Protests and Resistance

Why do Police Riot Squads Target Protesters Instead of White Supremacists?

Police riot squads were an inescapable presence at the recent demonstration against white supremacists at a “free speech” rally in Boston, just as they had been a week earlier in

Hundreds March in Rally Over Police Violence Against People With Mental Illness in Brooklyn

James Owens spent years wrestling with addiction and mental illness as he tried to eke out a normal life. In January, city cops snatched that life away with a bullet,

Man Beaten at Protest Says Police Were Indifferent to Attack

McLEAN, Va. — A Virginia man says police failed to come to his aid as he was beaten by white supremacists during Saturday’s violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, that led

Activists Crash NYPD Event to Protest Police Brutality

Advocates for people of color and immigrants protesting police brutality showed up to the NYPD’s annual “National Night Out Against Crime” to outline their “vision of safety” for their communities,

Capitol Police Drag Disabled Protesters Out Of Wheelchairs During Trumpcare Protests

Capitol Hill Police have forcibly removed protesters in wheelchairs from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on the same day Republicans released their latest healthcare plan. Approximately 60 protesters –

Six Police Officers Injured In London Protest Over Man’s Death After Traffic Stop

Six police officers have been injured, with four taken to hospital, following a protest in London over the death of a man after a traffic stop. One male police sergeant

Cops In D.C Used ‘Rape As Punishment’ After Inauguration Day Mass Arrests

When black-clad marchers began smashing windows in Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day, the city’s police force — reputedly the best in the country at upholding protesters’ rights during disruptive demonstrations — went nuclear. Officers

ACLU Suing DC Police Over Inauguration Day Arrests

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on Wednesday accusing police in Washington, DC, of violating the constitutional rights of protesters, journalists, and legal observers during mass arrests on

Protests Against Police Brutality Continue In US

Protests continue against police brutality in the United States, two days after a white police officer was acquitted of killing an African-American man in Saint Paul, Minnesota, last year. Hundreds

Protesters Rally In Dallas To End Police Brutality

Hundreds of people joined a march to end police brutality on Saturday. The protest was called “A March for Jordan,” inspired by Jordan Edwards, an unarmed teenager killed by a

Judge Disagrees With NYPD Claims Its LRAD Sound Cannon Isn’t A Weapon

A judge has ruled that a lawsuit against the NYPD for officers’ use of a Long Range Acoustic Device sound cannon at a Black Lives Matter protest can proceed, because

Woman Faces One Year in Jail After “Laughing” During Jeff Sessions Nomination

via RT A Washington jury has convicted a Code Pink activist of disorderly conduct after she laughed in a Senate confirmation hearing for Attorney General Jeff Sessions. She was also