Raw Video Shows Cop Use His Knee to Crush Woman’s Neck, Strip Her Belt Off


DENVER, CO — A disturbing video has surfaced online showing an officer putting his hands all over a woman and crushing her neck.

He was doing this in order to strip her belt off of her pants.

The woman can be seen struggling to protect herself as the larger officer towers over her.

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Eventually, the officer can be seen using the weight of his body to sit on the woman with his knee.

He can be seen in the video using his knee to crush the woman’s neck, depriving her of oxygen.


Moments later, the woman is seen going limp and collapsing like a wet dish rag onto the ground.

The officer then makes some snide comments and walks away, locking her in a cell unattended as if nothing happened.

While he was pinning her down and grabbing at her belt, Officer Medina can be heard saying “don’t bite me” — curiously, the video does not seem to show the woman “biting” Medina.

If she did not bite him, would this suggest that Officer Medina was simply saying “don’t bite me” in order to cover his tracks because he knew he was being recorded, similar to how cops say “stop resisting” as they beat people?

But even if the woman did bite the offficer, it is clear that the officer initiated physical force and that the woman was scared. If a cop put his hands all over your wife or daughter like this and tried to strip her belt from her pants, would you expect your loved one to defend herself, or would you expect her to lie down and take it?

Officer James Medina was fired from the police department for using excessive force and for his failure to report what he did to the woman.

Officer Medina put the woman in “great and unnecessary risk of serious bodily injury or death,” according to reports.

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Despite the video evidence and the findings of the investigation, Officer Medina intends to take his job back, and is fighting the punishment.

The report found that when Officer Medina used his knee to pin down the woman’s neck, it “likely caused her to become unconscious.”

Medina used “inappropriate force when he engaged in a physical struggle” in the holding cell with Trujillo, according to the report, placing his knee on her neck which “likely caused her to become unconscious.”

Officer Medina “did not obtain any medical attention” for the woman after he did this to her, nor did he seek female personnel to strip the woman’s belt off, according to reports.

Watch the video below:

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  • Walt Karma

    …How would tough cop feel about a big guy doing that to his wife or daughter? In a locked room with no one else there.

  • nolickspittles

    This piece of Human excremental cop needs to turn in his badge and should be charged with reckless endangerment . What sort of control freak asshole is he

  • Tony Velez

    wonder if he does that to his wife when they get into an argument ? this shows how much of a POS he is to do that to another human, i hope karma & justice gets him, he deserves the worst

    • Michael Fuson

      im willing to bet he does

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      i’d bet money that most of them DO, beat their wife and kids. that’s probably why their divorce rate is so high. and you can’t blame the wife for leaving them. who would want to sleep next to a punk, with a huge yellow streak down his/her back

  • Michael Fuson

    if there been no camera he would have raped and killed her

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    • trickman

      In tennessee it wouldn’t have made no difference if he was own a 1,000 cameras they no they can’t lose their jobs for abusing inmates or a citizen.Example Three tennessee cops stripped a man nude in the snow before beating and tasing him and kept him in jail for seven months,while another tennessee cop siced his canine own a man and bite the man over 20 times for saying the cop was wrong.From molesting women to extorting prostitutes to killing unarmed senior citizens they still keep their jobs as police in tennessee.

      • Melissa Mccrea

        Maybe in the future you’ll realizes the difference between unarmed citizens and what you refer to as prostitutes. I’m sure you’re loving your job in Tn!

        • trickman

          retired try again

        • Timothy Gallardo

          A Prostitute still has rights just as any other person.

    • ArchiefromRiverdaleHigh

      No he would not have, drop the stupid speculation.

      • Angie Bear

        ArchiefromRiverdaleHigh, how would you feel if it was your mother, daughter or sister or your wife, how would you specualte that?!?

    • Raheem Johnson

      That’s a stupid thing to say. Unless you’re just trolling.

  • jeff

    Ridiculous. It is ILLEGAL for a male officer to touch a female prisoner period. Let alone take her clothes off. He should be charged with something. These animals get off WAYY to easy.

