“Take Care of Me the Right Way and I’ll let You Walk.” Cop Sexually Assaults Woman at Gunpoint: Report


COOK COUNTY — Officer Fernando Rodriguez was in court on Thursday after being charged with sexually assaulting a woman, according to reports.

The charges include attempting aggravated criminal sexual assault, aggravated unlawful restraint, and official misconduct.

The incident began when Officer Rodriguez, 52, instructed a 37-yr-old woman to get inside of his car, according to reports.

It was around 1 AM when the woman realized that after entering the officer’s car, he was trapping her.

She attempted to leave but he forced her to stay inside and began trying to sexually abuse her while he had his handgun nearby.

“Take care of me the right way and I’ll let you walk,” the officer told her, after showing her his handgun in an implicitly threatening manner, according to reports.

We don’t know what Officer Rodriguez was planning to do to her if she didn’t perform a sexual act on him, but apparently it involved his gun.

Because Officer Rodriguez was double parked while this incident occurred, his car got the attention of police who happened to be driving nearby.

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When they approached his vehicle, he grabbed the woman’s left arm and told her “Be cool!” according to reports.

He then displayed his badge to the police officers to alleviate their concerns, saying “It’s OK guys, I’m on the job.”

The woman then abruptly managed to get out of the vehicle and told the officers what Rodriguez was doing.

Officer Rodriguez is now under disciplinary investigation by the sheriff’s office.

He has been given a bond and released, and is due to appear in court for possible conviction.

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  • Cromwell

    This must be that higher standard we keep hearing about.
    This guy will be used as currency if convicted.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  • f.x.koch

    Local cop did the same thing here to many woman before being investigated. He however was ultimately considerate of others and killed himself in the middle of a lake in a small boat where only his blood ,,tissue ,, and the gun was found

    • ChuckAnanda

      sounds like he escaped? … where is his body?

  • djtorchMusic

    How much you wanna bet nothing will happen?

  • ChuckAnanda

    He shouldn’t be out waiting for trial. He may try to kill the victim.

  • antodav

    At least he was arrested although he’s still likely to get acquitted or have his case get dismissed somehow.

  • Nat Turner

    Hope he gets to hear “Bubba” say that to him!

  • Sara Tobis


  • jollyroger

    Just another fat ugly stupid pig. My apologies to all members of the Suidae sus Domestica. I hope if the woman has a husband or boyfriend, he will personally take care of that thug .

  • dbltapp

    Filming Cops slanted and distorted this piece, you can tell by the way it’s written. Undermines any credibility it may have.