Video: Police Gun Down Cow in Street After “Feeling Threatened” by It

Authorities said the animal was euthanized later.

Arizona has about 3,800 ranches and it is estimated that about 870,000 of cattle are raised here.

Therefore, it is not unusual to find a cow or two wandering on the highways.

It would also be fair to expect local members of law enforcement to be trained in with traffic situations caused by these stray bovines.

However, it seemed this was not the case on Wednesday when officers shot a cow that was interrupting the flow of traffic on the westbound Interstate 10 and eastbound US 60 in Pheonix.

The confused animal had managed to flee from a trailer that was parked at the service stop. The driver had paused to repair a tire when the cow escaped.

Several motorists reported the cow on the highway.

Officers responded around 9:30 PM and blocked traffic in order to contain the animal.
The troopers claim that the bewildered beast “charged” at them; feeling threatened the men made a split-second judgment to use lethal force. It took at least two hours to clear the busy route.

The Department of Public Safety said it was a sensible decision considering the animal was getting aggressive and would have been hit by a car anyway.

The cow did not die on the spot and the authorities confirmed that they euthanized it.

This is one of several incidents across the country where cows have been shot for disrupting traffic.

Only three months ago Honolulu police shot and killed a bovine that could not be contained.

Late last year Washington State troopers chased a cow on the freeway along with its owner, who eventually got frustrated and allowed the cops to kill the animal.

Last year in March Connecticut State police shot and killed a cow that had escaped from its trailer and was running loose on a highway.

Watch the video below:

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