16 Year Old Gymnast Shot Dead by Police For Holding a Stick, Cops Seize Video Footage


John Vibes | The Free Thought Project

NEW MEXICO — In the past year, police in New Mexico have become notorious for killing innocent people.

The most recent wrongful death took place in Espanola, when a police officer shot an unarmed 16 year old Gymnast for no reason.

16 year old Victor Vialpando was a gymnast, dancer and a teacher at Moving Arts Espanola.

According to his family he has no criminal record.

The police claim that he pointed a weapon at them, but the boy was unarmed and the police are refusing to release security camera footage that would corroborate their story.

Close friends of Victor believe that he may have had a stick that he was using to practice a dance routine, which he often does.

I can’t fathom him even having a gun on his body, much less holding it and pointing it at somebody,” a friend said.

In recent months Albuquerque, New Mexico has taken center stage in the fight against police brutality.

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