Cop Tries to Joyride on Hood of Police Car, Flies Off and Smashes His Head Into Pavement

NEW YORK — Citizens have been overjoyed ever since the NYPD stopped harassing people for victimless “crimes.”

As we reported last week, if the police state and the war on drugs were to come to a permanent end, then we would see the following:

About 80% of all the State functionaries from police and prison guards and prosecutors to court clerks and judges and school resource officers would have to find real jobs that people voluntarily pay them to do, since there would be no more need for them to enforce a corrupt war on drugs and generate revenue for the State.

The owners of State-sponsored for-profit prisons would become bankrupt. About four million non-violent peaceful Americans — formerly called “criminals” for smoking a harmless plant — would be let out of steel cages and reunited with their loved ones.

The few officers that were left would be forced to respond to real violent crimes instead of, say, issuing revenue-generating tickets for incomplete stops, raiding people’s homes, shooting dogs, throwing people in cages for smoking a plant, or choking people to death for selling untaxed cigarettes.

Of course, police don’t truly want it to end. So instead they’ve gone on a de facto strike in order to continue getting paid.

Which leaves many to wonder how police are spending their extra time, now that they’re not locking people in cages for smoking a harmless plant, and now that they’re not issuing tickets to generate revenue for the government.

So what exactly are they doing?

Well, this:


The photo you see is of a police officer who was taking a “joyride” on the hood of a patrol car.

He can be seen in the hanging on the hood as if he were pretending to be in an action film.

But that’s when things went terribly wrong.

The officer driving the patrol car slammed on the breaks, which caused the officer on the hood to tumble into the street and smash his head into the pavement, according to reports. 

The reason that officers did something so asinine is not yet known.

It’s possible that they both have very low-IQs, or that they were just bored now that they’re not arresting people for victimless “crimes.” Or it could be a combination of both. The investigation is still pending.

Neighbors and residents were shocked to see the event take place, and even more shocked when dozens of officers showed up to the scene with militarized gear .

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The officer suffered from a serious head injury and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Now that the cops are not harassing Americans for victimless crimes, it appears that they have nothing to do, unwittingly showing us what we’ve known all along: the bulk of their “service” is not needed.

Do you think most cops should be terminated immediately, or do you think money should continue to be taken out of your paycheck to fund them while they goof around and ride on the hood of a patrol car?

Give us your opinion after you watch the video below: