Video Shows Cops Pummel Small Boy as He Curls in Fetal Position

2017/02/25 Woodlawn, MD — A deeply disturbing video has emerged and is going viral on social media platforms. It shows what appears to be a 16-yr-old boy being viciously attacked by adult police officers.

The boy had been threatened by another student. Instead of fighting the student, he chose not to get involved and went to sit on a curb, according to reports.

The 16-yr-old, Alonzo Cox, was actually a victim of an aggressive student, witnesses say.

He thought he’d be safe by removing himself from the situation and sitting on the curb, but that’s when the unthinkable happen.

Two grown adult police officers approached him and began hitting him and pummeling him into the ground.

Alonzo was blitzed by an aggressive female officer. Because he was frightened, he squirmed and moved, which the female officers evidently interpreted as failure to comply.

That is when the female officer can be seen slashing and swatting at the boy.

Moments later, a male officer sprints over and begins crushing the boy into the ground.

The boy’s frame is much smaller than the two adults and at times his screams are muffled, suggesting that he may have been unable to breathe at points during the attack.

“I was scared,” he said. “I thought I was going to get shot that’s all that was going through my mind, ‘please don’t shoot me’,” he added, “I was scared for my life.”

At one point, an officer appears to be dropping elbows on the boy.

The Baltimore police department is now investigating the use of force after the video continues to enrage citizens.

“Baltimore County Police are reviewing the use of force involved in this incident, as is standard procedure,” Armacost wrote. “Body Worn Camera video is available and will be reviewed for evidentiary value.”

Watch the video below:

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  • LawrenceNeal

    The slightest opportunity, the SA react like rabid dogs.

  • Dale Shipley

    I don’t care what he did. there no excuse doing that to anyone, let alone a child.

    • Cliff

      Apparently, the child didn’t do anything wrong. He walked away from a fight and police officers tried to arrest him.

      • James Michael

        You mean kidnap him?

  • PLEASE TELL ME WHY these and so many other officers have NO COMMON SENSE.


    • Concerned_in_Paradise

      the Police academy does not teach “common sense” classes, as it does not fit into the curriculum to train idiot recruits on how to walk and chew gum at the same time. As for where are all the “Sane People” they don’t apply to be police officers.

      • Black Betty

        As far as I can tell, they are taught to blitz any remotely confrontational situation. This I think is at least in part a function of the ubiquity of guns in American society. Since they never know when a gun might be present, they tend to act on the presumption that there IS one there regardless. They are trained to focus on first controlling the situation and only then evaluate. They can’t be told that the person they are about to shoot is blind, deaf, diabetic, whatever, because they just plain ain’t listening.

        Any attempt at resistance or defense is viewed as a direct threat which must be countered. As will any kind of external intervention. Even if that intervention is meant to be helpful.

        And that is the background that makes it possible for bullies to flourish. Given permission to treat everything as a threat, they simply trigger natural self defensive behaviour and call it resistance.

        • Concerned_in_Paradise

          Presumption is not a course taught in the Police academy, nor is there a course on “assumption” either, as the courts frown on both, as a legal tactic. Secondly, if police officers are trained to “focus on crntrolling a situation” what they actually do is “force” the controntation, which then gives them the opportunity to forcefully act against presumed threats. Whether or not that excuse holds in a court of law, is left up to the judge to rule on; which is why having video evidence, makes it clearer for the courts to rule on, either for or against “justified use of force or police brutality!”

  • Mark Darling

    These articles need dates.

  • Robert English

    If your IQ is above 130, you can not get a job as a cop, but if you show psychopathic tendencies, you are hired immediately!

    • Cliff

      I know, I scored too high on their test and they rejected my application.

    • Virginia

      I had a friend who used to be in charge of selecting officers for academy. He finally stopped putting his name on the forms because he didn’t want to be associated with what he knew was going to happen down the road. He said they were are pretty much psycho.


    stop resisting, human instinct, yet cops think they are not , wait they ain’t human…that first cop grabbed the kid in a choke, wow, these cops are sick shits

    • Esther Butzlaff

      That 1st cop was a female.. she couldn’t handle her job so super hero tried to show her how long his dick was…


    Who hires these maniacs, then arms em, and says, go out in public, and be a menace…drug test all cops, and find out who hires them, and they really need investigation….public “servants” can’t even talk to a kid, and be reasonable, a kid, right away they attack…this is one bunch of messed up violent out of control cops, now wonder citys are how they are, people are fed up

  • Uno Strawman

    If this doesn’t get the riots going, don’t know what will. These cops are way out of line. Firing and charges filed should be the least of their worries.

