Former Beaumont Police Officer Commits Suicide Amid Sex Assault Investigation

BEAUMONT — A part-time Jefferson County Courthouse security officer committed suicide by shooting himself at a park in North Texas amid a sexual assault investigation which would have put him on administrative leave without pay, the sheriff’s office announced Wednesday in a news release.

Juan San Miguel resigned from his position July 28, four days after Sheriff Zena Stephens was notified by the Beaumont Police Department that San Miguel was under investigation for sexual assault.

He did not show up for work in the days between BPD notifying Stephens of the investigation and his eventual resignation.

San Miguel, who also previously worked as an officer for the Beaumont Independent School District Police Department and Beaumont Police Department, had warrants for six cases – three for indecency with a child and three more for sexual assault of a child.

He had been a part-time security officer at the courthouse since June 20, 2016.

San Miguel resigned from his courthouse security position by sending a resignation later and credentials through a third party, according to the sheriff’s office news release.