Raw Video Shows Cop Choking Child Continuously Until Child Goes Limp, Collapses and Gets Brain Damage


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Video has finally been released of a vicious incident involving a school security officer in Louisville, KY, who choked out a student half his size and dropped him to the ground, resulting in brain damage.

Officer Jonathan Hardin is facing charges of assault, wanton endangerment, official misconduct and false swearing after it emerged that on multiple separate occasions he used extreme excessive physical force on students at Olmstead Academy North Middle School.

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The surveillance footage, released following a probable cause hearing on Thursday shows the excited student running into Hardin, in what has been described as an attempt to ‘chest bump’ the officer.

Hardin was off balance, however, and fell to the ground, causing him to become angry and charge at the student.

The video shows Hardin lifting the 13-year-old child into the air with a chokehold.

The child kicks and flails around before becoming limp and lifeless.

Hardin then drops the student to the ground, resulting in what a doctor has described as “an injury to the brain” due to loss of blood flow.

Sargeant Rivera of the LMPD noted in court that the video is consistent with strangulation.

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The video shows that the boy laid unconscious on the ground for a short time. Instead of calling for medical help, Hardin opted to handcuff the child and isolate him for the entire day.

Watch video below:

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  • Hasanda

    smdh… He should pay for w/e resulting lawsuits out of his own pocket…

    • no, he was trained or not trained by the government.. make them pay also

      • DC

        but… the government gets all it’s money from taxpayers so making the gov pay is just punishing the innocent again.

        • Bryan McManus

          Perhaps better that than what they currently spend our tax dollars on.

  • Good guys with guns in schools, huh? Does this satisfy our 2nd fucking amendment somehow?

    • Ben Dover

      Cops in schools now doesn’t make it safer, it just means that some vulnerable 14 year old girls without dads at home are getting fuk’d.

    • andy

      oh, he choked the kid with his gun?

      • andy

        misread, thought you said “your” as if you were attacking the 2nd amendment, my bad

    • guest148

      Move to England you fat faggot. My rights won’t be infringed by your butthurt

  • Randy Robinson

    thats not how you handle an assault either !

  • Talyah FinallyFamous Medley

    Even if he did that, it is a damn child! You are a grown man, how do you justify choking him out and handcuffing him? We don’t need this in schools!!

  • Lee gregory
  • Michael Reed

    Doing this to an adult is bad enough but to a child is outrageously over the line! That cop needs to go to jail for a long time. Cops need to get the message that assaulting children is absolutely prohibited under any circumstances. There needs to be a civilian review and oversight board in every community to make sure cops are properly screened and trained when to use and not to use brutal force when enforcing the law. Too many people are dying at the hands of cops who lose their self control and become extremely violent for unjustified reasons!

    • That cop will get paid vacation. Stop paying for their “service”, and form a new force that is just.

  • Joe Suhrada

    He will never be charged after the rigged grand jury does its evil work.

    • anna

      that is why parents should file child abuse and neglect charges against police that injure , abuse or endanger a child by these actions

  • Masculist Man

    Apparently the liberals from their whitebreded worlds are weighing in. First of all the kid attacked the cop and that kid was pretty big,almost the same size as the officer from what I can tell from the video. A lot of these kids have done bad things that we’ve all read about and it looked like he was taken a fighting stance against the officer.

    • balls22

      I didn’t know being against grown men choking out little kids until they get permanent brain damage was a partisan issue :/

    • Anon can’t do shit. You all live in a virtual world. Get a real life!

    • Kanye Beadly

      No the kid was MUCH smaller than the officer. At least much thinner and not nearly as burly. And he wasn’t being serious, his demeanor was playful.

  • Norm

    That does not justify choking him out. If someone assaults me, I expect them to be handcuffed and to face charges related to what happened. I’d never want them to be attacked and assaulted back. If that’s even what you could claim this as, assault(in regards to what the kid did). He had a playful demeanor. What the hell happened to morals and judgement.

    • Heck, they had their way with me, just suspecting I had pushed a person. I’m fighting the next one that tries to have his/her way with me, to the death. These strange armed bullies acting on behalf of power hungry control freaks are ruining everything, I mean, look at me, I’m threatening to fight one to the death, wtf?

  • Wayne Darby

    His brother needs his ass kicked for trying to defend what his pig brother did.

  • Stacey Noel

    I would torture him to death if he did that to my child.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    with holding medical attention for any reason is not good enough reason for anything… bust his ass.

  • Charles Hill

    They will hang this fellow, but the guy that choked a man to death was let free why ?

  • attempted murder

  • anna

    child abuse , child neglect, child endangerment, this officer should face an investigation from division of social services children division a hotline report should be done on all cases involving cops and children, if they hurt children then they need to face the same laws other individuals face, this is endangerment he endangered the childs life, it is abuse he abused a child REPORT IT

  • anna

    if the investigation is substantiated then cops that abuse children their parental right should be TERMINATED , and this need to be passed on to any parent who has had a child that was or has been abused by police so they know to do a hotline on those police involved if a child care provider or parent did this behavior they would face investigation by state government children services perhaps police need to face the same investigation

  • anna

    the parents should refer to child abuse and see the statuates of limitation unsure in most state an incident can be reported with evidence any where from 5 to 10 years after the incident, the video and reports are the evidence , you really wouldn’t want a child raised by a police officer that does this to a child now would you, is they do this on the job who knows how those police act at home no do you.

  • anna

    child abuse and endangerment report should be done and if this cop has children his parental rights should be TERMINATED, if it was a parent that did that to their kids children would be removed from the home during an investigation, cops or police that do this to children should face the same treatment from Social services childrens division, take it out the hand of the county and place it in the hands of the state

  • Reuben James Hunt

    This guy needs to spend the rest of his pathetic life in jail for this monstrosity