Shocking Video Shows Swarm of Cops Pummeling Citizen “for Jaywalking”


One visitor to Austin has had an experience he will never forget.

Around 2:30 AM on Friday morning San Antonio resident 22-year-old Jamie King and his friends Matt Wallace, Lou Glen and Rolando Ramiro were leaving a downtown bar and walking toward a Lyft driver who was waiting for them when police officers placed two of the group under arrest for jaywalking.

However, that is not all that happened – in a video that has gone viral over the weekend at least half a dozen officers can be heard shouting profanities and using excessive force on King and Wallace.

The police department says it is reviewing the footage.

In the video, two cops can be seen shoving Wallace into a wall.

Moments later King is doled out the same treatment.

Then the cops drag the former onto the street where he is pinned to the ground.

All the while, the latter is punched numerous times and can be heard asking, “What did I do?”

A woman who was inquiring police officers why they were treating her friends roughly was handcuffed by a female officer.

One of King’s friends, Rolando Romero, posted the video on Facebook.

According to him, it is not out of the ordinary for pedestrians to cross the street in downtown against the light because roads are usually chock-a-block on the weekend.

“After we crossed the street, the cops asked us to show IDs and my friend said no, and that’s when [the officers] jumped off their bikes and I started recording,” said Romero.

Recalling the incident King says he never thought he would ever be at the receiving end of police brutality.

"Honestly something you see happening on the web, or things that you hear or see like okay, cops are abusing their power and it's something that you hear about, but to be so close to it and so involved with it, it's an eye opener," he commented.

His mother Nevetta King says watching the video was not easy.

Around 3 AM she got a call from one of her son’s friends telling her that he had been arrested, she was told there was a video of the incident -however, when she watched the footage Mrs King says she did not realize how cruel the police could be.

"I kept watching trying to look for fault on his part, I didn't see any," she said.

Watch the video below: