Cops Kill Family’s Mentally Ill Son After They Called for Medical Treatment

And I said, ‘what the hell are you doing?! You just killed my son!” David Phillips Sr. said, according to KRCR. The family says their mentally ill son was “not a threat.” Their statement on their GoFundMe is as follows:
On March 17th 2017 Desmond Phillips aka Bubba was Taken from us not by natural Causes but was murdered.At about 7pm my dad call the ambulance because my little brother was having one of his seizures which causes him to space out and don’t know what he’s doing as they are aware of his health issues the police shows up with the ambulance and shots my brother 7x because my brother had a butter knife and they felt he was a threat even though they are aware of his mental health issues. Please help bury my baby bro anything anything helps.. Help spread the word!
The family of a mentally ill man in the throes of an “episode” called 911 seeking medication for the young man.
Police in northern California responded with excessive force, killing the 25-year old amid at least 10 gunshots, the family and neighbors say.

Desmond Phillips, 25, a Sacramento native, was killed by police officers with the Chico (California) Police Department on March 17.

The officers forced their way into the apartment of Desmond’s father, David, believing Desmond posed a threat to family members, according to reports.

As he had done twice in the past, David Phillips Sr., Desmond’s father, contacted local paramedics to help his son access medication, the family said, as Desmond has a mental disorder and was acting erratically, local news outlets have reported.

“My dad called the ambulance to come take him to the hospital so they could get him some medication,” David Phillips Jr., Desmond’s brother, told KTXL, adding that the encounter “should’ve been handled way different. They didn’t have to pull out their guns.”

The Chico Police Department said Desmond was “hostile” to first responders with the Chico Fire Department who initially responded to the scene, at Desmond’s father’s home.

Police officers were then dispatched to the home.

They reported that Desmond was “pacing in a small living room area and was seen holding two knives,” Chico police Chief Michael O’Brien said, according to KTXL.

David Phillips Jr. said Desmond was holding a butter knife and a smaller knife used to cut vegetables, according to KRCR.

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