“They Should All Die a Slow Death”: NYPD 30th Precinct Page Openly Wishes Death on Citizens Who Film Cops

Michael Barber is a member of Cop Watch, a police accountability organization. Image via James Kievom / New York Daily News.

NEW YORK, NY — It appears the NYPD is getting a lot of self-imposed negative attention again.

It all started when Michael Barber, a member of Cop Watch, filmed two plainclothes police officers grabbing a young girl in public.

The video sparked outrage, and many accused the officers of harassing the minor.

Witnesses can be heard in the video shouting at the officers to leave the teenage girl alone.

After the pressure from the crowd built up, the officers can be seen scurrying back to their unmarked vehicles and fleeing the scene, yelling obscenities at the young girl as they take off.

“I was surprised that things didn’t get worse,” Michael Barber said.

“I believe he was wrong from the very beginning and that’s why he didn’t call it in,” he added.

But now it appears that things have gotten worse.

On an NYPD 30th Precinct Facebook Page — which describes itself as a “government organization” — Michael Barber’s picture was posted publicly.

The page commented on Michael’s picture with the following: “F*ck these Savages They should all die a nice slow death!”

As of the time of this writing, the content is still up, but we’re guessing they’ll pull it down as this news spreads.

Here’s a partial screen capture of the original post with the 30th Precinct’s death-wish:

As the video and the death-wish on Americans who film cops continue to go viral, we guess the NYPD will be issuing a statement soon with the typical jargon about how they’re going to “investigate” themselves.

If this is what police truly feel about Americans who want them held accountable, it could explain why so many police have been opening fire on innocent citizens lately. It appears that they’re looking for any reason to take out that gun and kill us “savages.”

Now more than ever, it’s important to film them at every opportunity — try to always be in groups of two or more, with multiple cameras live-streaming to the internet, in case these officers ever act upon their evident blood lust. (Download a free copy of our Advanced Strategies for Filming Police for more specific info on how to live-stream your footage to the internet.)

Watch the video below wherein cops are seen harassing a young girl (warning: strong language):

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  • David Fischer

    Police are out of control. They violate our rights and then create false stories to justify their actions , but that doesn’t work when they are recorded, if the courts allow the recording. The courts don’t allow these videos , just theirs.

  • Darren Waterman

    Never go out the door with out a camera. FILM them always. Corrupt cops should go DOWN!!!

    • steve

      and a weapon concealed,,,the life u save may be urs,,,

      • Debbie Stinnett

        I would rather go down fighting, they have guns, so do I.

        • steve

          I’m with u all the way,,,

      • JR

        guns are for cowards. You can tell because pigs and murderers use them. I’ll go down fighting, but there is nothing that will reduce me to rolling in the filth with cops and soldiers.

        • saynonotothepopo

          Guns are for cowards? WTF? So you think the ghetto thug in the street, whose a REAL coward, and will shoot you for telling him to fuck off, is the same as someone who would use a gun to DEFEND themselves when someone is violently attacking them?

          Your logic is flawed, and really the only one who sounds like a coward here is you JR.

          • Cody2C

            Guns are for killing easily. That’s what they are made for. In a way, he is right. Its a shortcut to the kill. Obviously going into battle knowing the other guy has guns too takes courage.

          • Enya Walsh

            You don’t know shit about the ghetto.

          • JR

            Yes, they’re both cowards.

        • steve

          U must be stupid or no brains,and u will roll for sure on the ground or pavement while getting pulverized or u will be shot up to u,,,

        • Aaron Weinberg

          A noble and romantic sentiment, sentiment never effectively deals with those who are armed who intend to do wrong…So you would have us believe that you would face men with guns with your bare hands because it morally superior?

