WATCH: New Jersey Cops Body Cams Were Off During Teen’s Bloody, Violent Arrest

None of the officers involved in last year’s violent arrest, in which one Carteret cop faces criminal charges, switched on their body-worn cameras during a struggle that left a 16-year-old

WATCH: Man Beaten by Indiana Police Files Lawsuit Claiming Muncie Officers Used Excessive Force

MUNCIE, Ind. – A man arrested in a viral video on Sunday has filed a lawsuit against the City of Muncie and four police officers. Joshua Douglas, 36, claims the

WATCH: SC Police Beat Man in Walmart as Horrified Shoppers Beg Officers to Stop

25 Aug 2014 Police authorities in Greenville, South Carolina are reviewing video of an arrest at a Walmart store Saturday afternoon where an officer can be seen repeatedly punching a

WATCH: Lakeland PD Reviewing Video Showing Use of Force in Florida

LAKELAND, Florida – The Lakeland Police Department says it is reviewing a video that may show excessive force used against a 38-year-old man. Lakeland PD says it has been made

WATCH: ‘I Ain’t Resisting, Bro!’ Police Body-Cam Video Captures Controversial Loud-Music Arrest

4/04/16 An Arkansas man is comparing himself to Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin after he says he was unjustly targeted while in the parking lot of a Lucky’s Store when

Man Beaten by Sacramento Cop After Jaywalking Stop Settles His Case For More Than Money

Sacramento has tentatively settled a lawsuit with a black man who was beaten by a city police officer last April after a jaywalking stop, an incident that ignited community outrage

WATCH: Family of Man Having Seizure Claims IMPD Used Excessive Force During Arrest

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An arrest inside a gas station in Speedway caught on camera last week. Now, the family of the man arrested is raising the question, was this an

Video Showing Police Punch, Knee Man During Arrest Sparks Calls For Answers From Community

Witness video showing police in Texas punching and kneeing a man during an arrest last weekend has sparked calls for answers from the local community. Amid the uproar, body camera

WATCH: Arizona Cops Assault Unarmed Man For Pulling Out His Phone During Profiling Stop

08 Nov 2015 Incompetent police officers mistook an innocent man for a suspect last week, which left that man in the hospital. As Arthur Velazquez was riding his bike down

WATCH: 26 Cops Kick, Beat and Tase Subdued Unarmed Man in Philadelphia

08 July 2015 A video posted to YouTube on Wednesday shows a massive and violent police response to one black man, who is seen on the ground as he is

WATCH: Frustrated New Mexico Cop Slams Handcuffed Driver Face-First Onto Road

19 Sep 2014 A New Mexico police officer is under investigation after he slammed a handcuffed motorist to the ground during a traffic stop, reported the Clovis News Journal. A

WATCH: Melbourne Police Captured on Video Taking Down Disability Pensioner

Melbourne, Australia – John installed a CCTV system at his house in Melbourne’s northern suburbs after it was burgled a few years back. It was supposed to capture robbers —