    • cwjuhl

      Actually, that is not true. There is no federal or state prohibition preventing male detention officers from searching or removing contraband from a female inmate or a female detention officer from searching or removing contraband from a male inmate. If you have flown much lately you will have seen male TSA staff patting down female passengers. In fact, any such prohibition would be an unconstitutional violation of the jail staff’s equal protection rights. Detainees have no expectation of privacy.

      In most short-term detention facilities, belts and shoes are contraband. Its standard procedure to remove a detainee’s belt and shoes to prevent the detainee from using those items to commit suicide. There are 2-3 suicides EVERY DAY in detention facilities nationwide. Suicides in detention facilities are three times more likely than in the general public The female was CLEARLY refusing to cooperate. She did not leave the officer any choice BUT to forcibly remove those items from her person. Perhaps the officer should have called for additional help to restrain the female detainee while those items were removed, but other than that what other course of action BUT forcibly remove those items did that female leave the officer? Huh?

      I am certainly against the UNNECESSARY use of force, but that does not appear to be the case here. Bottom line: act like an asshole and expect to be treated like an asshole.

      • Tony Velez

        then why didn’t they restrain her before entering the cell, regardless of stipulations & regulations, he abused her, plain & simple, there was NO need for the foot on the throat

        • cwjuhl

          The standard procedure in virtually every detention facility when detaining an intoxicated person or arrestee prior to formal booking is to place them in a holding cell and then have them remove their belts and shoes. those items are then placed outside the door of the holding cell.

          • Tony Velez

            then they should have stripped her of her belongings before entering the cell so this would not be an issue

          • cwjuhl

            Did you read my previous post Tony???? If they take her belt and shoes BEFORE she enters the holding cell she has to walk barefoot and her pants are falling down. All detainees are CUFFED when being moved. And frankly if she was belligerent and uncooperative in the holding cell, why would you think that she would have been any more cooperative PRIOR to entering the holding cell? If there is going to be a confrontation with a detainee it is far safer to have that confrontation in a controlled space where other detainees may be present. Is this REALLY that hard to understand?

          • Tony Velez

            i see you are still stuck in the righteous correcting mode & humanity in handling is an afterthought to you, i will still be in the ‘HUMANE WAY” to handle an unruly person & you can stay in the “OBEY OR BE BEATEN” mode, blessings

          • cwjuhl

            And you Tony, seem to be stuck in never-never land devoid of rational thought. Detention officers are not therapists and there actually ARE many situations where compliance is required. This officer did not make an unreasonable request and warned the detainee that if she did not comply he would have to forcibly remove those items. Further, she had been arrested for assaulting two other police officers, including spitting on one and kicking another, and public intoxication and display irrational behavior.

            I’ll turn the question around: why are you defending this detainee’s behavior?

          • Tony Velez

            i would suggest that the people are FED up with being repressed & controlled by the NAZI police force, what were her charges ? were they misdemeanor or felony ? was it a ticketable offence ? where was she raised in, the ghetto or a nice neighborhood ? if she was arrested for a bullshit charge, then i can see why she is pissed or fed up with being jailed, hence the resistance to unlawful arrest & orders from this abusive cop, there are reasons for people’s reactions to law enforcement, the last century, people have lost respect for police due to the abuse they face from evil cops who are not reprimanded & good cops afraid of speaking up against the evil cops who make good cops look bad, so all in all, this video might be the culmination to the frustrations we regular citizens face & it will continue, with or without our comments , as i do have family in the police force, praying i NEVER get to SEE THEM doing this to another human being, so this is my explanation to your suggestion, blessings

          • cwjuhl

            That’s a lot of speculation on your part there Tony. But that speculation does not change the FACT that she was non compliant and combative. You have provided a litany of possible excuses for her behavior, but not a SINGLE viable alternative other than the officer’s use of force in that particular instance.. At that very moment in time all of the possible reasons for her irrational and combative behavior were IRRELEVANT to the situation facing that detention officer at that moment. Everything you point out may well be absolutely correct. But at that moment all of that is irrelevant, No excuse absolves the detainee from complying with a reasonable directive while detained.


