryant

    i am back

  • Bill Bannan

    Put this thug cop in stocks and leave a taser nearby.

  • Marvin Knoll

    So what’s the story leading up to this? All we have in this video is some loud mouth fucktard screaming. What lead to the officer being called or arriving on the scene? It stupid fucks like YOU dipshits that are are making things like this more and more common. It does NOT matter that this was a 13 year old if you decide to act stupid and be stupid you get treated as such PERIOD.

  • Melissa Culley

    I’m sorry but this is unacceptable . Marvin you seem like a very angry person . Just sayin !

  • citznfish

    Your website sickens me. You are just as bad as the media. Twisting the facts of this incident to support your anti-cop agenda. I’m not a fan of the cops but I am a fan of the truth. How about you add in the rest of the facts to this story? The kid was a multi time runaway. His mom was begging the police to help get him home. He severely bit the officer in the arm BEFORE he was tased. The officer tasered the kid in order to gain control since he was being bitten. This is all well documented if you actually cared enough about the truth. But no, you’d rather tweak the story to support your bias and get 10,0000 more clicks so you can make an extra $100 in advertising revenue. SMH

    • KNITEpanda

      Being a ‘run away’ doesnt justify tazing a kid…at all. Even if the officer was bit, that amount of voltage can render a young kid like this completely unconscious or worse.

      Go away sheep.

      • citznfish

        Are you trying to be this dumb or does it just come naturally to you? Calling me “sheep” when I am clearly going against the crowd here? Maybe you should know what the word means before using it.

        • Stryfe2010

          He’s calling you a brutatlity police following sheep. No child deserves that are you completely out of your fucking mind. It doesn’t matter that he seemed fine afterwards just cause he was on his feet. Straight from the New YorK Civil Liberties Union –

          Forty percent of the Taser incidents analyzed involved at-risk subjects.

          Taser experts caution against Taser use on children, the elderly, the visibly

          infirm and individuals who are seriously intoxicated or mentally ill — “the

          very individuals” most likely to be in contact with police, according to the

          International Association of Chiefs of Police. Of these incidents, 30 percent

          involved situations where officers were called to assist with a mentally

          disturbed individual with no indication or suggestion of criminal activity

          • MelThompson

            That quote has no relevance whatsoever. The kid was checked over in hospital and was completely fine.

          • Stryfe2010

            Proof? so you’re saying it fine to taze, punch and choke a 12yr old? Sounds like you’re part of the problem.

          • MelThompson

            Where was he punched or choked? It seems like someone ^^^^ wants to exaggerate the truth. lol

          • Stryfe2010

            You can clearly see the officer using his right arm from the back around the childs neck just like a rear naked choke except with one arm and while in that positon clearly takes a stun gun and stuns the child in the spine which is one of the most pain sensitive areas to stun somebody because there is no fat or muscle in the way. You don’t even need the video for that since they enlarged both pictures on the embeded player above.

          • Stryfe2010

            The punch was off screen before the video but was witnessed by the other people there.

          • MelThompson

            Sure it was. Terribly convenient for you agenda. However the fact the child was fine is actually documented.

          • Stryfe2010

            You will never convice me it’s fine I was physically abused by my step father as a child to the point that he came after me with an axe for eating a box of wheaties within a week. So I will never agree that abusing a child is right nor was that cop right.

      • MelThompson

        Really struggling to understand the usage of the word sheep in this context. You should perhaps watch the video until the end whereby you can see the child fully conscious and on his feet. Doesn’t appear to be ‘unconscious or worse’

    • MelThompson

      Well Spoken.

    • Herman Christ

      When you suck cop dick like that, do you cup their balls in your hand or do you stick a finger in their ass for that extra little bit of pleasure?

  • Ray

    Does anyone know who the cop is?

  • AStarr

    Citizens that live in the area that this incident took place need to encounter this police officer covertly. Then they need to beat him with a piece of rebar till he is damaged beyond repair, and then some. That’s how right-minded citizens with a moral-imperative would conduct themselves in a 100% corrupt, Totalitarian, Police-State, that’s calling itself the U.S. Government.

  • Keith

    Is this what the world is coming to, its real easy if a cop tells you to put your hands behind your back then fukn do it. I blame the media for twisting stories like this and the parents for not teaching their kids to respect the law. Of coarse there are dushbag cops out there and ive run across a few that need to b put in cells, but for the most part most are good family men.

  • Smarterthanyou

    Always more to the story. Wait for facts before making conclusions. Amateur vid with comments that haven’t been vetted etc. People gotta stop with this anti-cop bullshit

  • Meikong Kuang

    LOL, I don’t see the difference between such democratic system and totalitarianism. In both you need to completely follow “police” order no matter what. And any resistance would face physical and mental brutality. System is not the problem, human are.

  • Katherine

    I am honestly becoming more and more fearful for my life and those around me. I am trying so hard to teach my children that these are the Heros on OUR side, and they WILL protect us! But
    What am I supposed to say now? How can this be even remotely justified? It’s like they are legal thugs terrorizing the neighborhood! Just heartbreaking to see these videos surface daily! It’s NOT RIGHT!
    Excuse me, I suddenly feel the need to make sure my kids are safe playing catch at the park, dont want any “bullies” drawing weapons on them for laughing too loud, or running too fast. ….

  • Mike

    Yet, nobody actually did anything other than yell at him? A group of people could easily incapacitate one officer. Especially one who’s on the ground and occupied with hurting a kid. Stupid sheep..

  • smoses80

    Where is this bot now? Does anyone know?? This is Horrible!! I am sure that, once again, the cop will get away with this.BS!!!!!

