SHOCK: Cops Will Be Tried for Murder After Shooting Innocent Homeless Man to Death


Adan Salazar |

NEW MEXICO — A New Mexico District Attorney’s office has filed murder charges against the Albuquerque police officers who gunned down a non-violent camper last year.

On Monday, Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg’s office announced it filed criminal informations “in the Second Judicial Court in connection with the fatal shooting of James Boyd.

The informations contain a single count of open murder against both Albuquerque Police Officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez.”

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The DA’s office performed a rare but legal move in bypassing a grand jury in order to file the informations, which reportedly mark the first time an Albuquerque police officer is charged after shooting someone in the line of duty.

The two officers will have a chance to contest the charges at a preliminary hearing open to the public prior to a district court judge deciding whether or not to send the case to trial.

Last March, APD officers approached homeless man James M. Boyd, 36, as he illegally slept in the Sandia Foothills just east of Albuquerque.

Police negotiated with Boyd for longer than three hours after receiving a call from a resident, but soon grew weary of attempting a peaceful resolution, and instead lobbed a flash-bang grenade at the man as he turned to escape.

They then fired a cascade of bullets, rendering Boyd incapacitated, and sicced their canine on him before stepping on his hand to make him release two small knives prior to handcuffing him.

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It later emerged that Officer Sandy could be heard on police audio talking to a fellow officer about his desire to shoot Boyd “in the penis” prior to actually shooting him.

“For this f***ing lunatic? I’m going to shoot him in the penis with a shotgun here in a second,” Sandy was recorded saying in a conversation to another officer, which he first denied then wrote off as “locker room banter.”

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Watch the video below to see the raw footage of cops murdering James Boyd (warning: disturbing content)

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  • R.j. Spring

    They really need automatic weapons and a dog to deal with a homeless man who was camping? They really are bitches if they can’t take him down without weapons. Even a taser would be more beneficial. Fucking cocksuckers.

    • manthony

      Police always carry weapons, and some have police K-9s. They didn’t get extra weapons and dog because of this call from a woman. The police were equipped with them before they responded. I’m not defending this killing, but your comment suggests that the police got add’l weapons and the dog after receving the dispatch call.

      • NoPointInTrying

        They certainly made the decision however, to bring the K-9 and automatic rifle from their cars when going to make contact with him.

        • manthony

          We did not hear the 911 call to which the police were responding. The woman who called 911 may have given information which caused the police to think criminal activity, greater than 1 homeless man camping, to be taking place. K-9 units always take the dogs out of the cars when they respond to a call. That is protocol.

          • chilehead

            Who said anything about a 911 call? The article said the police received a call to report someone camping illegally. That’s hardly the kind of life-threatening emergency the 911 system is reserved for. If he had been threatening someone, wouldn’t that be given as the reason they were out there? It would certainly make for better headlines, yes?

          • manthony

            A woman called 911. I read this in a related news article. They stated that this woman observed some activity, which resulted in the police responding. I too would like to know what the woman reported, preferably the 911 call, so we know exactly what was said by her. I hope it becomes published. I agree a life threatening report would make better sense of this tragedy, but keep in mind that people call 911 for loud music, barking dogs , and other minor things. Hopefully we’ll get better info on this case soon. I googled a NM paper to learn that it began with a 911 call, and will follow the story.

          • Caroline Brennan

            Yeah its to bad they can’t show up like that where they are really needed!!! Oh wait, that would be in a situation where they were protecting this man and that would put cop against cop? WTF ALREADY????????

          • NoPointInTrying

            We did hear that the officer wanted to “fucking blast this guy”, indicating they knew exactly what they would be confronting.

            I have been stopped by a K-9 unit while on foot and the dog was not taken out of the car, so you are either lying, a cop, an idiot, or all 3.

          • Justin McVay

            fuck off pig

      • Taylor Kirk Timmy Gray

        No, they were just being pussies who think they’re awesome, and who deserve everything they’ve done to others.

    • hithere

      Yup the militarization of police is a problem in the US. And people blindly ignoring it or going along with it will screw over future generations when encountering trigger happy cops.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    What a bunch of twats . How did they get on the police force ? Back ground checks for everybody on that police force . And drug test every body there .

