The War on Drugs and Prison Industrial Complex Explained in Pictures: 7 Infographics You Need to See




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Watch the documentary below to learn the truth about how the “war on drugs” is a political tool the government invented to keep Americans enslaved.


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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

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  • Adam Brian

    You forgot the most important component. Who works in this industry and what is the racial makeup of those people who work in the prison and law system. The reason there is none of this vital information included is cause it has not been studied. I will estimate for you. Correct offices are over 90 percent white rural and republican nationwide. The other 10 percent is those good boys who know their place. 94 percent of judges are white in the criminal justice system. 99.99999 percent of prisons are owned by white rural republicans. The prison that are stat run are still 94 percent white rural and republican. Yep. So and so forth. This will not be proven or studied but I’m going to be the first to say it since obviously no one wants to bring up the fact that people who work in this industry are mostly white racist and this is a fucken fact. It don’t take a genius to figure out what has happened. Of course it has been made this way to keep the majority happy with great paying jobs on the backs of taxpayers. Not only it feeds into the normal mentality of white Americans that they are better than other races. Common place mentality and if you don’t think so you are just lying to yourself. Yeah I know someone will answer with I’m white and work in a prison but I’m not racist. I won’t believe that so don’t tell me. Save it for your weekend campfires in rural America where you make black and brown jokes all night long while drinking heavily.

    • Tony Velez

      so well put & though out, i approve this statement

    • The Queen


    • Buck Kracker

      “I will estimate for you.”
      You didn’t estimate, you guesstimated. And your guesstimate is likely way off considering much of it is based in your obvious prejudice toward White people.

      Now, I will give you my best guesstimates based on personal experiences with the courts and penal system, and not on racial biases.

      Fact: There are 4,575 prisons in operation in the U.S. According to the above posted article/information, 165 of U.S. prisons are privately operated. According to this site, “About 18 corporations guard 10,000 prisoners in 27 states.” That is a very small percentage of prisons and prisoners (even though there should be none) controlled by private entities. The investors (and profiteers) from these prisons are all rich men and women who are not concerned with the race of the people in ‘their’ institutions. They are in it for the money. Nothing else matters to them. The majority of these profiteers are mostly Jewish men and White men.

      “The prison that are stat run are still 94 percent white rural and republican.”
      Wrong. Again.
      The following information is readily available on the internet:
      The majority of prisons are NOT located in White, rural, locations. Most are located near enough to cities to provide a work force from within the city. A large percentage are even within city limits. The majority of the guards are not Republicans, but are very left leaning, liberals.
      As to 94% being White – sorry, wrong again. The guards tend to represent the racial makeup of the communities in which the prisons are located. I.E. Prisons in N.M., Arizona, Nevada and Texas have a larger percentage of Mestizo (‘Hispanic’) while the guards in many southern states, such as Alabama and Louisiana, have a larger percentage of black guards and administrators than White.
      True, there is a large percentage of White guards where the work force is predominately White, however, very few are ”rural”, as most rural Whites tend to be farmers or employed outside of government jobs.

      “…fact that people who work in this industry are mostly white racist and this is a fucken fact.”
      Wrong, for the 3rd time. Or, maybe you are right, by your definition of “racist”. The word gets kicked around so much, I am never sure what a person means by it anymore. Maybe you will take the time to define “racist” for me so I can address it.

      • Mehdi Patel

        but the county jails are white economics cant deny that…and the criminal justice system exists cuz walmart destroyed all the decent paying jobs killed off main street stores…cause and effect…

      • D-Man

        Sorry “Buck Cracker”, but your data doesn’t stack. It sounds more like you are just butthurt someone called out white conservative privilege for what it is, and it doesn’t fit with your highly delusion personal worldview perpetrated by Fox News and your white conservotard friends. If you’re still confused, there is an entire series of graphs covering several pages that back up Adam’s estimations. Left-leaning liberals have little to do with corrupt, corporate institutions like the for-profit prison system, and that is a historical fact.

    • Joddy


    • Ted Dow

      Adam Brian. Excellent display of stupidity!

      • A Million Times

        Yeah, your stupidity…

    • Kris

      The only color that matters here is green. The justice system itself might disproportionately incarcerate blacks, but the prison industry doesn’t really care what color their rats are. What the people are is poor.. that is why it does not matter.

