Cops Allegedly Upload Video Discussing Unethical Behavior

YAZOO, MS — Controversy is brewing online after an officer in Mississippi uploaded a live video to Facebook in which he appears to be bragging about ethically questionable actions with his colleague, reports say.

Here are some select quotes from the video that seem to be causing the most uproar:

“Man, we shot the shit outta somebody’s dog.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” the interlocutor replies.

It ran to him, ruff ruff ruff, pow pow pow pow pow, like damn…..’Shots fired! Shots fired!’”

“Pop, pop, pop, pop! I shot him four damn times and that sucker was like [mimics dog dying]”

At another point the video appears to show some of the gear used by officers, and it is alleged that “knuckles” (what some take to mean brass knuckles) are embedded inside the gloves.

“See that right there? My boy got a whole shelf in there. Thems right there, them are some ass whoopin gloves. Knuckles on the gloves!”

Another moment in the video shows the officer excited to pull someone over:

“Hey yo, let’s go pull somebody over. I wanna pull somebody over.”

One can be heard saying, ““oh, you’ll fuck em up over there,” apparently alluding to a known location where they can “fuck up” citizens.

Watch the video below:

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