  • It’s going to take the death penalty on a few of these jack booted thugs to get the point across.

  • Craig Carlton

    Illegally sleeping? How the fuck is this even possible? My head is going to explode from these asshole cops being assholes ALL the time!!!

    • srsly

      You’re 9.

      • Craig Carlton

        This is a pic of my daughter you ignoramus. I’m an older man.

        • jbird

          In all seriousness, you should probably not be using a picture of your daughter as your profile picture. Sends a very specific message: “I’m an underage female.”

          • vipersmite

            I don’t know about you but the name Craig kind of gave it away to me that hes not an underage female…

          • Derek Schloesser

            Fuck off. He can have what ever pic he wants. Blaming someones profile pic causing perverts to act is no different than blaming rape victims for how they dress.

          • jbird

            Didn’t say it “caused perverts to act”…straw man argument.

          • Craig Carlton

            Jbird please mind your business about my FB photo. You are the only one who would have thought that I “was an underage female” so you are the one apparently with the proclivity towards pedophilia…shame on you!

            Although I am about 110% positive you are just a troll trying to get me upset…not gonna work fuck-knuckle. GO be a douche-nozzle elsewhere.

          • RX

            Craig to be fair, internet safety 101 is never post pictures of your children and their locations publicly. We teach our kids to not share their information online, the least we can do is do the same for them.

          • Blake Thompson

            I can agree RX to a certain degree but thats your opinion. It really isnt ANY of our business what his pic is unless its truly against the Facebook picture code of conduct.

            Focus on the real convo of this comment list. We are talking about cops who just shot and killed a homeless man (Who was armed unfortunately so that is no excuse in the court of law against the police officers).

            How I saw this play out is the first person to shoot (I think he was the guy to the far right) saw the knives in his hands. Moments before he pulled those out (And I had to watch this a few times to make sure I heard correctly. He sais “I have the right to kill you” <—- Probably not what you want to say to cops. Was he right? Maybe. But we are talking about situation here.

            I don't agree that sleeping on a mountain should cause for such force. However, If he said that to me "I have the right to kill you" WTF MAN!?

            He was talking to much, threatening to much. I think he even sais it twice and thats why he gave the go to stun. Then the dog. Scared the shit out of the guy. Guy pulls out knives. Cop sees that. Shoots first.

            Protocol? Im not to sure. Not a cop. but the way this all played out was split second decisions. I am more angry about the fact that sleeping on a mountain is illigal and can cause so much force. That I don't agree with.

            When a cop sais "Get on the ground" Do it. Anonymous person after me: "Fuck that. They are invading on my rights! I will defend myself!" So will they dude… so will they.

          • RX

            We can’t trust a social media site to keep our babies safe. It breaks my heart when parents forget that.

            As for the video, the police office went there with the intent to shoot him, and was recorder saying it. That’s premeditation. Men without badges have gone away for life with less evidence.

          • Craig Carlton

            a blurry pic is hardly personal info. Relax.

          • jbird

            Way to delve into personal attacks and cursing. Nice.

          • Craig Carlton

            Sticks and stones, sticks and stones.

          • jbird

            My intention wasn’t to personally offend you. If I did that, I apologize.

          • Craig Carlton

            “You’re 9” was the depth of your comment. Your “assumption” that I was something that I was not is what makes you an ignoramus. You know what they say about assuming.

          • jbird

            Take care

          • Donovan Nin

            The OP never said or implied anything of a sexual nature. S/he merely made the reasonable observation that if one uses a certain avatar, then another may assume that person is in fact represented by said avatar.

            To go on to accuse someone of pedophilia bases on that is illogical, inflamatory, and entirely baseless.

            I will point out at this time that you are the one who brought up sexual misconduct in the context of yout alleged daughter. Why would you automatically associate an image of a young girl with sex? It makes me wonder about your soundness of mind. I think you are most likely depraved yourself.

          • Craig Carlton

            When someone is implying that a pic of a young girl is reason to NOT use a certain type of pic site to maintain safety then I am pretty sure that person is THINKING about something. My soundness of mind? AND you suggest that the picture is an “alleged photo” of my “alleged daughter?” Are you serious? That is priceless. It’s a Facebook avatar you dingbat as I am unable to post on this shitty site without logging in. Use some common sense you troll.

          • Donovan Nin

            You are niether rational or logical. Your conduct is unbecoming of a gentleman; you are not fit for polite society.

            Therefore, you are not worth speaking to. Good day, sir.

          • Craig Carlton

            LOL!!! You’re a true clown.

          • chilehead

            Then there’s the adults that read the words as well as the pictures the kids stick to. As seen in the above “conversation”.

          • Dan

            An underage female named “Craig”?

        • srsly

          I’m not an ignoramus. It seemed pretty believable from your own comment that you’d be a dramatic little kid swearing while unsupervised. Making highly generalized statements doesn’t indicate “older man” maturity, and while I saw the name “Craig” I didn’t assume only little girls have long blonde hair.
          Since I’m only a little more certain now that you are an adult using big-boy words, I’ll make my point: “these asshole cops being assholes ALL the time!!!” is all kinds of off-base. In your long years on the planet, surely you understand the importance of perspective. If you are looking for proof of a deeply held belief, or feeling, you will always find it. That does not mean your belief or feeling is correct.

          • Craig Carlton

            Big Boy words? Please. When I read story after story after story after story of bad cops being bad cops then to call it what it is not “all kinds off base.” 100’s and 100’s and 100’s of people every year are murdered by those who swore to protect and serve them. Looking for proof? I am not looking for anything. The stories just keep arriving in the news DAILY. I would prefer to NEVER hear about cops abusing their power BUT everyday over and over and over and over same old story. Unarmed civilian killed by police. It is the DAILY headline. So if I want to be frustrated and scream that ALL cops are assholes when I read ANOTHER story of an asshole cop being an asshole cop I will.

  • Pamela Wilson

    my brother is a cop in riverside county california and they use tazers before they’ll use guns…apparently they don’t have and don’t know about tazers in new mexico…i’m hoping that those cops in new mexico get replacements and soon!!

  • Marc mandel…

    Was that the homeless guy from BREAKING BAD?

  • Tired of Fascists

    I was not surprised by the behavior of these two cops. Neither am I surprised by this prosecution. It is 100% for propaganda use by the prosecutor. The police in NM are among the most out of control fascists in the country. (And before any of you cop-;lovers get your panties in a bunch: fascist – by DEFINITION – is someone that believes, and ACTS, on the belief that whatever the government (police) do is correct BECAUSE it is the government doing it.)

    Given the current mood of the sheeple in this country (“righteous” indignation over rampant cop brutality WITHOUT ramification), this prosecutor is simply making scapegoats of these two cops. Should they be prosecuted? ABSOLUTELY! They should be prosecuted and if found guilty, executed. However, they NEVER would have been even “disciplined” if it hadn’t been for the national outrage about this happening ALL OVER THE COUNTRY! The cops – everywhere – REGULARLY get away with MURDER. These are simply two idiots (albeit very dangerous, idiots), that the ‘powers that be’ are willing to sacrifice for some propaganda they can then distribute showing how “fair” they are. I am unimpressed. I will be impressed when cops are held to the same standards of behavior that The People are held to. And PLEASE spare me the “poor cops are so put upon” crap.

    • Rhaegar Targaryen

      Wow, such an evolved form of thinking… truer words have never been spoken. Thank you for restoring my faith in the human race… there needs to be more people like you that aren’t just coasting through life and actually have their EYES OPEN.

    • Cops are Murderers

      Excellent point. When we start seeing cops in prison being ganged raped or executed in prison
      maybe this will send a message you pull that trigger you better make sure it is the last resort and the perp is armed.

    • 062014

      Agree, but the “ignorant” response is always: “they shouldn’t have broken the law.” That show of weakness is what allows these cops to think they are judge and jury and can murder at will for any little offense.

  • Badri

    Weapons and dogs to take a homeless man down ? What a bunch of coward losers !!

  • Jacinto Rafael Perez

    They can’t be more stupid than that !!! they must be high on something!!

