Video: Cop Charged With Assault After Smashing Handcuffed Man With His Elbow.

Michael Heise |

POCATELLO, Idaho – Nine-year police veteran, detective Steven Westfall is being charged with simple assault stemming from an incident on July 10.

Westfall was on the scene as suspect James Rutherford was escorted out of an IRS office by police, but not at that point under arrest.

After bringing him outside, the officers then tried to conduct a search of Rutherford, which he did not consent to.

Officers then put Rutherford in cuffs.

After a slight push, two officers push Rutherford face down onto the front of the squad car.

It is at this point that detective Westfall comes over, raises his arm into the air, and drops an elbow right on to Ruthorford’s temple, breaking his sunglasses.

Westfall then uses his elbow keep Rutherford’s face pinned into the car for almost a minute while handcuffed and obviously restrained by two other officers.

Rutherford was later arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest and obstruction.

Initially the footage was not released. Westfall has been charged, placed on administrative leave, and has been summoned, but the summons has yet to be returned.

Administrative leave is the fancy way of saying he’s not working but still getting paid on your dime. If convicted, Westfall could face up to one year in prison and given a $5,000 fine.

Westfall tried to clear himself of malicious intent by saying he “was not angry or upset, he just felt a need to control the suspect”.

Another officer though, said he thought Westfall was upset and said that Westfall “didn’t want to hurt him, but he did make a mistake”

The case remains sealed because the summons was yet to be returned by Westfall.

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  • Seatired

    Simple assault?

    • Dennisdread_2000

      I know, right?

  • Laura W

    And cops wonder why they are being targeted, shot and killed and then whine and complain because no one really cares….

    Their own actions have desensitized everyday people and actually make them (cops) look more like a civilians terrorist than someone that is supposed to Protect and Serve. Protect and Serve—now that is a joke. The only ones they Protect and Serve is themselves. Judges, Da’s , Grand Jury’s and any and everyone involved should be held accountable as well for their actions related to allowing a cop to get away with proven illegal activities. Keep Drawing those TARGETS on your back and one day someone is going to take advantage of it!!!
    The only TERRORIST here are the one’s in a cop uniform and the really sad part is that WE pay their salary which means we are paying them to harass, intimidate, beat and kill us and our pets. Well I want a REFUND!!! TEACH your children to ALWAYS be wary of anyone in a cops uniform for they can no longer be trusted like when we were children…and the propaganda they are taught in school is just that—propaganda!!! Until the GOOD cops start standing up against the Criminal cops they are just as guilty—“Guilty by association” just like they tell our youth when they are caught with someone breaking the law. Cops want respect—- RESPECT IS EARNED–NOT GIVEN!!! and you have to give it to get it.

    • Gary Williams Jr.


  • Daniel W. McCullar

    How the hell can you resist arrest before you are ever placed under arrest?!?!

    • gary mascall

      all those charges will be dropped.
      They are just there to intimidate,
      OH, and a lawyer will make a few bucks as well.

    • Brian

      You can be when you live in a police State.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    is anyone, besides a cop ever NOT arrested for “resisting”? since the cop used his elbow to strike this mans temple, why is he not also charged AND CONVICTED of attempted murder, among others? why aren’t they charged for the illegal search and seizure? where’s the terrorism charges for this, their latest gang style attack? I heard someone say the other day that we need to FORCE them to each carry their own insurance to cover their little state sponsored temper tantrums. and also, make it so they have to have a NATIONAL license to “police”. and once they are found guilty of abuse…they lose their license and can no longer wear a badge of ANY KIND, including security, or penitentiary guards. sounds like a good plan to me.

  • Lol

    White pig babies and toilets lol failures

  • katiee1

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    • buzzookaman

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  • tonymengela

    he thought he saw an officer being head butted,,, what a pile of horse shit!!! how is it even possible when both your arms are already locked and handcuffed and your head is being slammed on the hood of a car????? fuck man,, all the pigs should be charged

  • Dennisdread_2000

    Head butted another officer? That’s a damned lie.

  • Seatired

    Comment on their facebook page. It is illegal for them to delete comments because it is a public forum where 1st amendment rights are protected. Officer Hughson from Henrico County, VA and his department found out the hardway that they can’t do things like this and get away with it anymore.

  • Mike TheVet

    Let’s say he did head-butt that officer before the Randy Savage elbow drop…

    There were 3 officers there. They could have taken him to the ground and used their knee instead of this elbow drop.

    Honestly, do the Police let you flail around just so they can start using excessive force?

    Was the guy on meth and you couldn’t detain/arrest him?

    So many options for the Police to take you into custody, but they always seem to revert back to the ol’ “do as I say or my fist will do it for you” reasoning.

  • Buccaneer_9

    If someone did this to a pig, they’d be charged with attempted murder.

  • Ron Rankin

    cops should not be paid while suspended

    • Pandora Camacho

      I agree! most of America doesn’t get paid when they are suspended from their job, especially while “pending investigation”

  • Ron Rankin

    Fuck the cops

  • davidhrogers

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  • Annauevas

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