Cops Enter Home Without Warrant and Beat Family After “Smelling Weed”


Durham, NC — A video has surfaced online showing police abuse a family inside their own home.

According to preliminary reports, police did not have a search warrant.

They entered the private residence without a warrant because they claimed to “smell weed,” reports say.

Toward the beginning of the video a teen boy can be seen limping toward the camera and stating that an officer used a gun to beat him in the head.

Another young man can be heard saying that he was beaten with a billy club.

Vera McGriff, who was filming the incident, confirms that she witnessed both assaults.

Moments later, several officers can be seen marching up her carpeted stairway toward her children’s bedrooms.

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Vera served in the US Military for over a decade and attempted to intelligently de-escalate the situation while documenting everything.

At one point, an officer can be heard leveling accusations regarding marijuana, to which Vera responds that the smell could have been produced by incense.

Vera asks the officers where the supposed weed is, and no response can be heard from the officers.

It goes without saying, but even if there were marijuana in the house, does ingesting a plant inside of one’s own home justify government agents breaking in at a moment’s notice and pilfering around?

Does it justify them beating you and your children with guns and batons, shoving you to the ground, and tasering your family repeatedly?

Marijuana has caused zero deaths and legal substances such as alcohol, Tylenol, and sugar can actually be far more harmful to one’s health — in fact all three of those substances have resulted in many deaths.

Police often boost their arrest records by targeting non-violent citizens who ingest cannabis, and good arrest records could result in career promotions, increases in salary, and recognition as being “tough on crime.”

It is therefore unsurprising that many police and their organized unions and supporters would continue promoting the War on Drugs.

Toward the end of the video, screams can be heard as the family members are shoved to the ground and tasered.

Officers begin shouting commands as if they are drill sergeants, awaiting any chance to use more violent force.

“We all sat in handcuffs for 4-5 hours while they waited for the search warrant …Everybody was tased, one officer hit my son in the face with his Glock 9, we were choked, kicked, thrown down on the floor,” said Vera.

The officers on the other hand are claiming that they were “assaulted,” yet the video does not show this.

Watch the full unedited video below:

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