Now Even Christopher Dorner’s White Partner Is Calling the LAPD Racist


by Max Chantha

CALIFORNIA – Christopher Dorner terrified an entire city when he vowed revenge against the Los Angeles Police Department for alleged racist treatment and unfair termination against him.

He would go on to kill four people, two of them police officers, before he would take his own life during a gun battle in the California mountains.

His accusations, though proven true time and time again, were framed as the rantings of a madman and killer by the LAPD, and dismissed without any serious consideration.

Now, over two years later, Dorner’s partner, who he himself had accused of racist action, is calling the LAPD racist, accusing it of much the same grievances her old partner did.

Sergeant Terie Evans, who was at one point partnered with the infamous Dorner, claims in a new lawsuit that the LAPD has scapegoated her for reasons relating to the Dorner case, despite the fact that she was the first to tip off the department that he might be behind the killings that shook the department for weeks.

Evans claims that she is now the one experiencing racial discrimination, limiting her potential for advancement within the department and her working ability.

It is likely that, due to her involvement in a touchy case that itself revolved around discrimination she was accused of by Dorner, she is the perfect individual upon which to place the blame for Dorner’s racist accusation, confining the issue of discrimination solely to her and absolving the rest of the department in any involvement.

There are two likely scenarios occurring in this case: either Officer Evans is lying, and merely lying to sue for personal gain or as leverage for her own advancement, or the LAPD is in fact inherently racist and abusive to its personnel, whether they be white, black, or of any other race.

Sadly, both of these scenarios seem equally possible, so the truth may continue to be obscured for some time.

Published by Max Chantha: An Independent Blog.

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