BREAKING: Cops Open Fire, Execute Citizen Who Ran in the Opposite Direction From Them


PASCO — Disturbing video footage has surfaced online showing police open fire on a citizen who appears to be running away from them.

The incident occurred Tuesday night in Pasco, Washington.

The citizen died at the scene after police fired multiple bullets into him.

According to witnesses at the scene, the man was suffering from a mental illness and had been throwing some small rocks on the street.

Some witnesses said that the man had punched an officer moments beforehand, and had a rock in his hands when he “took off running.”

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When police showed up, the man can be seen behaving as if he were confused, and ultimately running away from them.

Rather than giving chase to the citizen, the officers are then seen firing their weapons.

The man’s body slumps to the ground, lifeless.

The identities of the three officers involved in the fatal shooting have not been released, and Police Captain Ken Roske would not specify who fired the shots.

Roske said that the “officers fired after the man refused to listen to their commands,” according to reports.

There have been no reports of any weapon found at the scene.

We are waiting for more details, but as far as the video footage shows, this appears to be a confused citizen who was running in fear from the police, moments before they execute him.

They then appear to place the citizen’s dead body in handcuffs.

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No doubt the cops will claim that they “feared for their lives,” as police are trained to say in shooting deaths in order to avoid conviction.

The officers are due to be placed on paid leave.

This article will be updated as more details become available.

Watch the video below (warning – graphic scene of man being shot to death by police).

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