“This One Won’t be Playing Basketball Anymore” – Cop Brags After Black Man’s Ankle is Stomped On, Broken


It must be difficult for Robert Turner to forget the sound of his ankle breaking.

A police officer stomped hard on it and then came the loud snap, which would make anyone squirm.

Then the cop said to him, “This one isn’t going to play basketball anymore”.

Turner got justice via the court system and the man in uniform, Nicholas Hogan, was eventually fired.

However, the Washington police officer found his way back into law enforcement in 2014 – three years after the incident when Snoqualmie Police Department made the controversial decision to hire him; they did so despite being aware of his disturbing history of excessive force, particularly against African-American community.

Now even Snoqualmie has placed Hogan on administrative leave.

Allegations against him have not been made public.

The city attorney argues that the decision implemented on October 5 has nothing to do with unnecessary use of force.

How did he get hired again?

The incident with Turner took place while Hogan was working for the Tukwila police department, where he had been hired in 2009.

He was dismissed from there in 2012 after a fairly disgraceful tenure spanning close to three years.

Following this, Hogan was rejected twice by the cities of Fife and Tacoma.

However, Snoqualmie decided to hire him amid concerns from the community.

According to the employer, he was selected from among three candidates and went through an exhaustive background check as well as a lie-detector test.

Tukwila Police Commander Eric Drever says Snoqualmie contacted them about Hogan and even reviewed his personnel file, but it seemed no one was interested in taking a look at the exhaustive internal affairs investigations the department had undertaken before firing him.

“I do not see how any department would hire him with that knowledge,” Drever remarked.

A July 2015 statement from the office of the Mayor Matthew Larsen revealed that he as well as the city administrator and Police Chief Steve McCulley were well aware of Hogan’s troubled past.

What were Hogan’s offences at Tukwila?

The officer was infamous for his aggressive street tactics and his fondness for the anti-drug “straight edge” movement – known for resorting to violence.

While at Tukwila, the city had to pay to half a million dollars to settle lawsuits filed by civilians against Hogan and the department for the use of excessive force.

His supervisors were concerned that he had a troubling pattern of seeking out intoxicated African-American males and did not follow proper procedure before resorting to force.

The decision to dismiss him came after two lawsuits, which resulted in substantial settlement payments.

The first one related to the matter of Turner who was arrested on April 16, 2011.

Hogan detained the unarmed man for an incident that was not his fault.

Turner decided to ask why he had been taken into custody; just as he approached the cop, Hogan slipped and fell to the ground. Several other cops pounced on the African-American man, thinking it was his fault that their colleague tripped.

While Turner was surrounded by the officers, he saw Hogan looking down at him.

The aggressive cop then brutally stomped on Turner’s ankle causing it to break. Next, he made the injured man walk to a police car.

The victim’s injuries were so bad he required surgery and metal screws in his joint to walk again.

Only two months later in June 2011 another black man Alvin Walker suffered at the hands of Hogan. He claims the aggressive cop broke his elbow and another officer pepper-sprayed him. Then the pair left him in the back of a patrol car, he squirmed in pain.

Apparently, Hogan was never punished for what he did to Turner.

Now, he has once again been removed from the streets, as commentators and the community are left wondering how much truth there is to the city attorney’s statement.