    • marijan69

      If it was a black teenager there would have been a riot but nothing happens when it is a caucasian.

  • Burn The Obedient

    If that were my child, there would be two less people on this earth wasting good air. I dont care the consequences. Put your hands on my child like that, there will be hell to pay.

    • Deplorable Viktor

      Well I sure as hell hope you teach your child to be more respectful of authority than that punk.

      • Esther Butzlaff

        The kid was just sitting there.. the BITCH cop started it and didn’t have control.. and superman asshole thought he had to show her how long his dick was.. And yes respect starts at home.. and he didn’t start in either of those cops home…

        • Linda Roberts

          You stated it beautifully!

        • Deplorable Viktor

          Yeah, he was just sitting there. He didn’t do anything! He’s a good boy and was on his way to his grandma’s to read her a book.

          The evil cop was just walking down the street and decided to attack the poor boy just sitting there, who didn’t do nothing.

          • Deplorable – Did you even read the article retardo? He was a victim of violence and went to sit on the curb and the cop came up to him and started this bs.

      • Joan Verhees

        that child is no punk he d done nothing wrong shame on you.

        • Deplorable Viktor

          Yeah, sure. He didn’t do nuthin. The cops were just looking to beat a black kid because it’s systemic white racism, everywhere, all the time and that explains everything. Especially why white cops are picking on black people for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

          Give it up. You’re not victims. You’re predators. We’re not listening to your lies anymore.

          • NotJesus

            Hey Joan….racist much?

          • Concerned_in_Paradise

            It usually is, and yes there are documented cases of “systemic racism” with in the police departments across the country.

      • Burn The Obedient

        Respect is earned. It is not automatically required once someone puts on a badge and is given a gun. My kids are taught to give respect where its due, not because of a uniform.

    • James Michael

      Amen to that….

    • Black Betty

      And that is the excuse they use to descend on “incidents” in packs. If you know your Blue Bloods or L&A you’ll know that as a parent, you’ll be being restrained somewhere off camera while the stars get on with their jobs.

  • These are not police officers. These are pigs. The male cop is a giant fucking pussy.

    There is no reason for adult cops to beat up a minor. NONE!!!!

    I challenge them to take off their badges and guns and try that shit over this way.

    • vinceva3

      A pussy yes but not a giant pussy. He wasn’t that much bigger than the little boy.

  • Mike

    Doesn’t make any sense to me to tell the kid to put his hands behind his back when he’s has his knee on the poor kid’s head, that’s all they must teach these cop’s in the academy is to say put your hands behind your back . Someone should try that to him and see if he can do it the dumb ass.

  • Craig Winans

    If that was my kid those cops would be dead. Period.

    • Deplorable Viktor

      Your solution to any problem is likely violence, amirite?

      • Dartmouth ’11

        It’s apparently the only solution the state tends to use even against innocent civilians and children…

      • Craig Winans

        If it was , you’d be dead. lol
        You just love watching kids get beat up for doing nothing, amirite?

      • James Michael

        Yeah….Killing violent animal felon traitors is called reasonable, you boot licking maggot…..

      • Burn The Obedient

        Violence is sometimes the only thing that reigns in a violent government.

    • James Michael

      Amen to that fact….

  • Timothy Vogds

    That is disgusting to watch. I would have kicked a 40 yard field goal with that cop’s head.

  • CLD inc

    Seriously who wrote this article? Their description of the video is WAY off. That kid didn’t get rushed by two officers at all. One tries to put him in cuffs and he jerks away and suddenly starts squealing like a little girl. He curled up in a fetal position not because he was being hurt, but he cause he was trying to keep his hands from being cuffed. Seriously those squeals tho what a fag.

    • Tiphanie Reeves

      It wasn’t describing the video. It was describing the incident. And that’s one of his female friends crying. Not him, dumb ass. 😒

    • James Michael

      Hey stupid ass…The kid had committed no crime they had no lawful authority to aggravated assault and batter him…

  • Nathaniel X Vance

    Klansman have penetrated nearly every police department in amerrrikkka. Thus we can expect many more problems of brutality from all quarters including in the courts and prisons. It is a no win situation white racism no matter whatever we do. However, the best only solution is for us to separate into our own state or nation under our true God for protection and safety. Anything less is death! 2025 or sooner we pray, Exodus!

  • Jason Douglas Saville

    Those police fucks deserve to be under death penalty.

  • James Michael

    Do this to my child they better lock your felon thug traitor ass up..Or you will NOT see your justice coming you violent treasonous pieces of shit…..

    Olmsted v. United States, (1928) 277 U.S. 438
    “Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”

  • Marika Crockett