        • HipJipC

          I’m on your side and EINSTEIN’S. “He
          who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my
          contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the
          spinal cord would surely suffice. This disgrace to civilization should
          be done away with at once. Heroism at command, how violently I hate all
          this, how despicable and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to
          shreds than be a part of so base an action. It is my conviction that
          killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.”
          Biology is a crapshoot and is what actually controls humans. Our dna is recycled over and over in a constant repetitiveness of all low functioning primal instincts that are controlled at best by morality laws. Some are just born with more control than others. As we can see this does nothing to deter those who are completely controlled by their biology and nature. So killing each other never solves the problem and it never will. That is the insanity of the whole thing. Until science finds a way to instill true human evolution through making changes to human dna and figuring a way to instill a strong conscience and empathy into that mix, everything in regards to human nature and primal urges is just rinse and repeat. It is why human history repeats itself. When we are all conceived there is no choice buttons. What we are dealt while in the womb and what happens to us outside the womb as children is beyond our control. It has given me a new understanding and ability to empathize with the worse of mankind and change my views on war and capital punishment. The kind of changes that are needed to actually move forward and evolve may never happen.

          • Joseph Chavez

            dulce et decorum est

          • HipJipC

            Only a sociopath and those with a weak will who can be easily brainwashed would think it’s all “sweet and right”. Which one are you?

          • Joseph Chavez

            i like caramel

        • FreddyB

          I highly doubt you will have the chance to get within striking range because the second you take a fighting stance you are dead.
          If you think someone being armed in order to protect themselves and/or
          their family is a coward then you a fool who has drank the Kool-aid.
          So, as much as you would like to think differently, you will go down instantly and quietly, with nary a whimper and with a few extra ounces of lead in you body.

        • Brock Lee

          Then u r a stupid person,,,,


      Videos are only an inconvenience to them. They routinely are recorded killing innocent people, beating them, framing them, robbing them and even raping them. How many police who were recorded committing crimes ever see prison?

  • Viktor Saucedo

    Tunr the Phone JACKASS !

  • Douglas Steward


    • SaltyGoat273

      White satanic cops lol, that is a racist comment. Not like corrupt cops have been from other races as well.

    • Ellie_Light

      STFU you racist. Both cops in the above video are black. In Baltimore 3 of the cops were black. The black female cop is accused of the murder. You are a sick bigot. Check yourself into the clinic and keep up with your meds.

      • Elle you also sound racist and here’s why-.Maybe because I’m mixed or maybe because I live in NYC but I’m almost certain that one is Dominican so that doesn’t constitute him as black. You’re assuming that they are black because of their skin color. Not everyone who has light skin is black. Not every person who is white is actually white. My grandmother has white skin but she identifies herself as South American not African-American as she is from Brazil. This just proves this isn’t a black or white issue- it is a cop issue. Assumptions based on skin color is not racist but it’s kind of assuming

        • Roberto Carlos Martinez

          i believe the label black came about because african american doesnt suit everyone because not every black is african american so she is not wrong in saying that three out of the six were black…cause they were.

          • That’s not true if someone were to call my father black he would be upset. Black is a color. And how do you know the three were black? Does it say they are? I don’t even like using the word Black or White to describe someone because I’m cultural. Go to the Bronx and call a Dominican black and see what happens. It’s ignorant to put people into two colors.


            CNN called them African American police officers, that’s black.

          • No they said African American which is not black ignorant biker chick.. Black is color duh and CNN is just as dumb. They call Zimmerman white at first but omg he’s Hispanic

      • NomdeGuerre

        FYI – In the video, one cop was black..

    • Tracer76

      Wow, you are a real piece of work, race baiting when in fact in the video both cops are black. Keep drinking the Koolaid kid.

      • NomdeGuerre

        FYI – In the video, one cop was black.. just fact-checking.

    • NomdeGuerre

      You’re on the wrong thread, bud. “Satanic”? really? Stick to the point.

    • Justin L

      gee wonder why they arent? maybe cause they were all fired for reporting corrupt deeds of other cops.

  • Eric Johnson

    LOL The facebook page has been removed.

    • Sophie Cat

      Fucking cowards, what do you expect?
      Cops come in with a (flash) bang, and leave with a “Waaaaa, my pussy hurts!”

      • wolfenii

        LIKE THIS???

        • Sophie Cat

          JUST like that. Yes.

