Cop Rams Pregnant Woman’s Belly Into Kitchen Counter, Pounds Her in the Back



Brett Sanders | April 7, 2015

QUINLAN TX – Child Protective Services made a visit to interview a family in Quinlan, Texas last week and things went south very quickly.

It all started when one CPS bureaucrat knocked on the door of the residence and directed two Hunt County Sheriff deputies to display a court order to come inside and interview the children and family.

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The owner of the house asked to see the court order again since it was quickly flashed and not properly displayed.

According to the homeowner, as soon as she requested to view the court order a second time “the police forced their way into the house.”

She was pinned in the corner of the kitchen and that’s where the video starts.

You can clearly see the 38 week pregnant woman as she screams for help and reminds them she’s pregnant.

“I am pregnant!!!”

You can also hear the kids crying in the background as the CPS employee holds off the rest of the family while the officers assault her.

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She said she was in extreme pain because her stomach was pressed on the counter top.

Shortly after that you can clearly see one of the officers punch the women twice in the back.

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Watch video below:

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