Unsatisfied with Stealing from Citizens, Cop Robs His Own Police Station


Max Chantha | January 15, 2016

KENTUCKY – Most Americans are by now familiar with the concept of civil asset forfeiture, wherein law enforcement can confiscate and keep the property of civilians, whether it be money, items, vehicles, or anything else one could imagine.

Fortunately, this trend within law enforcement has seen a steady decline due to public outcry and progressive legislation.

It is perhaps because of this slowing in the flow of precious assets that one Simpsonville, Kentucky officer decided that, instead of taking property from civilians, he would steal from his own department.

Despite being a 23-year veteran of the force, officer Terry Putnam showed few qualms in burglarizing his own police station.

Putnam is accused of breaking into the station in the early morning of November 6th and making off with a horde of assets, including ten thousand dollars, a gun, and controlled substances from the evidence locker.

He is also believed to have tampered with evidence.

Putnam has since been arrested by the Kentucky State Police – ironically while in his Simpsonville Police uniform. Though he maintains his innocence and claims security footage will exonerate him, the fact remains that with inside knowledge of the building and an alibi as an officer of the law, he was in the perfect position to commit the burglary.

In addition to his own takings, tens of thousands more in cash, guns, and drugs were also stolen, meaning he likely had an accomplice or simply sold off the rest of the illicit items.

While by now it should come as no surprise that law enforcement officers are capable of stealing, it is significant to see one steal not only from his department, but also such a large quantity of both cash and drugs.

As the government continues to wage its Drug War against American citizens, their own enforcers show the hypocrisy by selling, consuming, and trafficking the very same drugs they claim corrupt the nation.