Sickening Police Brutality Report of Cop Urinating on Disabled Man in Wheelchair


TORONTO — After denying its existence for years, Toronto police have finally released a video involving a sickening display of abuse of a disabled man in a wheelchair.p3

Udhbirprasaud Bhikram, who goes by “Joe,” is paraplegic and cannot move the right side of his body due to a stroke.

English is not his native language. He has no history of criminal activity.

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Nonetheless, in 2009, police thought that they heard him “uttering a death threat to an officer.”


They arrested this harmless man for the “threat” despite his insistence that they were mistaken, and they threw him in a holding cell anyway.

The charge was confirmed as false and it was later dropped.

But it was at the station, in the holding cell, where Joe’s nightmare occurred.

Stripped of most of his clothing and with his hands bound, police forced Joe into an isolated holding cell — still in his wheelchair.

Joe states that officers came into the cell and began berating and abusing him with nowhere to escape.

A mask had been strapped around his face.

At some point Joe fell from his wheelchair and onto the cold ground, which he says caused his hip to crack.

As he laid there nearly naked, the unthinkable happened.

One of the officers got closer and then pulled out his penis, according to the statement.

When he was close enough, the officer began shaking his penis until he could dribble and flick urine onto Joe, according to the statement.

Joe says that after being urinated on by the officer all he could do is fight to get the video released to show the world and hopefully get justice.

He recalled seeing a police-owned surveillance camera in the holding cell and found a friend to file a freedom of information request to obtain the footage.

The police responded by saying that the footage “didn’t exist” and even signed a sworn affidavit to that effect.

But Joe continued fighting, believing that the footage was there.

Now, the footage that police swore “did not exist” has finally been released, according to a report by CBC News.

In it, Joe can be seen bound and lying on the floor nearly naked, confirming his statement of the abuse.

But — surprise, surprise — any footage of the officer urinating on Joe is missing from the release.

On closer examination of the footage that the police released, it was found that there were numerous “time gaps.”

“The video is mutilated, it’s been tampered with,” Joe said in an interview with CBC News.

The audio was also missing, so that viewers cannot hear Joe’s screams and pleas for help as the officers abused him.

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“The urination and the cop flicking his penis at me, that’s not included in the video. They have it and they will never show it, because what happened…is going to be international if it’s disclosed. That’s my feeling. That’s why I am crying. That’s why I haven’t got justice yet,” said Joe, swelling with emotion.

Joe is now filing a civil lawsuit against the officer who he says urinated on him, which is expected to begin in July 2014.

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