    • not removed . it’s been set to private … which may be illegal, given that it’s a government funded page

  • fr0wn town

    These cops are going to get themselves killed. Idk what was going on, but they chose to handle that situation in one of the worst ways. Terrible conduct. I can understand the outrage the people there felt, but they themselves were also acting a little too aggressively. Please, don’t give them any reason to harm you.

  • Ben

    want uss too die Guyyy haha warrr time woooot woot this is what we wanted we thought you was just fowling orders or just stupid now thats prooof your evil

  • Ryan Christian

    “If your not doing anything wrong then you have nothing to hide.” said every cop ever. Yet, they fear being filmed….I wonder why. I thank god that our firefighters dont use cop logic “OF COURSE I DIDN’T SAVE THAT FAMILY FROM BURNING TO DEATH IN THAT HOUSE, I feared for my life!” Let me say this. AS the son of a police officer, most officers are respectful of the law and my father nearly lost his job because he “told” on his partner who beat the snot out of someone because that person called him a pig…he was willing to cross the blue line because he puts the law FIRST, not his fellow law-breaking officers. You know DARN WELL becoming an officer will be a dangerous job, so if you cant handle the danger and “fear for your life.” all the time and refuse to use a tazer when someone only has a knife then DONT BE A COP…no one is FORCING these people to join the force. The police need to be held to a HIGHER standard then others…not the same or lower. As an offier you know the laws better then anyone else. YOU SEE the destruction that let say speeding causes. YOU SEE the death that going 85 in a 60 could cause….yet officers are let go of these traffic violations on a regular basis..why?!? What excuse could they produce? Every time they witness a fatal crash, how can they justify breaking traffic laws.

    • Phasung Baccam

      it time arm yourself thing it going to be ugly

      • steve

        I been sayin that,,,

    • RCG

      85 in a 60 could have as much chance of causing death that 60 in a 60 does. It’s not the speed at which people drive, it’s the manner. Driving recklessly and carelessly are a far bigger problem than minor speeding. If you follow this site, or any other alternative media, you would know that traffic violations are a huge revenue generator and amount to nothing more than a cash grab. I can leave it to anybody else here to explain that.

    • That Guy Who Said That Thing

      Your father was total scum.

      • Witchwindy

        Sounds to me like his father was the kind of cop ALL cops should be,t he kind of cop everyone wants in the job; and apparently you are one of the kind of cops no one wants in any police department, otherwise you would not have insulted his father for doing the right thing.

      • Ryan Christian

        HA! you must be an officer who breaks the law…that the only logical reason you have to say this. I am proud of a officer of 26 years who felt the law applied to all, even himself and his fellow officer. How dare you act as if a badge makes you above the law…if anything you have less excuse then the average person because you know the law better then most. You my friend (if you are really an officer and not a troll) are scum for thinking you have the right to hide behind a blue line of lies that ruins lives. If an officer beats the shit out of someone who is HANDCUFFED and then lies about it he should not be a cop. If you cant handle name calling, you shouldn’t be a cop. I’m thinking your just a troll, because no cop would be dumb enough to call another scum for upholding the law… …wait….nevermind.

    • Jason Varner

      Number of police deaths last year, 127 officers killed in the line of duty. Number of civilians killed by the police last year, over 1000. By those numbers it sounds like it is a scarier job to be an average citizen.

      • ‘in the line of duty’ … unless you filtered … includes cops dying from car crashes they caused

    • has anyone published this story? i can do it . i’d love to talk with you/him … see http://demotropolis.org/2015/01/22/crystal-clear-corruption-at-baltimore-police-department/

  • withavengeance

    WTH has caused this schism between LEO and civilians? I know it’s always been going on, but it’s totally out of hand. I was raised to respect LEO. Now, I don’t even trust them.

    • unsheepled

      Its an intentional made rift. For years LEO have been told that their worst enemies are ALL THE CIVILLIANS OUT THERE. day in day out. propaganda works!

      • Arcanek

        When they refer to the citizens as civilians, they are using military terminology. Part of the conditioning.

