Cop Arrested for Beating a Citizen in “One on One” Street Fight While on Duty, In Uniform




The Springfield Police Department issued a statement which reads in part, “This incident does not depict the actions of the hard-working men and women of the Springfield Police Department.”

Jack Burns | The Free Thought Project

Springfield, IL — “I’m sorry ma’am. But you know what it is? I’m tired of getting talked to like that,” said Springfield, Illinois police officer Samuel Rosario, just after he gave a  19-year-old citizen a beat down and potentially threw away his law enforcement career.

The encounter, recorded in its entirety from two different body cameras (Rosario’s and his fellow officer’s), shows officers responding to a domestic disturbance at the 2100 Block of East Stuart St.

Upon arrival, Rosario meets with the mother who says her 16-year-old daughter was upset and broke her glass table before storming off, out of the house, and down the road.

While the officer was speaking, an unidentified man kept interrupting the conversation between the officer and the mother (name withheld as daughter is a juvenile).

When Rosario mentioned they would charge the daughter with a destruction of property charge, the man became angry and stated she should also be charged with domestic violence.

It seems from the dialog in the video, the family wanted the daughter locked away for some extended period of time, possibly due to the ongoing conflict in the home.

That’s when it all escalated.

Rosario fired back with a seemingly condescending conversation about the man’s knowledge of the law, and the man responded with wanting to know Rosario’s badge number.

“If she ain’t getting at least two charges, I want both ya’ll badge numbers,” the man said which apparently infuriated the officer who seemed to maintain decorum and civility until the threat to file a police report was made.

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