Drunk Cop Plows Into Young Woman, Sending Her To Critical Care

Michael Heise | FilmingCops.com

CHICAGO, Illinois – A police officer is being charged with misdemeanor DUI charges after he hit a woman who was waiting to cross the road early in the morning last Sunday.

The officer must have actually run over the sidewalk if the woman was just waiting to cross.

The blow left injuries so severe that the woman was taken into emergency care and was said to be in critical condition.

Chicago Police Department is keeping the officer’s identity a mystery, but they have relieved him of police duty pending an investigation.

Whether that is unpaid or not has not been released either.

We do know the cop has been on the force for two years and is 40 years old.

He will be facing 2 counts of misdemeanor DUI and failure to exercise due care with a pedestrian on the roadway.

Notably absent are charges for critically injuring another person while drunk.

Chicago has very strict laws against DUI, and in many cases, if the intoxicated driver causes bodily harm, the prosecutor has discretion to charge for either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Is it a coincidence that the cop of all people can send a young woman to the hospital for serious injury and only be charged with a misdemeanor?

The police also released that he was over the blood alcohol limit of 0.08%, but not how much over he was.

The way to receive damages from something like this is for the victim to file a civil suit.

Hopefully that happens, but then again, going against the cops in the courtroom is always a stacked proposition, as we have shown on numerous occasions.

A CBS Chicago report can be seen below.

There is a notable and abrupt cut off at the end of the video where the reporter is reporting on some level of disappointment in the officer from the victim’s mother, but it is cut off before we are told exactly why.

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