    • Padge Vounder

      the kind of person attracted to the job with a lot of power over others, sadists, abusers, egomaniacs, macho wannabe-tough guys, bullies, trolls, people with a god complex.

      • Baller Extraordinaire

        who have no higher education other than high school and the police academy, it’s no wonder they behave like children

      • Vandervecken .

        right. and don’t leave out scum. scum is what they are.

  • upsidedowndenver

    Cops hate video because video doesn’t lie. And well, they are fucking liars….lol

  • bdj1

    Nothing good comes from the police. Terrorists deserve to die.

    • Awoken1

      Nothing? Really? Not sure where your bubble is located, but the police are the only reason dumb asses like you are alive. Without the protection that you don’t realize exists, morons like yourself would be hunted to extinction.

      • Michael Smith

        You must be kidding. Criminal types don’t fear police, obviously, or our prisons wouldn’t be full. Nor would society erupt into chaos without the police. It’s been proven over and over when a police force has been removed from society it actually has less violence than before. Do your research before spouting your unfounded bullshit.

        • JR

          considering that most of those prisoners are non-violent offenders that are now cooped up with violent offenders. Arrests are making it worse because prison can make a non-violent person violent.

        • Justin L

          ya this is the main lie that authority uses to keep its hold over society and keep themselves in existence, without us there will be chaos, bullshit. you know what i see because of the existence of government and authority…..a world that is already in CHAOS, because systems of total evil and corruption run the world and do what they please to everyone in it.

      • bdj1

        “would be hunted to extinction”….you mean like how the police are hunting black men down to extinction? Executed DAILY. Beaten DAILY. Raped DAILY, Stolen from DAILY, Framed DAILY. The would would be a better and safer place if every single cop in the world was gone by tomorrow. Poof, disappeared. Police don’t protect, unless your rich (see the Dupont family heir who admitted to police he raped his own 3 year old daughter…..probation and custody of the rape victim.) NOTHING…yeah, nothing good comes from police…and that is their worth, nothing. The world would be a better place if they were all gone tomorrow. At least their would be ALOT less of ““F*ck these Savages They should all die a nice slow death!” which is all the police are good for…. like I said, nothing.

        • Ryan Christian

          Wow, black men are going extinct? Didn’t know that until you enlightened me. Your right that the police have committed terrible acts against African Americans and many should have been jailed for it. Rodney King, Eric Gardner, and of course Freddie gray along with MANY we don’t hear about. You do know that more white people are killed by cops then blacks right? Funny when that happens you dont see thousands of white people destroying the very place they live as if that will prove to the nation that they are better people and victims. Now, before you give me the “your racist” excuse, do some research about black on black crime….because that is FAR MORE common then cops shooting unarmed black men…and that’s a fact whether you accept it or not. I see little outrage about that. As if its ok for THAT to happen but if that person is wearing a badge THEN it matters… ALL LIVES MATTER and to say “black lives matter” is NO different then saying “White lives matter” Yet I would bet you that when you read “white lives matter’ it sounds very racist to you due to the double standard that only whites can be racist. As if ONLY white cops shoot black men (remember 3 of those officers in the Freddie Gray murder are black). If you want justice then the riots need to stop. MLK jr would be ASHAMED of this. He got MUCH MORE DONE because he banded people together and didn’t act like hypocrites. Its hard to protest violence whilst you commit acts of violence. (of course not everyone did that, but all the riots did was reinforce WHY a strong police presence is needed) do you forget that cops are just ordinary people, they are just humans…they are not anything different then you. And again, I AGREE with you that many bad things have happened to blacks at the hands of vial police officers, and I say tougher laws need to be in place for officers who commit those acts. You are also correct that if you have money, you are more likely to get away with crimes, which is sad. The system needs an overhaul, but to say NOTHING good comes from police…I have to point out simple logic to say that you have 0 evidence to prove this. All I have to do is show only 1 chase in which an officer saved a life and your point is gone… the word NOTHING means your saying not one good thing in history has EVER occurred in which a police officer did a good deed. It is a foolish statement at best.

