Mother Disgusted After Cop Sends Her Young Boy Sexually Explicit Texts: Report

SMYRNA — A mother in Georgia has filed a complaint stating that a police officer living next door to her has molested her child.

Her report comes on the heels of another officer who was just charged, also in Washington, for molesting a 7-yr-old girl.

The mother did not want to give her name out because she was concerned about protecting her and her family from harassment.

According to the report, the officer’s relationship with her child seemed normal at first.

On multiple occasions the officer would ask her child to “run errands” with him and help him “walk his dog,” she stated.

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The mother was startled, however, when the cop began keeping her child in his apartment for extended lengths of time.

The mother became deeply suspicious and took immediate action when she found that her young boy was not home but rather was being kept in the officer’s apartment at night.

“You don’t need to be in an apartment to ‘walk a dog,'” said the mother.

She immediately approached the officer’s apartment and knocked on the door.

“When I went up to knock on the door it took about 5 minutes for them to open the door,” she said.

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The mother believes that it was during that time that the officer was molesting her child.

Part of her reason for believing this is due to the fact that she found out the officer had managed to get her boy’s cell phone number. She discovered sexually explicit text messages on the phone.


Among those text messages was a photo that the officer sent to her boy displaying a grown man dressed up in women’s lingerie, according to the report.

The mother reported it to the police immediately but is frustrated that they don’t seem to be investigating it, she said.

“If you can’t count on them, who can you count on?” she asked.

“It’s disgusting,” she added, that the officer may have molested her child.

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The Smyrna police department has assured the public that it’s internally investigating the mother’s report and issued the following statement:

“The Smyrna Police Department had received a complaint alleging an officer has been involved in an inappropriate relationship with a juvenile male. The matter is being investigated by the Cobb County Crimes Against Children Unit and the Smyrna Police Internal Affairs Division. Being that this is an active investigation we are not able to release information at this time.”

But the mother maintains that the investigators have not even reviewed the text messages sent by the officer to her son.

She is deeply disturbed and is just hoping for some accountability at this point, but is troubled by the fact that the officer’s colleagues won’t investigate it.

We will provide further details as more information becomes available.

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