Monster Texas Chief Sexually Harasses Underage Girls, Then Pushes Accuser Into Killing Himself


Max Chantha | October 27, 2015

TEXAS – Kevin Coffey, former Chief of Maypearl, Texas, might be the very definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He used his position of power to act with impunity, all while committing the most atrociously manipulative and horrifyingly monstrous crimes one can imagine, reports say.

The former chief is being charged with a string of crimes – almost all of them sexual assault or indecency with a child – that if found guilty, would land him in prison for roughly 70 years.

It is now known that Coffey was constantly harassing underage girls online, commenting profane and perverted on social media pictures and making physical overtures in person.

He even went so far as to dry hump the child – while in uniform.

This abuse went on for years – possibly even while he was, ironically, a Sexual Assault and Family Violence investigator.

Though eventually several young victims would be willing to testify, Coffey was able to continue his perverted rampage against young women because many were afraid to come out against him; and for good reason.

James Everett Meyers was one heroic citizen who dared to rightfully accuse Coffey for being the monstrous pervert that he was reported as being.

Instead of coming clean about his heinous crimes, the former chief instead launched a never ending campaign of harassment, using the force of his position to stalk Meyers and constantly send him death threats.

Tragically, after two years of nightmarish emotional and mental torture at the hands of the deranged Coffey, Meyers took his own life.

In light of the truth of Meyers’ accusation, his family has begun a lawsuit against Coffey

The fact that a police chief is able to get away with such terrifying crimes speaks to the lack of top-down accountability within departments.

Meyers complained about Coffey years before his crimes would be discovered, but no one listened to him.

Coffey used his power to generate fear in victims and their families: in short, he held an entire town hostage through fear of his power and impunity.

Though eventually the mountain of available evidence would be his downfall, the power of his position allowed him to rob young girls of their innocence for years.

It is vital that chiefs, though seemingly the uppermost authority of the police, must be examined with the same scrutiny – and perhaps more – than the rank-and-file officers because of their capacity and power to commit widespread, evil crimes.

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