  • Keith

    I’m convinced this world is full of fukn idiots, cops are becoming the new lawyers, everybody hates them until you need them. So if somebody’s breaking the law the cop should politely ask them to stop. You people need a clue

  • Aarnes Deborah

    Not sure how a cop can do this to a small child….He should not be on the force….This is why many citizens are afraid of our police….Not all cops are bad but those who are should be kicked off the Police Department….A badge does not give them a license to hurt small and defenseless children…I feel so sorry for this kid, he will be tramatized by this for the rest of his life…This cop needs to be charged with child abuse and battery against a minor child…

    • MelThompson

      Have you read any of the articles regarding the child in question? Any at all? Go on just have a read of one and see what you think about the ‘small and defenseless’ child

  • Dr. Tony Harris


  • JohnASilcox

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  • TamLee

    Did you see this officer’s arms? No? Well, this “kid” was very violent and bit this officer’s arms while resisting arrest. Bit him like some kind of wild animal, multiple times, hard enough to draw blood and leave his teeth marks in his arm. I’d have tazed the little bastard too. PARENTS, it’s the PARENTS of today who need to get ahold of their teenaged terrorists. Stop reporting only the parts of the story that draw ratings to your site! This is disgusting…if you’re going to be a news outlet, report the news in an unbiased way and with ALL of the facts before you start reporting.

  • Shortzy

    LOL. this version of what happened is pretty funny compared to what actually happened.


    • MelThompson

      Oh really? What did you see from where you were standing that was different? Or have you just seen the 90s quality camera phone footage.

  • Khai Fox

    The fact that his name was not released shows you that they know what he did was horrific and they know that me and any other ensouled human being will slaughter that piece of shit in his bed if we could fucking find this parasite.

  • borderraven
  • Ms plissedOff

    Cops are out of control. Lock.them up in mental institutions and prisons. Why should their be different rules for them because they have a badge.

  • Astrid Hofmann

    OMG this is horrendous…..if any cop in Australia was filmed treating a child in this way, that cop would be given a lengthy jail sentence.

  • Falm1968

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  • K. Chris C.

    Dear gun and badge thugs, Article 3, Section 3 is the flip side of your oaths. “It’s the law.”

    Aggression against an American’s Life, Liberty, and/or Property under color of authority is engaging, levying, war against us, all Americans.
    Article 3, Section 3 of the the Constitution, that these thugs take an oath to defend, states that treason is the “levying war against them [people and states].”
    That they even label their own actions as “war,” makes it that much easier to add them to our Crimes Against the American People Treason Lists (CAAPTL).


    Every American should be compiling a list, call it the Crimes Against the American People Treason List (CAAPTL). A list of known criminal pols, crats, functionaries (funcs), gun and badge thugs (thugs), and banksters that they are aware of.

    Oath violating and treasonous gun and badge thugs, corrupt pols and crats, thieving banksters, etc. should be placed on it. At a minimum, their names, crimes, and positions, should be kept for future reference for accountability, trial, and punishment–Retribution.

    When the DC US that is currently criminally occupying the American county, and oppressing the American people, finally collapses, these lists can then be used to root out the known criminals that will think that they can hide among their victims–no will be offered only “Truth and Reconciliation,” and no quarter.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • K. Chris C.

    Dear gun and badge thugs, Article 3, Section 3 is the flip side of your oaths. “It’s the law.”

    Aggression against an American’s Life, Liberty, and/or Property under color of authority is engaging, levying, war against us, all Americans.
    Article 3, Section 3 of the the Constitution, that these thugs take an oath to defend, states that treason is the “levying war against them [people and states].”
    That they even label their own actions as “war,” makes it that much easier to add them to our Crimes Against the American People Treason Lists (CAAPTL).


    Every American should be compiling a list, call it the Crimes Against the American People Treason List (CAAPTL). A list of known criminal pols, crats, functionaries (funcs), gun and badge thugs (thugs), and banksters that they are aware of.

    Oath violating and treasonous gun and badge thugs, corrupt pols and crats, thieving banksters, etc. should be placed on it. At a minimum, their names, crimes, and positions, should be kept for future reference for accountability, trial, and punishment–Retribution.

    When the DC US that is currently criminally occupying the American county, and oppressing the American people, finally collapses, these lists can then be used to root out the known criminals that will think that they can hide among their victims–no will be offered only “Truth and Reconciliation,” and no quarter.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • K. Chris C.

    Dear gun and badge thugs, Article 3, Section 3 is the flip side of your oaths. “It’s the law.”

    Aggression against an American’s Life, Liberty, and/or Property under color of authority is engaging, levying, war against us, all Americans.
    Article 3, Section 3 of the the Constitution, that these thugs take an oath to defend, states that treason is the “levying war against them [people and states].”
    That they even label their own actions as “war,” makes it that much easier to add them to our Crimes Against the American People Treason Lists (CAAPTL).

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • K. Chris C.


    Every American should be compiling a list, call it the
    Crimes Against the American People Treason List (CAAPTL). A list of
    known criminal pols, crats, functionaries (funcs), gun and badge thugs
    (thugs), and banksters that they are aware of.

    Oath violating and
    treasonous gun and badge thugs, corrupt pols and crats, thieving
    banksters, etc. should be placed on it. At a minimum, their names,
    crimes, and positions, should be kept for future reference for
    accountability, trial, and punishment–Retribution.

    When the DC
    US that is currently criminally occupying the American county, and
    oppressing the American people, finally collapses, these lists can then
    be used to root out the known criminals that will think that they can
    hide among their victims–no will be offered only “Truth and
    Reconciliation,” and no quarter.

  • Whaviely

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  • borderraven

    I want to know the timeline of how that video got to this site.

  • Michelle Bode

    Anyone have any updates as to how the boy is doing?

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  • Portlandique

    So, who is this cop and what happened next???
    Does anyone know?

  • Joey Galleno

    Deputy Jeffery Banks