This Man Suddenly Died of Complications, Family Says It’s Because Police Tased Him and Beat Him


The Arevalos were not prepared for the tragedy that was waiting for them one morning in October this year.

Their 33-year-old son went to bed the night before never to wake up again. He seemed to have no health issues and looked well enough.

The Lynwood-residents have no answers, and even the initial autopsy report did not reveal a cause of death – the only thing they want to know now is whether Marco A Arevalo’s sudden demise has anything to do with being tased by the police six months ago.

Arevalo’s death has added another issue to an already multifaceted matter. He was waiting to go on trial for confrontation with the cops that took place in March.

“My son did nothing wrong”

Police officers were responding to an incident, when they tased Arevalo and hit him with a baton.

When the case was presented at a preliminary hearing three LA County sheriff’s deputies testified that the man and his father resisted arrest and tried to create unrest, which led the officers to fear for their lives.

Shortly after this initial inquiry, a neighbor made public a video they had captured of the incident showing exactly what happened during the encounter. Charges against Arevalo were promptly dropped.

Now, he is no more and his family wants answers.

This is certainly not the first time that questions are being raised over the effects of the shock released by a stun gun.

Arevalo’s mother still cannot get over his death. Sobbing uncontrollably she spoke in Spanish to the media.

“My son did nothing wrong,” she says.

The family’s lawyer, Michael Carrillo, commented that the cops involved should be investigated for lying under oath in the preliminary investigation.

Once the final post mortem report becomes available the Arevalos will most likely lodge a lawsuit.

The case of a Peeping Tom – what started it all?

It is not out of the ordinary for neighbors to step outside when there is a commotion on the street and that is exactly what Arevalo and his father did in March.

The pair went stood outside their home as police looked for a Peeping Tom suspect.

Then, for reasons unknown, the two found themselves being pushed and beaten by the cops.
In the video, his father can be seen being shoved and thrown off his porch.

The sound of a Taser is also quite audible.

Essentially, the footage contradicts the three officers’ testimony.

Although, the sheriff’s department was quite satisfied with the investigation and had cleared the officers of any wrongdoing, a spokesperson made the comment that issue media reopened in light of the video.

Watch the video below: