Cop Lets K9 “Literally Rip Open” 14-yr-old Boy’s Penis



MIAMI, FL — A devastated family is now filing a lawsuit against police for letting a K9 maul their child’s genitals.

The boy, Javarius Ragin, was just 14-yrs-old and the police attack dog was allowed to “literally rip open” his penis under the supervision of the cop.

The incident began when Ragin was a passenger in a car that was pulled over by police.

Police claimed that the car was “stolen.”

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At some point, Ragin tried to avoid the police.

He said he was only a passenger — possibly suggesting that he didn’t know whether or not the car was stolen.

An officer began chasing him as he left the traffic stop, and that’s when Ragin tried to hide away in a random shed, according to reports.

But Officer Earles Gonzalez opened the door of the shed and gave an order to his K9 to attack Ragin, reports say.

Ragin had his hands raised in the air, completely surrendering to the officer.

But this did not stop Officer Gonzalez from letting the K9 — named “Diesel — continue to sink its teeth into Ragin, the lawsuit claims.

As Ragin surrendered, the animal was allowed to maul his penis and “ripped it open” according to reports.

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When the officer stopped the attack, Ragin was not given timely medical attention afterwards and that other officers who arrived to the scene would not call an ambulance, the lawsuit states.

Ragin and his family are suing for excessive force.

Their attorney says that doctors eventually stitched up the wounds on Ragin’s genitals, which left significant scar tissue.

The attorney says that the officers also failed to document the attack that occurred on Ragin.