  • NiggaPlz

    fuck these mother fuckers, i hope someone kills these fuckin worthless peices of shits. id do it myself if i could

  • Ken

    In my city a drunk cop on duty in a marked car ran over two motorcycle drivers and killed one. The cops destroyed the evidence. The city prosecutor didn’t pursuit charges. The community was outraged and the prosecutor lost the election solely on that case. The new prosecutor filed new charges and the cop ended up being declared guilty of manslaughter. During the case the cops destroyed any evidence that was in the evidence locker. Several high ranking officers lost their jobs. This is what the community needs to do in Albuquerque- throw out the prosecutor and demand justice.

    • Derek Schloesser

      The prosecutor is the hero here. Did you not read the story. They chose to bypass the grand jury.

  • kazoshay

    good thing that homeless guy was white or they would never get charged.

    • Eric Meek

      And this is where racial division begins. . They don’t typically get charged regardless of color. Stop making stuff up!

  • police supporter

    Go after the power structure that sets up police policies, not the everyday cop. Of course it is ridiculous to have cops armed to the teeth, as a military operation to go after a homeless man sleeping, or as in NYC going after a man selling cigarettes with an onslaught of police; reserve that force for the rapists and murderers. What isn’t said is why the cops were called, and the fact that the man had two knives. Again police policies need to be reviewed, and investigation of non lethal methods to bring down anyone, mentally sick or otherwise, not obeying a police officers commands. Our police are the thin blue line that separates us from evil, crime, and risk their lives in helping us, the public. Yes, have strict background checks before they become police officers, but also understand that they also need to go home to their families at the end of their shift.

    • Cops are Murderers

      No, what about the people they kill? Why can’t they go home without worrying about having a jack booted coward piece of shit thug kill them because their home happens to be the streets or a box or behind a boulder. And police officer commands, wtf, police have no authority to tell a citizen to do a shit unless they are placing that person under arrest. The fact of the matter the power structure did not kill that man, a bunch of piss ant cowards did.

  • Melissa Adams

    They wonder why people don’t trust the police! This is the most pathetic thing I have seen thus far!

  • jbird

    “Infowars: Because even a broken analog clock is right twice a day. Too bad we’re digital.”

  • manthony

    Did anyone else read the jobs that attract psychopaths? # 3 is people in media; radio/television. # 7 is law enforcement. I’m not a cop-lover, and believe that cops, on the wrong side of the law, must be prosecuted for their crimes. However, I think Jones comes across as paranoid. What is this product (crap) he’s selling at the end of the video? The video of police killing this homeless man is very disturbing. Some men become policemen for the wrong reasons, and must be weeded out of the profession. They cause some people to believe all police abuse their power. Decent police need to turn in the bad apples.

  • Enough is enough

    I hope they get the death penalty or better yet life in prison in gen pop where they will be someone’s bitch or beaten routinely everyday for the rest of their sorry lives

  • Chief

    What was the homeless man’s crime? Surviving? That’s right shut the fuck up police and get in your own cage, it’s your turn to sit out and wait.

  • stefan

    People who hired them should be prosecuted as well.

  • EliWebber

    the old saying bringing a knife to a gun fight, he had a knife they had assault weapons , they ever think maybe this guy just wanted to be left alone . his life was bad enough without cops making it worse in this case .murdered by police.

  • matg

    What they don’t understand is that people are taking matters into there own hands and it will continue so the question is government do you want to go home to your families

  • denver41

    OMG they killed him like killing a dog….i hope those fuckers never see light of day again

  • denver41

    One day we gonna get sick of this shit.

  • dagobarbz

    Video doesn’t like. Lock them up and throw away the key, these cops are bullying murderers who want to shoot you in the penis. Sick bastards they got there.

  • Junko

    Not saying he should have been killed, but he did have 2 knives… 1 in each hand. I think the bean bag knocked him out and he hit his head on the giant rock next to him… That`s what it seemed to me. The officer with the helmet cam most likely missed with his rifle. There would have been lots more blood. Granted, I didn`t watch all the way through, it was too much.

  • Lord Osiris

    Stick that bitch ass cop in general population where he belongs, then watch how tough he acts.

  • Lejon Leonard

    Burn in hell cops.burn in hell where you belong.fu king pathetic pitiful excuse for coward sissy.I’ve seen women with bigger balls than you murdering ass sissy cops