      • ric/e/villain

        Nail on the head!

      • EC Kalang

        true but there is still no explanation as to why 1 in 15 blacks are in prison even though their rate of drug use with their white counterparts are the same…that is a huge disparity in my opinion.

        • A Million Times

          Wrong… The rate of marijuana use among black and white is nearly the same… Not drug use… ‘drug’ use among white citizens is much higher than among black citizens…

          • EC Kalang

            I dont know how that disputes me. call it whatever you like. my point is: with the same rate of usage, 1 in 15 blacks are still in prison than their counterparts. I agree with money though…

          • A Million Times

            Marijuana is not a drug. And yes that is the same among black and white. Drugs and drug use is different. It may look like that amount of drug use is the same among black and white because that is the propaganda they show on TV. But drug use among blacks is actually lower. While it is true that ‘some’ blacks use drugs, by percentage and raw number it is much lower when you consider meth use and prescription pill use… When drug use is reported or talked about among whites in America, cocaine is ignored, and prescription and meth use are a ‘national epidemic/problem’… Is it prosecuted the same ??? Hell no. When whites are arrested for ‘drugs’, either the police or the judges will often allow them to go to rehab instead of prosecuting…. Blacks, which are a much smaller number of the population however….

      • A Million Times

        The color doesn’t matter if you’re white, or not black. They use the Black Color to make the Green…

    • Razedbywolvs

      4 lags good 2 lags bad.
      Inside of prison race is not the problem, It’s the solution. How do a few guard keep the prisoners from overpowering them? Make them fight amongst themselves. That’s why Mein Kampf is on the prisons approved reading list and Adam Kokesh’s book “Freedom” is banned. Because if the prisoners ever realized that 4 lags werent any different than 2 they would walk out the front door. If you want to see proof of that look up the Indian named SplintingTheSky and listen to him talk about how he started the Attica prison riots.
      Stop with the white guilt stuff before you actually convince your son that he is a part of the problem because he’s was born with inferior white skin. Even if you get a 100% ethnic pure prison and guard it wont solve the problem. This is contributing to the problem, not solving it.

    • Rick

      I guess all that talking is bias free and you people of color, whatever color are all paragons of virtue just waiting to be canonized.
      Get use to it were all tribal and either prejudice and/or ethnocentric.
      Your not exempt from life’s problems and believe it or not white people have problems too.
      Grow up, take up your cross and stop whining, your boring!

  • Joe Spennato

    Blacks commit most of the violent crimes, FBI stats say so, look it up. As for drugs, I bet mostly blacks are selling the drugs to mostly whites, and whites in general having a superior average IQ compared to blacks AS A GROUP, are just better at evading detection from police, hence whites stay out of jail and blacks go in, where they mostly belong frankly.

    • Mehdi Patel

      we are in a generational conflict…pot will be legalized….party time is over…missouri ferguson revealed that its whites with no skills that need jobs as police national guard and county clerk jobs…probation industry is the worse

    • Lance Pirample

      Your mostly retarded……. Mostly blacks selling drugs to whites….special breed because we all know the justice system has nothing to do with money oj Simpson not black or white idiots it’s cash vs broke have vs have not 1% vs 99% quit fighting the small differences unite and over throw the oppressors who have enslaved all humans for over 5700 years

    • D-Man

      Blacks get a free pass for being disenfranchised and victimized by white Jim Crow laws since the end of slavery. As for your racist assertions that white have a generally higher IQ… Well, your ignorance speaks for itself. What you meant to say is, whites are generally too cowardly to stand up to the system whereas blacks are generally taught to stand their ground. Also, the majority of the worst criminal offenses in history were committed by whites. Now put your white privilege back in your pants and shove off.

      • Ted Dow

        And you are also racist.

    • Kat Hoth

      Racist much?

    • Ted Dow

      You are racist.