          • Tony Velez

            i have done all i can to try & converse with you & explain my theory & thoughts & all you do is try to bully your mindset & yell to make your point valid, as you seem to be of the control police in thought, i bid you adieu & wish you well in your bullying posts as i have no more time to defend my points to an man who only sees what he wants to see

          • LHUJWC


          • smokymtnwudcarvr

            I Used to get harassed by police . Then I got a certification in wushu kung fu ,now when they talk to me they seem to not be so disrespectful, at times down right humble. Wonder why that is?

          • Pauline Panagiotou Schneider

            sounds like a cop, posts like a cop. Must be a cop.

          • David Chancey

            Fucking cop lover…always taking up for the stinking pigs until shit like this happens to you or your loved ones !!! Oh yeah I forgot cops are above us regular humans !!!! Stupid pig lover !!!

          • Panda

            How about using some social intelligence, which seems they lack. She was not that combative, and any female would be alarmed if a male tried to undress them without consent, it’s a natural reflex. Not only was this officer stupid, he was abusive. Spare me your explanations, you seems to continually miss the big picture, so don’t bore me.

          • Janice Bell

            go to bed. tired of reading your posts. are you an expert or something.

          • sizzlinBacon

            Good glad she spit in a faggot cops face. id go one on one with any pussy bird cop any day. Then put my boot heel on their irrational daughter throatClaim it was justice and scream Murica. Fuck the police.

          • David Chancey

            Couldn’t said it better myself. .fuck the police

          • Christopher Dorner

            If everything was so legit like you suggest then it makes one suggest…..why was he fired??? Were his superiors just as wrong as as the “detainee” whom you laughably suggest he was trying to protect? No, cause his termination for this, aka committing a terminable offense, really makes all your absurdly desperate defense null & void.

          • lhujwc

            I have a suggestion smart guy. I’d suggest the uncooperative detainee is left in the cell for a longer period of time. This gives them a choice decided by whether they’d rather not give up the possessions and face being locked down or they comply and avoid punishment. If they don’t comply, multiple officers then handcuff the detainee and forcibly remove the items without injuring the human being. That seems more rational than choking out with the risk of possibly paralyzing the detainee which in this case was a petite woman. Not to mention death is a possible outcome of strangulation. You are crazy or possibly ‘trolling’ to believe that what this officer did in the recording was rational. He belongs in a cell and she deserves a reduced sentence. I’m assuming she didn’t murder anyone. Some police departments need to be better organized than that. I’ve seen a lot of videos of police abusing and killing people over the past 10 years or possibly since 9/11. We need better governments because this world is becoming madder every day.

          • Pauline Panagiotou Schneider

            yep, yer a cop or “incorrections officer”.

          • Random Person

            Cwjuhl, you are an annoying try-hard, you aren’t really fooling anyone with your half-baked responses, trying to make people think you’re smart or something, and frankly, it’s annoying. I guarantee, if this was someone you cared for, you’d be the first to jump, or, are you the type who beats women? I mean, from the way it sounds, you are clearly fine with men beating women. I’m all for Equal Rights, but he has atleast 150 Pounts on her. That’s a pretty big difference, especially on the neck. If he had broken her neck, then what? You’d still defend him? Go back to school, actually learn something, and get off the internet. Thank you.

          • Pauline Panagiotou Schneider

            you sound like a cop.

      • nailhed

        So in order to keep the woman from asphyxiating herself with her shoelaces or belt, he asphyxiated her with his knee? Seems legit…

        • cwjuhl

          Well nailhead, from the video she appeared to have recovered sufficiently to sit up on her own. From timing the video, her total “asphyxiated” state was less than 20 seconds.

          • ANARCHY

            And we know that asphyxiation for less than 30 seconds is fine.

          • cwjuhl

            Actually, its safer than any other method the detention officer could have used on his own to subdue the detainee. Maybe he should have pepper sprayed her and tased her instead? This detainee was CLEARLY non cooperative and combative. What exactly would you suggest that the detention officer do? If she is left with her belt and shows and hangs herself, both he ACLU and her family are going to sue the facility for NOT forcibly removing those items from her person before locking her in a cell. So what would YOU suggest?

          • ANARCHY

            She didn’t look combative to me, only the guy in the magic costume was aggressive.
            Perhaps not attacking at all would be a better solution.
            I wonder what she was in there for to begin with, possession?
            Leave people to hell alone.
            Bogus fucking war on people.