      • bosunj

        Awoken: Get that cop dick outta yer mouth silly boy.

        • Justin L

          ya im sick of these authority worshippers, stop sucking the cock of authority and stand up.

      • JR

        The fuck have you been smoking and where can I get some? No one except for cops wish harm on the civilians. Criminals wouldn’t go around killing everyone if there were suddenly no cops. There is no reason for them to. Literally no reason.

        The right wing is confused since they’ve spent all of their time going “Whoo! Look what I can do just cause” they’ve forgotten that real people have morals, even the criminals.

      • That Guy Who Said That Thing

        All cops are scum, so sorry.

    • Ryan Christian

      You cant be that dumb right? Your telling me this country is better off with NO law enforcement. Good luck when someone is attacking you or your wife/husband son or daughter. Good luck when gangs are roving the streets in hundreds and its every man for themselves. You MUST be trolling or just….dumb. Saddest part is is that when I was watching these rioters….a driver ran over one of them and you hear someone shout “Dont worry, I got his plate number.” Its amazing they were there to protest police but when THEY get hurt..then its “CALL THE POLICE.” Look, Im not a cop defender. I HATE BAD COPS MORE THEN ALMOST ANYTHING. They endanger so many lives and shame the uniform. They make all cops targets and risk the lives of everyone. But to say NOTHING good comes from police then I must assume your a troll or a person who has had so many issues with the police that you think they are picking on you. I say record the police. I say hold them to a HIGHER standard then civilians. I say if an officer is speeding DOUBLE the fines and points. If an officer breaks into a home with no warrant, they should be charged with breaking and entering. If they attack someone and hit someone who was not hitting back…its assault…and since most carry guns then its assault with a deadly weapon. you watch how quick this cop over reach would stop if they KNEW if they messed up they LOSE there jobs and go to jail like the rest of use…except serve DOUBLE time because they know the law better then the rest of us and have no excuse to break it.

  • Paul Cote

    Lets kill some more cops and see if they will eventually get the message. They are servants not the overlords.

  • Mike Smith

    Here’s an opportunity for all those “good cops” out there to prove their claims. Go and arrest these felons in uniform who assaulted those girls.

    And to the prosecutors who routinely fail to uphold the law by failing to properly and aggressively pursue indictments, yet claim they are on the side of justice, here’s YOUR opportunity to prove it by bringing charges against these violators of their oaths.

    And to the judges that seem to find some reason to dismiss all charges with prejudice, but yet always claim to be the executors of a fair and equitable practice of jurisprudence, here’s your opportunity to ensure these disgusting individuals entrusted with the protection of those whom they have attempted to abuse see their day in court. Judged by those of whom they’ve pretended to ward.

    • bosunj

      The only good cop is the one who’s no longer breathing. Full stop.

      • Baller Extraordinaire

        you realize comments like these do more harm than good, and only serve to bring down the quality of the discussion, right? You make everyone who has a problem with police officers look like angry irrational idiots with stuff like “the only good cop is a dead cop.” That attitude from the public will only produce more bad cops. if we want to see a positive change in the attitude of the police force, and almost everyone does, then we need to voice our minds intelligently and not in hateful ways. Do some self reflection, and approach this topic from a different angle, one you can really get behind.

        • bosunj

          The only solution to the cop problem in DUHmerica is more cop brains scattered across cop car front seats. Cops made their bed now they have to lie in it.

          • Roberto Carlos Martinez

            you sir are a moron

          • Justin L

            ya they get to kill innocent people left and right daily then they deserve to get it back

          • Vandervecken .

            well said

      • Ryan Christian

        My father ratted out cops who broke the law…because he was a good man and officer. He had other officers turn ther backs on him…almost lost his job, all because he refused to lie when his partner beat the s*** out of a handcuffed man who called his partner a pig. Poor guy had his nose and jaw broken and mouth wired shut for 2 months.

        • bosunj

          Must have been awful growing up the evil spawn of a cop. I hope you get the help you so clearly need.

