SHOCK VIDEO: Police-Involved Event Video Shows Scared Dog Being Dragged to Freezing Cold Water and Pushed In


WILBRAHAM — A shocking video has gone viral showing what appears to be a frightened dog being forced into freezing cold water at a police-supported event.

The event is called “Polar Plunge” and takes place in the Town of Wilbraham.

During the event, law enforcement officers and supporters jump into ice cold water for a few seconds at a time, taking a “plunge.”

They do it, according to reports, in order to raise money for charitable events such as Special Olympics. And no doubt to also maintain community support.

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What has residents of Wilbraham outraged is footage from the event which appears to show a man pushing a dog into the water.

The man is seen yanking the dog by its collar and dragging it over to the ice cold water.

At one point the man actually pulls the collar upwards and it forces the dog’s throat up.

He continues pulling the dog by the collar all the way to the water.

The dog’s body language and expressions in the video show that the dog did not want to be in the ice cold water and was scared.

Yelps from the dog and a shocked reaction from the crowd can be heard as the dog is forced in anyway.

The man can clearly be seen in the video pushing the dog into the frigid water, after which the dog yelps and immediately tries to scamper out.

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Shortly after the video appeared online, residents from the town and eventually people from all over the world went to the Wilbraham Police Department facebook page and flooded the page with criticisms.

The criticisms were so frequent and unrelenting that the Police Department deleted their page.

“We were getting 30 comments a minute,” police chief Roger Tucker said.

The police department helps organize the event and law enforcement officers typically participate, but it is not yet known whether the man who pushed the dog in the water is a police officer.

Many believe the man pushing the dog in the water is indeed a cop, but we cannot say for sure at this time since the police department will not release his name.

The police declared that the what the man did does not count as animal cruelty and that no charges would be faced.

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They then released a statement according to which the dog “entered the water,” as if to suggest that the dog approached the icy water and jumped in of its own accord.

But many people disagree with the police, citing the video itself which appears to show the dog literally being dragged by its collar and pushed in.

What do you think? Do you believe the police report, or do you think the video shows animal abuse?

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