          • Ferd

            “So what would YOU suggest?”

            Call in help.
            Two officers old her while the third strips her.

            Or, as you seem to prefer, beat the wholly living crap out of them until they are unconscious.

            There is ALWAYS more than one way in these situations.

            This cop went overboard.

          • Dumps Klown

            and if this was your wife, daughter or mother, would you just shrug your fucking shoulders then?

          • jerry

            cops are ass holes

          • cophater

            how about you have a nice state of unconsciousness you goof for about 20 mins

      • Reuben James Hunt

        Alan James Brinkmeier
        Alan James Brinkmeier
        5.0 stars 3 reviews
        Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney | Chicago, IL
        Posted on Nov 23, 2012
        The police can pat down the outside of your clothing for weapons any time you are in their presence if they think you are armed. This is usually done on a routine basis if you are detained or arrested. Police are only allowed to do a limited search, or “pat down” outside of your clothing under these circumstances. Unless they have “reasonable suspicion” or “probable cause” to believe that you have committed a crime, they are not allowed to do a more invasive search such as a strip-search or reaching into a bra or pockets. But with probable cause, the stakes go higher.

        It is never okay for a police officer to use a pat down search to touch you inappropriately or to determine your gender. Male officers are allowed to “pat down” a woman. If you feel it is safe to do so, you can request a pat down by an officer of the same sex, but it is only a courtesy if the male officer calls for a female officer to search you. Any touching during the search which feels inappropriate or unduly prolonged should be documented.

      • Reuben James Hunt

        It is always preferred that a subject of a pat down be checked by an officer of the same sex, however, sometimes out in the field this just isn’t practical. If the safety of the officers is potentially at issue, and if no female officer is available, it is perfectly legal for a male officer to perform a pat down search of female (adult or minor). Here at least 1 of them a female officer was available. Frankly, based on the facts presented, there really doesn’t appear to have been valid reasons for doing this.

      • Angie Bear

        why didnt the officer call for help in restraining or whatever you want to call it, I call it abuse of power. And, why wouldnt the PD get a woman cop to do that? It is clear that was an abuse of power situation!

      • Chuck Miles

        Well said and I agree.

      • Timothy Gallardo

        When there is a mosquito on your balls you tend to be very good at coming up with non-violent solutions.

  • cwjuhl

    Its standard procedure to remove a detainee’s belt and shoes to prevent the detainee from using those items to commit suicide. There are 2-3 suicides EVERY DAY in detention facilities nationwide. Suicides in detention facilities are three times more likely than in the general public The female was CLEARLY refusing to cooperate. She did not leave the officer any choice BUT to forcibly remove those items from her person. Perhaps the officer should have called for additional help to restrain the female detainee while those items were removed, but other than that what other course of action BUT forcibly remove those items did that female leave the officer? Huh?

    I am certainly against the UNNECESSARY use of force, but that does not appear to be the case here. Bottom line: act like an asshole and expect to be treated like an asshole.

    • Truth

      Ok so since your comment is that of an asshole u should expect to be called out for being an asshole.

      • cwjuhl

        So I’m an asshole for pointing out the FACTS???? Riigggghhhtt. Eyes rolling.

    • xxxlibertine

      The cop lost his job over this you boot licking dog . . . Indefensible . . . Yet here you are . . .

    • fuck a cop

      Fuck you

    • Tony Velez

      glad the POS lost his job over this & as others commented, you are here subliminally defending this POS, & as you will learn, suicide in holding pens are less than 10%, it’s more of a deterrent for cops to remove the belt , as it can be used as a weapon, the stats posted is total bullshit, as they will NEVER state cops doing most of the killings to cover their asses

      • cwjuhl
        • Tony Velez

          again, stats from gov’t policing is just to cover their own asses

          • cwjuhl

            There are literally dozens of studies, many by leading “liberal” think tanks and prisoner advocacy groups that have independently verified the statistics. The ACLU actually says the number of jail suicides is higher than officially reported. When I worked with the Colorado federal public defender’s office 30 years ago it was a serious concern. In fact, we helped initiate several lawsuits by families of detainee suicide victims for the detention facilities NOT adequately supervising detainees, including not removing items that the detainee could use to harm himself. The most common form of detainee suicide back then was by strangulation, usually by a belt. In fact, detainee suicides have been decreasing since the 80’s precisely BECAUSE detention officers are instructed to remove items the detainee could easily use for self-strangulation. Detainee suicides are a big issue with a lot of case law generated. http://www.aele.org/jailsample.html

            In one case I am aware of, The detainee was able to commit suicide by tearing the elastic band from his underwear, tying it around his neck, and hanging himself from the top bunk. (Winston County Jail, Alabama).