          • Ryan Christian

            trolling Im sure. I cant think you so dumb that you think being the son of a truly good police officer of 26+ years (who is now retired) is a bad thing. He never killed anyone. Never SHOT anyone (shot only warning shots) He was an officer in Bergen County NJ…not the best or worst area. Now after all his hard work he has a pension and a nice house. Remember, he was willing to cross the B.S. blue line when his fellow officer shamed the uniform.

          • bosunj

            The only good cop has his brains scattered across the front seat of his cop car.

          • Ryan Christian

            You sound like a really good person whos judgement must be superior to others. College degree? Good life? Good career? Good job troll.

          • bosunj


            Hope you get the help you so clearly need.

          • Ryan Christian

            Lol, you said that troll. If your gonna troll, its better when its not obvious and you dont repeat yourself.

          • bosunj

            Like I said the demon seed of a POS cop. You repeated the troll epitaph several times. Perhaps you failed the first two times to grasp what I meant by the euphemism ‘help’.

          • Vandervecken .

            yep. bingo

  • Tellit Likeitis

    we need to kill every cop who feels this way…

  • CopsKill

    Strange, no comments from t, JC, or Common Sense

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

    Today, the worst enemy of the police is a citizen with a camera.

    Never trust police. Badges don’t grant extra rights.

  • Ian Richardson

    Wow, if this had happened a hundred years ago… people would have burned the police stations to the ground, and held them all at the end of a rope hanging from a tree.

  • Kneice Patterson


  • f*** you

    we need to start a bombs for cops program

  • We should die a “nice slow death” for videoing police activity, something that is perfectly legal. In other words, we deserve the death penalty for not breaking the law. Can someone explain cop logic to me? My head is throbbing.

    • steve

      Hang on there what about the other videos that r in plain site so it just is not ur phone that catches them,,

  • troy

    any cop that is bent needs to die for the lives they ruin.

    • bosunj

      That would be every stinkin’ one of them.

      • Justin L

        ya anyone who thinks there are good cops is a fucking idiot. you know where are the good cops are? they lost their jobs cause they reported the corruption they saw their fellow officers committing, then pedophile cops get to keep their jobs. now ask yourself why the other cops dont lose their jobs, because they arent good.

  • steve

    Instead of carrying ur cells carry a weapon as well,so u can protect and help people out,,in a crisis if u have the balls,,,

  • katiepea

    Do police realize the public, as a whole, is extremely close to completely turning against them?

    nobody cares about how dangerous your job is, how many hours you work, how people don’t respect you, you signed up for it. the people that are disgusting are the ones who don’t think americans should have the right to their constitution. a badge doesn’t negate the work of millions of people who have given their life to defend it. how do police not see themselves as terrorists? they’re the single largest threat to freedom.

    • bosunj

      I was taught that cops are larcenous murderous criminals. Nothing I have seen or read has changed that.

  • steve

    Fuk the camera u need a gun dammmmmmmm,,,even

  • The_Irish_Samurai

    No more FB page. They will come to regret their stupidity when they realize they cant play FARMVILLE anymore.

    • ()

      Gag on your boyfriend.

  • Von Der Burg Davius

    We need to die a slow death for recording an officer’s ill-minded deeds? Man thats cop logic @ it’s prime right there! Props to the man and community that saved those girls from being protected and served.


  • Donald Johnson

    Everytime one of those Savage Ass police are killed, i think well there goes a pet killer/ thief/ rapist/child molester/ murderer/ and gang banger that wont hurt any one else,. I know not every single cop is a villian, but the good cops are being silenced and harassed by the bad ones so much, they are no longer effective. That makes them a possible criminal too, by their silence. NYPD, if you see me in trouble, Please, dont fuckin help,. I have a better chance of keeping my life if you dont. just keep the fuck out of it, I am glad just to be taking my chances with the criminals,.. at least with them I may have a chance to live,.. Have a Served and Protected Day,…

  • Wes Adams

    I have to praise this community! Those poor young women would’ve probably been raped had it not be for the courageous neighbors who stopped those thug cops, and the brave people who kept the cameras rolling! FTP(film the police)!!!!

