Cop “Resigns” After Biting Citizen’s Testicles to the Point of Bleeding: Reports



MARYLAND — Disturbing reports have surfaced online according to which a police officer in Anne Arundel put his mouth on a citizen’s groin area and bit so hard that the citizen began bleeding.

Officer Michael Faig bit down on the man’s testicles, a form of abuse that certainly cannot be justified by police procedures for use of force or compliance techniques, reports say.

The incident began when Officer Flaig went to a nightclub while he was off-duty.

Once inside, Officer Flaig evidently began putting his hands on a woman without her consent, and attempting to move them lower down the back of her body, reports say.

That is when the woman’s male companion stepped in to stop the Officer’s behavior.

Officer Flaig was apparently heavily intoxicated by this point and could not be controlled.

The male called the police while holding Flaig down.

But this is when the unthinkable happened.

Officer Flaig opened his mouth and began biting the man’s testicles.

This caused the man to keel over in pain, at which point Officer Flaig escaped.

When police finally caught up with Flaig, they found blood stains on his shirt, and observed that he slurred his words while reeking of alcohol.

He was charged with misdemeanor second-degree assault, public intoxication and endangering a victim’s safety.

The man whose testicles he bit suffered serious injuries and required medical attention at the scene.

As of September, Officer Flaig has “resigned” from the department for “unspecified reasons.”

This might well place him in a position where he can seek employment in a different department, once the dust settles and people have forgotten what he did.

Watch the video below:

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