    • jack

      Blah blah blah… Care to beat a dead horse?

    • cwjuhl

      And no, I am not a cop. I worked as an investigator many years ago for a federal public defenders office in Colorado. During that time I interviewed literally hundreds of detainees at various state and federal detention facilities. During that time the PD office I worked with initiated many, many complaints (and in several cases lawsuits) against detention facilities and staff for abuse and civil rights violations. From my experience, and from what little information that can be gleaned from the video, its unlikely that even the ACLU would take up this woman’s cause. It’s one thing to use force on a clearly compliant detainee. However, the SCOTUS has long upheld that a peace officer can use all reasonable force to subdue a non-compliant or combative detainee. “Reasonableness” turns on the amount of force necessary to gain compliance without unnecessarily causing physical injury. If at any point during the encounter the detainee had indicated compliance, then any force after that point would be considered unreasonable. However, in this case it does not appear that the detainee EVER indicated compliance.

      • lhujwc

        If I was a cop and you were a non-compliant detainee, I could slam you and strangle you like a pig? Again, multiple police should have held her down and put her in handcuffs before stripping the items.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    What is wrong with these cops today . and where are the women activist , do they think it’s alright for a cop to beat a woman ?

  • Brian Keith Smith

    Modern cops are paranoid pussies with badges period. Mail carriers & meter readers have more courage. If you doubt me consider this; when have you heard of postal workers or gas/water company employees shooting people’s dogs. Your average cop beats their wife, abuses their authority & has a racist agenda for an arrest record. It is just that simple. They have been trained with a them vs us mindset that truly makes them a danger to anyone else not in a blue uniform. We should fire most whole police forces & hire security companies. Their workers have a better relationship with the public that empoys them.

    • Max Thurman

      How to change a pussy into a dick ?……….Give him a Badge & Gun !

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    punk ass pussy muther fvckers!! they are real bad asses when you are cuffed, or they out number you 10, or 20 to 1. just like any other pussy. another gang. worse even

  • PatrickHenry

    Had enough yet????

  • Ben Dover

    She was likely raped where there was no camera to begin with.
    NEVER will I feel bad when I read of a cop getting his/her head blown off.
    NEVER EVER TRUST the personality that is attracted to policing.

  • Candalyn Ruffa

    If she had not been such an asshole and taken the belt off herself like he asked in the beginning he wouldn’t of had to use force. And if she obeyed the law none of it would of happened


    There is a way out for everyone, own them MFers.


  • Talyah FinallyFamous Medley

    Lol priceless. If she keeps it up better get used to having little to no teeth. That’s karma at its finest.

    • Tony Velez

      i’m sure you are commenting, hoping this never happens to you, princess

      • Talyah FinallyFamous Medley

        this comment went under the wrong video. Supposed to be for the 20yr old thinking she can tell people to keep their kids quiet in public and not get hit by parents that are already on edge with bad ass kids. But yea, the cop is a coward and God will handle him for treating a woman like that so I don’t need to do or say much.

        • Tony Velez

          my apologies, blessings

  • I Pray God you Bring Your Wrath upon the Corrupt police of this nation and every nation! I pray God bring the Corrupt Tacticians to Justice for their continual Criminal acts against Your temple body! -<

  • Luther R. Norman

    Seriously, keep filming the cops for they are now being trained that Joe and Jane Citizen is the ‘enemy’. They also are dying to get to your children for torture and beatings!

  • djtorchMusic

    That sick fuck cop

  • Adam Adam

    SHAME ON HIM !!!
    HOW CAN HE SLEEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MAFUCKER !!!!!
    he make me so mad i swear …………….