  • Ian Battles

    Seems these cops forget that they work for, and are paid for, by us “savages”.

    Lets see how long the pigs last without our tax dollars to suckle on.

  • The Truth is The Most Powerful Weapon in the World against being falsely accused by anyone.

    Stop Police Brutality and False Arrest because it encourages Criminal Cops to kill civilians.

    Put your cameras on “Record” because the camera lens does not lie, people do!

    Cops need to practice their aim, better go to the shooting range and aim for the paper leg.

  • The end of the video is very good, in fact, it’s powerful. I think if you edit the movie and cut out the nothing happening parts, louder the sound, this video could be a loud voice against police brutality and false arrest.

  • Hooty Hootowl

    Fuck all poLICE everywhere. Filthy Vermin.

  • Phil Moskowitz

    All it takes is a decade or two of complete lack of oversight or consequences and there you have it, domestic death squads.

  • John Seychel

    If cops were the do-gooders they are supposed to be, then why are they wanting those who record to die? The only possible angle here is they can’t lie about their actions. This isn’t a case of “we keep the streets clean our way, and don’t question those who are charged to protect”. This is the Mafia mentality. “You pay us to protect you from ourselves” Kind of thing. It’s worse than that. This is “we steal, rape and kill, etc, you give us free vacation, and my job back”.

  • Ruud Zwaaf

    Their facebook page has been removed.

  • Jason

    people are idiots, these cops did nothing wrong. girls were being brat punks, cops caught em, it isnt a major crime so they tried talking to them, girls were all high and mighty and think their above the law, cops tried to show authority, girls got brattier, crowd…who had no idea what was going on…jumped on the bandwagon and started crying “crooked cops” and saying the cops are trying to kidnap the girls, which they ARE NOT. old lady made the situation worse. girls got MORE BRAZEN, cops had enough of the disrepect, situation got even WORSE. cops left, crowd of thugs acted like a crowd of thugs “we can do whatever we want, cops cant stop us”.. video posted on facebook, SAME group that posted it hacked the 30th precenict page to try and escalate the situation even more……thats it… all of this is an attempt by criminals to make society lose respect for police and question every single move they make.. by doing so the police no longer have authority.. simply from a numbers standpoint. its brainwashing of society so criminals can get away with whatever they want. its working perfectly too

    • Dndjfj

      False; just exercising rights.

    • curiousjosh

      so you’re claiming (without proof) that this particular group of people on a street corner hacked the 30th precinct’s Facebook page? seriously?

      ok… please show proof!

    • Roberto Carlos Martinez

      couldnt have said it any better. idk if it is just me or not but i guess since i dont commit crime and dont have to deal with “crooked cops” i feel as if everyone who hates cops are just hating because its the thing to do. maybe if they stopped doing stupid illegal shit. they wouldnt be getting pulled over or stopped by cops. it also doesnt help if you try fighting the cops after they have stopped you. i dont think people know how this world works. dont do illegal things, you dont get stopped by cops

      • smrnda

        I know plenty of people who were doing nothing illegal who had drugs planted on them by cops, or were assaulted for no reason. Cops in the USA are corrupt owing to the war on drugs and civil asset forfeiture which encourages corruption.


      Yes, it is indeed working until they need a cop.

    • bosunj

      Get that cop dick outta yer mouth silly.

    • smrnda

      “girls were being brat punks”

      This is the USA. You have a right to be a ‘brat punk.’ This is not a police state. The police serve the public – it should be on them to respect the public, not us to cower before our police overlords. We have freedom which means yeah, you can mouth off to authority. that’s what the USA fought a war for way back in 1776.

  • Roberto Carlos Martinez

    innocent civillians? go back and read the articles and watch the videos about the most recent and talked about shootings and tell me again how innocent those people were? i am not condoning what the officers have done but by no means were the majority of those who were shot “innocent”

    • smrnda

      So, we should execute people without a trial for non-capital offenses when they don’t pose an active risk? The constitution guarantees due process. Innocent or not, you’re right as an American citizen is to a speedy trial with competent defense, not a bullet in your head without a trial.

