Video Shows Cops Pummel Small Boy as He Curls in Fetal Position

2017/02/25 Woodlawn, MD — A deeply disturbing video has emerged and is going viral on social media platforms. It shows what appears to be a 16-yr-old boy being viciously attacked by adult police officers.

The boy had been threatened by another student. Instead of fighting the student, he chose not to get involved and went to sit on a curb, according to reports.

The 16-yr-old, Alonzo Cox, was actually a victim of an aggressive student, witnesses say.

He thought he’d be safe by removing himself from the situation and sitting on the curb, but that’s when the unthinkable happen.

Two grown adult police officers approached him and began hitting him and pummeling him into the ground.

Alonzo was blitzed by an aggressive female officer. Because he was frightened, he squirmed and moved, which the female officers evidently interpreted as failure to comply.

That is when the female officer can be seen slashing and swatting at the boy.

Moments later, a male officer sprints over and begins crushing the boy into the ground.

The boy’s frame is much smaller than the two adults and at times his screams are muffled, suggesting that he may have been unable to breathe at points during the attack.

“I was scared,” he said. “I thought I was going to get shot that’s all that was going through my mind, ‘please don’t shoot me’,” he added, “I was scared for my life.”

At one point, an officer appears to be dropping elbows on the boy.

The Baltimore police department is now investigating the use of force after the video continues to enrage citizens.

“Baltimore County Police are reviewing the use of force involved in this incident, as is standard procedure,” Armacost wrote. “Body Worn Camera video is available and will be reviewed for evidentiary value.”

Watch the video below: