Police Attack Girl in Bikini, Pull Gun on Teens at Pool Party

UPDATE (6/13/15) Officer Says He’s a “Victim”

Officer Casebolt has come out and described himself as a “victim” who has been “dragged into” police brutality against blacks. He says “things” — but not his own actions, of course — “got the better” of him.

According to the DailyMail, Officer Casebolt said the following (we’ve emphasized the self-victimization in red.):

There are legitimate claims about police brutality and racial profiling and questions about the shootings of African-American people by police and I have been dragged into it.

I am a victim of all that has been going on right now. I’m just sorry that I have contributed to it. On another time, nobody could have accused me of being racist.

Things got the better of me and that’s all. I am very concerned that folk stop judging me in that way. All the other incidents with police on video this year has nothing to do with me.


UPDATE (6/9/15) Officer Resigns After Public Backlash

Some good news.

Officer Casebolt’s lawyer announced to the media this afternoon that Casebolt has now resigned.

The resignation occurs amidst growing protests and public outrage after a video of him slamming  a 14-yr-old girl’s head into the ground and sitting on her spine went viral online.

Now resigning is one thing, but will Casebolt be charged for anything and convicted?

If you were the judge in this case, how would you punish Casebolt? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE (6/9/15) — Officer at Pool Party Has Reported History of Sexual Misconduct and Racism

Well, this explains a lot.

Evidently Officer Casebolt has previously been reported for touching a man’s private area and making racially disparaging comments.

The incident happened in 2008 when Albert Earl Brown, a black man, was pulled over by Officer Casebolt. Being a loyal enforcer of the War on Drugs and the Prison Industrial Complex, Officer Casebolt wanted to “search” Brown for drugs.

To the point of pulling the man’s pants down — all the way — and reaching into his genital area.

Officer Casebolt also accused Brown of being a “dope dealer,” according to the report.

The Daily Beast reports as follows:

Albert Earl Brown, Jr. alleged that Casebolt “reached in my private area” and “also pulled my pants down below my ankles” to search him for drugs. Casebolt and the other officers allegedly shined a flashlight in Brown’s anus after slamming his face repeatedly into the hood of the car. Brown alleged that Casebolt made disparaging remarks about “white girls” hanging out with a “dope dealer.”

MCKINNEY, TX — A pool party turned into chaos after police arrived.

The police officers can be seen in the video going hog wild and chasing after teenagers.

The teenagers were simply afraid and didn’t want to be hurt.

The video was originally posted on facebook and has since gone viral online.

At one point a cop can be seen assaulting a female.

She appears to be doing nothing but sitting on the grass and asking to speak with her mother.

The cop can be seen yanking her by the arm and twisting her around like a wet dish rag.

According to the initial witness reports, a neighbor decided it would be a good idea to call the cops after seeing a “large gathering” at the pool.

The girl who was attacked by the officer was not doing anything but sitting on the grass, as can be seen in the video.

While a few of these teens ran from the cops out of fear and to avoid violence, none of them appear to be doing anything that would endanger police.

Yet police felt the need to escalate the tension.

How would you feel if a cop did this to your daughter or your girlfriend? Just driving his knee into her spine and using his weight to crush her into the ground like that. It’s almost as if he’s proud of capturing and debasing this innocent 14-yr-old girl. This image, in many respects, sums up the very essence of tyranny. How much are you willing to tolerate?

At a disturbing climax in the video, a cop can be seen pulling his gun out and aiming it at teenagers when they tried to intervene and stop the attack on the girl in the bikini.

“Put your face in the ground!” the officer can be heard saying to the girl, as he rams her face down.

“I told you to sit!” said the officer.

The officers seemed to be of the opinion that people are supposed roll over like pets and do whatever they say.

Watch the video below:

UPDATE: Victims of Pool Party Police Brutality Speak Out

“It was horrific,” said one of the teenage girls who attended the graduation pool party.

It turns out that these young adults were simply celebrating their graduation, and nearly all of them were invited guests in the community.

That is contrary to propaganda spewed by police apologists according to which they were “a mob” and were “intruders.”

The videos below are the latest from the attendants and victims themselves:

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