Berkeley Protests Turn Violent, Cops Injured After Students Throw Bricks at Them

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Photo via SF Gate

UPDATE 12/6/14 7:21 PM: Raw Footage Shows Police Initiated the Violence, Protesters Had No Choice But to Defend Themselves

A raw video has surfaced online showing that protesters in Berkeley were very peaceful at first. Protesters can be seen standing and chanting in support of Eric Garner.

Suddenly police are heard shouting “Move! Move! Move!”

Police are trained to march in formation and shout in this manner because they believe it demonstrates a superior, organized display of force, which will intimidate the protesters.

Police in this video can be seen striking protesters with batons, in a manner that caused the protesters to go into fight-or-flight mode.


UPDATE 12/6/14 2 PM: Violent Berkeley Rebellion Still Ongoing

For a second night in a row, as many as 1,000 people in Berkeley took to the streets and clashed with police again.

The group is said to have vandalized police cars and nearby banks.


A protester who was not involved in the insurrection can be seen holding a sign “This is what you can expect from us until it stops.” Photo via Jessica Guynn

About 300 protesters split off from the main group and headed to downtown Berkeley on Telegraph Avenue near the border of Oakland.

car vandalized

This group of 300 either burned or vandalized several police cars as well as nearby corporate establishments.

The windows of two banks and two cell phone stores were smashed in.

racist banner

Photo via Jessica Guynn

A shop that sold Textbooks to students was also vandalized.

At one point some within the group got into a confrontation with an activist who demanded that they remain peaceful.

They suspected that the activist was an “undercover officer” who was trying to stifle their reaction to the recent police killings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

A black officer is seen fighting a young white girl who was protesting about the police killing of Eric Garner. Photo: Stephen Lam, Getty Images

BERKELEY — Two officers have been injured as around 400 Berkeley students engaged in violent insurrection Saturday night.

The protests started over the death of Eric Garner, who was choked to death by police.

“This is about Garner and all the other casualties of war,” said one protester.

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“The police have been doing this for so long, how much longer are we going to tolerate this?” she added.

Protesters in Berkeley were seen throwing bricks at a line of riot police.

group berkeley

A group of protesters were seen carrying tires which were to be burned to obscure the vision of riot police, according to reports. Photo via Tweet from Jessica Lau

The police then shot tear gas at the protesters.

Protesters then divided into splinter groups, and one of the groups began smashing the windows of a nearby bank. 

Several officers were hit with projectiles, said Jenn Coats, a spokeswoman for the Berkeley police.

One officer was hospitalized with a dislocated shoulder after receiving a direct hit from a sandbag thrown by one of the protesters.

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Another officer suffered from multiple minor injuries.

Watch video below:

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