62-Year-Old Woman Claims Officers Used Excessive Force When Trying to Enter Her Greenville, SC Home

A Greenville, SC woman is alleging officers grabbed and threw her on the ground when attempting to enter her home WYFF 4 reports.

Cassandra Johnson, 62, went to Greenville’s City Hall on Thursday along with her family to file a formal complaint alleging the police exercised excessive force.

Agents with the South Carolina Probation, Pardons and Parole and police arrived at Johnson’s home this past Monday. According to the Greenville Police Department, they were there to serve an arrest warrant for Johnson’s son, Julius Johnson, for probation violation.

Officers claim they spent several minutes explaining to Johnson that the arrest warrant lawfully allowed them to enter her home but Johnson demanded a search warrant.

Johnson told the news station that when officers asked for her son, she informed them he did not live with her.

“I said arrest him? He doesn’t live here. He never lived here,” Johnson said.

Officers said they started to enter the doorway but Johnson resisted by attempting to close the door. They claim she pushed one officer out of the doorway.

Then a officer pulled her out and gave her to other officers who led her to the ground according to the press release. The release also said Johnson continued to physically resist officers as she was on the porch being taken into custody.

Johnson who is battling stage 4 cancer, says he didn’t touch any officers but excessive force was used.

“They threw me. They literally threw me,” Johnson said.

After the incident Johnson’s daughter took her to the emergency room for injuries sustained to the right side of her body.

Johnson now demands Greenville police release the body camera footage showing the altercation.

Source: https://theblackdetour.com/62-year-old-black-woman-claims-officers-used-excessive-force/

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