WATCH: Asian Woman Records Police Officer ‘Bullying’ Her Black Boyfriend

A California police officer allegedly followed and harassed a man for no apparent reason, going full-creeper on him with a promise that he will always be watched.

The incident was caught on video by the man’s girlfriend, whose mother, Sarami Lee Xiong, posted on Facebook earlier this week.

According to Xiong, her daughter and her boyfriend noticed an “unmarked cop car” following them while they were on the road.

The cop car did not ask the couple to pull over, but they did anyway to find out if it really was following them — and it was.

The video begins with one police officer — who identified his badge number as 492 — in a tense exchange with the man, who then asked his girlfriend to record the scene.

“Until it happens to one of your own it really gets you angry,” Xiong said.

The video becomes even more interesting when the man revealed that it was the same officer who put him behind bars at some point in the past.

“I followed you because I remembered you. You’re a dangerous guy,” the officer said with a smirk.

The man can be seen calling his lawyer twice in the video, with the first call ending up in voicemail.

As he did this, the officer can be heard telling a colleague, “Oh, he’s trying to get me fired.”

The man succeeds calling his lawyer the second time, at which point the officers started heading back to their car.

The video ends with both officers waving gestures at the man.

And in a disturbing conclusion, the officer vowed, “Every time I see you I will be looking at you. Have a good one!”


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