Police Officer From Mexico Found Guilty of Colorado Rape

A former police officer from Mexico was found guilty Wednesday in the rape of a woman in Aurora, Co., where authorities said he ordered his victim to put down her 1-year-old son prior to the assault.

Ricardo Corral-Venegas, 27, was armed with a butcher knife on Oct. 4, 2016, when he forced his way into the apartment of his 26-year-old victim, police said.

He returned days later to the same complex and tried to force his way into another apartment, but an 18-year-old girl fought him, preventing him from entering, authorities said.

Police arrested him later that day after they spotted the suspect at a Buffalo Wild Wings, the Denver Post reported.

During the interrogation he allegedly cried, saying there “was something wrong with his head.” Moments later he acted as if he didn’t know why he was being questioned, a police report detailed. Court reports indicate that Corral-Venegas told police he had a duel personality.

According to authorities, Corral-Venegas is a former police officer from Chihuahua, Mexico where he worked for four years.

He allegedly used a red motorcycle and pretended to be a courier when sexually attacking women in Mexico – a ploy for which the Mexican media referred to him as the “Motorized Rapist.”

Corral-Venegas had previously been deported back to Mexico for being in the United States illegally, the Denver Post reported.

An Arapahoe County jury found him guilty of sexual assault, kidnapping, and burglary as well as using a weapon while committing a violent crime.

He is currently being held without bond where he faces a maximum of 92 years in prison.

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/07/former-police-officer-from-mexico-found-guilty-colorado-rape.html

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