Couple Were Together in Car, Cop Handcuffs Boyfriend and Rapes Girl



WORCESTER – A now-former officer has been convicted of rape after a gruesome prima nocta-style sexual assault of a woman.

The incident occurred when Officer Rajat Sharda noticed a couple in their vehicle at night.

The couple had been making love together privately in the back of their SUV where nobody could see.

But Officer Sharda took it upon himself to get involved.

What happened next, was absolutely terrifying.

He has been convicted for rape, open and gross lewdness, witness intimidation, and larceny.

He committed “an ugly and brutal act of rape,” said Judge David Ricciardone.

“His actions are frankly disgusting,” the district attorney told members of the court.

Officer Sharda pulled up to the couple in his patrol car.

He first made sure to handcuff the boyfriend, as if to guarantee the boyfriend would not be able to fight off the attack.

He then isolated the handcuffed boyfriend in a location outside of the SUV.

Now that the woman was alone in the SUV, Officer Sharda began moving toward her.

He pulled out his genitals and began masturbating in front of her.

He then reached orgasm and ejaculated on her bare leg.

She tried to cover her body with a blanket, but he ejaculated on that blanket too, according to reports.

He then forced his fingers inside of her, according to reports, and raped her by penetration.

Officer Sharda then threatened to harm her family if she told anybody, according to reports.

Specifically, he said he would find her children if the news got out.

He was in possession of his gun the whole time during the rape, reports say.

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