  • Terrie Best

    Why are the names of the posters blurred out on the screen shot. Is that Necessary?

  • darkbytes

    Without cops or law… It would be all gang ruled like madmax kinda thing…. Indeed like savages!!!!

    • bosunj

      The cops ARE the gang thug criminals. DUH!

  • Justaguy

    The police arrest people on FB for statements like that. Where is this persons arrest?

  • Doug Sawyer

    I don’t think they realize they are going to need our help if shit goes down…not the other way around

    • bosunj

      LOL, they’ll be the first targets.

  • Erika Domnick

    Way to shut the hyenas down! THAT’S what happens when we stick together and stay focused on the issue! I commend every single person in the video for looking out for that little girl and for not letting them take her away. Rock on! We sure as hell can’t sit around and wait for our “leaders” to help us.

  • PeterGriffinsToilet

    Pigs are constantly spouting about how witnesses and pretty much anybody but them “doesn’t know the entire story”. They also spout about “roadside lawyers” and how people “don’t know their rights”. And lastly how video of their hourly brutalities “don’t show the entire story.” If you read the comments under the facebook post in this story, it is the second thing said. “Know the facts before you respond” it says. Cops are hired specifically BECAUSE they are stupid individuals, yet they think they are the only people with facts? Sounds about right. And why do you have to be a lawyer to read the Bill of Rights or know your rights?

  • steven

    And we’re the savages?

  • That Guy Who Said That Thing

    All cops are scum.

  • neenamoon1

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  • mika58

    gf fgjfg jg fjj

  • Sophie Cat

    Well, the FB page is gone now.
    So buh-bye, cops.
    And about that nice slow death thing: back at’cha, bitches.

  • Jonathan M Zmuda

    The true “savages” are the pigs with something to hide. Your job is public service. If you feel intimidated about being filmed, you need to change your career.

  • baruchzed

    going on is that we have allowed sociopaths to take the power
    roles…big mistake! We need to identify sociopaths and remove them from
    positions of power. They should be allowed to hold jobs where they
    can’t hurt anyone. This means pretty much everyone in government would
    be out of a job and most CEOs…but you know it’s true! Killer cops, white supremacists (cop or not) are sociopaths and should be removed from positions of power.

  • Brandon L

    … and when a cop gets himself shot, they still get a “hero’s funeral” and were always an “exemplary officer” / superhero and we’re suppose to “support” and feel sad…. Seriously?
    150 dies every day “on the job” somewhere across the USA…. the only difference between them and the occasional cop that gets killed “on the job” is that the 150 people never committed a crime in the middle of the night that nobody knows about. The cop very likely did.

    • smrnda

      Yeah, miners, slaughterhouse workers, construction workers, people who work in dockyards all face more danger than cops. Yet we don’t really call them ‘heroes’ and they get paid shittier wages and work under shittier conditions than cops.

  • wolfenii


  • Tj Timberlake

    Wow so we should all die, IF we film the police ??? Yeah ok and the cops wonder why people don’t like them….


    It is kind of obvious they saw that young girl with an adult body and were looking to take her in the backseat of their unmarked car. Those people stopped a rape that day.

  • Johnny Doe
  • Thanatopsis

    It’s the cops that should all die a slow death. The only good cop is a dead one.

  • Vandervecken .

    The police are the enemy of the people. Period. Every last one of them. They are criminals with badges.

  • mickey

    Trained in Isreal.

  • Kim Crawford

    More people black white whatever to need to shoot these out of control cowards/pigs!! I’m white and I get butterflies in my stomach every time I see on the news another pig got murdered!!! How’s it feel you cowards behind a badge?!?!? Getting what you deserve!!! And a lot more need to die so maybe they might realize americans of ALL races all sick and tired of their asses and their brutally and unjustified murdering of innocent americans!!! Spit on a pigs grave!!!

  • Kim Crawford

    I don’t care if this gets deleted. KILL MORE PIGS!!! MURDER THEM BEFORE THEY MURDER YOU!!!!