  • Rebelde Por Ley

    I don’t even want to watch the video because its going to make me so fucking mad and make my blood boil. Same shit every fucking day, every fucking minute from these assholes in blue.

  • Max Thurman

    If a cop or anyone else for that matter, did this to my wife or daughters,….then I guess I would become an outlaw, because he would be wearing his ass for a hat ! ! !

  • Ibcamn

    you can see the coptry toelbow choke her in the first minute.that is an MMA style move used to interfere with the opponents breathing,to wear them out faster,it too will leave a nasty bruise!this cop likes to abuse women,you can tell,he has no problems with what he is doing to her!it must give him a rush to pick on a little woman and take her out!thug cops are cowards behind their badges!

  • Ibcamn

    all this cop had to do is wait for a female cop to do the contraband belt process(so they don’t hang themselves)that is good,but for him to not have another cop present,ain’t right!

  • deeznuts

    She shouldn’t have broken the law to begin with

  • CheekyChick

    Why in the hell didn’t she just cooperate instead of fighting him? All she had to do was take off her belt and shoes and respectfully hand them to the police officer. If I was arrested and taken to jail, I’d damn well do my utmost to be respectful, humble, and helpful. This “up yours” mentality that a lot of people seem to be living by these days is the reason why our freedoms are being stripped away, one by one. People like that girl are part of the problem, not the solution. Quit blaming all cops for the evil actions of a few and giving stupid, selfish people who break the law a pass.

  • Joseph Edward Bodden

    Officer Medina put the woman in “great and unnecessary risk of serious bodily injury or death,” according to reports.

    AND ANY CIVILIAN SO CONVICTED WOULD GO TO PRISON… and that is the equality under law our soldiers get maimed and murdered protecting for us, the alleges citizens of an allegedly ‘free country’.

  • David Chancey

    Hearing more and more everyday about fag cops beating and killing innocent people just adds to the hate and distrust I have towards the stinking pigs !! It makes my day to hear about a pig being put down !!! Needs to happen more often

  • Melissa Mccrea

    Maybe, but the so called defendants aren’t any better.
    Shit happens and everyone around doesn’t stink. Take this as you will.

  • john smith

    she is literally screaming out while he is saying dont bite me…what a piece of shit

  • Paul Grundy

    actually she didnt do as she was told to start. its normal for belts , shoelaces etc to be taken from detainees to stop them topping themsleves or using against prison officers. she was been a smart ass. i know cops are assholes, but this guy was right. it isnt a negotiation. its the rule.
    if they left her with a belt and she hung herself, then they would be called out for not taking it ? if she had removed when asked then no problem. #daftbitch

  • crazytrain2

    Get on the radio, call for another officer or two so they can gently remove the belt and shoelaces. That is the standard rule in every jail or prison. No belts, shoelaces, or piercings. This is to avoid the person making a piñata of themselves a la Sandra bland and Hernandez.

  • Sandra Lewis

    Well, since most here are cool with the way this young woman is treated, I’ll assume you’d be cool with it, if it happened to your mom, wife, daughters, assorted female relatives, friends, colleagues. Cool!

  • Cecilia Watt

    He told her not to bite him and she responded “Or what”. Sorry folks. She did not cooperate. None of it would have happened if she had cooperated. Whoever wrote this article needs to review the tape a couple of times more before writing articles.

  • Raheem Johnson

    Removing the belt is for the person in custody’s safety. People get depressed and hang themselves in jail, especially intoxicated people. I’ve been a supporter of the filming cops movement for years now, but this, in my opinion, is not disturbing, excessive, or anything illegal really. She’s being obnoxious (obviously), and to be honest, she seems guilty of something with the way she says “I know my rights”. As if to say, “sure, you got me, I did it, BUT…I know my rights”. We need to know what she was busted for, and how she was behaving up to this point to determine if this was appropriate or not. But as it stands, we know nothing.

    In general, it’s important that we remain REALISTIC in what we want to see as a result of this movement. Pointing at every cop and screaming ASSAULT is not at all realistic. Let’s not make this into a circus or mockery. Let’s keep this movement LEGITIMATE!