Good Citizen Invites Police Into His Home to Help Them, They Shoot His Dog Four Times

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Jean Strong |

ODESSA, TX — Yet another family pet has been ruthlessly brutalized by the cops.

In Odessa, Texas, U.S. Marshals shot Spot, a 15 year old dog, multiple times while attempting to serve an arrest warrant.

CBS 7 News says that the cops were swarming a neighborhood looking for Austin Dawson, who had “violated his parole.”

Homeowner Anthony McDowell allowed police to search his property. “I said you can come in the house and look. I’m giving you permission”, said McDowell.

The cops were warned that there was a dog in the back yard.

Despite the warning, they shot Spot multiple times, claiming that he “came towards them in an aggressive manner.”

Spot is fighting for his life at a vet clinic in Odessa. Although the vet believes he will survive, he will never walk again.

“That’s the reason he said hey he ain’t here, why didn’t we just leave? But he made it his business to let us know that he’s serious come back here and kill our dog. He put two slugs into my dog for no apparent reason and we asked him why and he couldn’t give us no justification. He didn’t run charging barking or nothing. My dog was scared of the police officers,” said a distraught McDowell.

This man tried to be a good citizen.

He gave the cops permission to search his place and they rewarded his honesty and cooperation by tearing his house apart and trying to kill his dog.

They knew there was a dog present, there was absolutely no excuse for such an action.

The homeowner was present; all they had to do was have him secure the dog.

As usual, the lame old “I felt threatened” excuse was trotted out.

It appears that by simply existing, dogs threaten law enforcement.

It is baffling why heavily armed and armored “brave” men are so incredibly terrified of dogs.

It is horrifying that so many cold-blooded killers are given guns and badges and allowed to slaughter dogs with impunity.

It is obvious that these cops kill because they like to kill. It is crystal clear that they have declared war on us and our dogs.

Nothing has stopped them; they have no regard for life in any form. We are under siege by an enemy we are not allowed to repel. This is America, people, how long are we going to allow this to continue?

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Author Bio: Jean is an advocate for accountability for all lawless actions by cops and civilians. She lives in Alaska with her dogs of uncertain heritage and an occasional cat or two.