    • Arik Vaughn

      As I sit here reading all of these “facts” posted by other people I’ve come to realize that you sir are the most ignorant pig of this bunch so I’ll reply to yours. First,
      Using the FBI public statistics information as your backing was a mistake. That has as much factual support as me stating, “water is evil and addicting! Every criminal in U.S. history drank water!” There’s not one shred of proof. Nothing can back your argument since the FBI admitted that their patriot act, which gave them the right to do anything based on suspicion of terrorism, has not once stopped and form of a terroristic act. The fact you would try to use a corporation that won’t even inform the public of their interrogation techniques shows the level your intelligence resides at.
      When you try to state that a skin color makes a difference in I.Q. You only prove that you can’t even reach the national average. Why do you believe slaves weren’t allowed to learn to read or write? I’ve heard some racists comment and spent time with the ignorant bastards who made said comments. Let me tell you that in my experience, the people who make racists comments believing that they are superior are actually the dumbest individuals conceivable. Personal I feel all you racist pricks should swallow a cup of bleach so we can stop racism and prevent it’s genealogical spread through your non existent offspring. If you don’t like someone’s skin color then move your punk rear end to a country where only your skin color exists.
      Third and final,
      The war on drugs has done nothing, absolutely nothing to help the American people. All it has allowed to happen is the government gets to create more money from nothing, as in the absence of matter, incarcerate, control and abuse the American people as a whole and for law enforcement to acquire military grade weapons, munitions and vehicles.

      Use your brains.
      Together we stand or divided we will fall.

  • BellsNwhistles

    Private Prisons was one of Al Gores other projects. Just Google Al Gore private prisons.

    • Ted Dow

      Hmmmmmm, seems to me that Ole AL Gore is a flameing Liberal!

  • molecule

    Question — what is the annual cash flow, or $ volume or $ velocity, of drugs, at the street level for marijuana and heroin mainly?

    I understand that is on the order of $100 to $200 Billion per year.

    The only possible institution with the manpower (boots on the ground, with training and discipline) and the physical infrastructure (guns and physical trunk space in cruisers, etc.) to organize, traffick in and protect a monopoly in contraband, at that the hundred billion $ levels is … the cops themselves. That has to be pointed out.

    Then note that while cops who run the drugs fill the prisons with various lost and clueless souls, tattooed and broke down, with loose shoes and drop down pants, and on and on, lost and demoralized — they are not hundred billion $ businessmen. The prisons are owned by globalist corporatist fascists. It’s actually Bolshevism. They’re called rural “white” Republican, but they are actually racist pigs.

  • Excellent page! Wonderful to discover this resource.

  • john doe

    race card

  • mark

    Missing the point and arguing race… Fools… They are locking up our people period, and as long as we are divided we are losing and lost

    • Evan Bell


    • Ted Dow

      Some people just don’t care. All they see is race, that’s all they want to do is make it a race thing.

    • A Million Times

      When you’re white, you have the luxury of leaving race out of the argument. When you’re black, you have to deal with the destruction of Multiple GENERATIONS of Black families DESTROYED. Also, many Black communities around the country destroyed…

  • womanity constancy

    MSNBC: Stop glorifying the PIC, No, Rachel Maddow, we do not “go to Lockup” Friday; we switch to LinkTv, Free Speech TV or Al-Jazeera.

  • This article is depressing. And I was having such a nice day.

  • Truth Hurts

    Fact: The majority of police, judges, and prosecutors are Freemasons.

  • Mr. Hand

    Leader of the Free World. Ha!

  • Reg Dahl

    50 % of World’s LAWYERS are in the USA. Why is this by far the biggest and most shocking statistic? THEY can, will, and do COMPOUND every other statistic! How much of the nations resources are STOLEN by these people? 10% of GDP! These people have abused and broken the justice system! This needs a high priority political awareness for the people of the country! Start NOW for next years election!!

  • Brock Lee

    People know the truth about our gov’mt and their abuse on everything,all over money,but u better fined the real God and it is not money,,

  • James Smith

    here’s an opinion, i think you will find that the majority of people incarcerated is more a direct result of poverty than it is race. the government would rather have us playing the race card than admit that only poor folk go to prison. i mean after all it’s supposed to be with liberty and justice for all . if you have money you don’t go to jail. it’s not so much race as it is socio-economic background. there is just a larger percentage of minority families that live at the poverty level than white families. i think that if you did a study you would find that poverty is the reason people are jailed and not so racially motivated.