WATCH: Bodycam Released In Family Dog Shooting Incident in Jacksonville

Jacksonville – According to Hawkes, JPD Officer Jennifer Gillham arrived at a residence on Health Lane just before 10 p.m. July 4.

Hawkes said several rumors have spread across social media platforms that the officer was at the location without reason, however he said this was a “non-fact.”

“JPD received a call for service for an ordinance violation, discharging of fireworks on Health Lane at 2151 hours (9:51 p.m.),” Hawkes said. “You will see from the bodycam, the dog was not inside of the house at the time the officer arrived and was investigating.”

Hawkes continued saying Gillham was “within the scope of our authority to enter the property.” He added that the officer was in full uniform displaying Jacksonville police patches and a police badge and arrived in a full-marked Jacksonville police vehicle.

“Officer Gillham illuminated the rear portion of the yard with her flashlight and walked toward the voices in the rear of the residence. She observed a large German Shepherd dog in the rear of the residence walking freely in an unfenced yard. Officer Gillham did not see anyone discharging fireworks. She began walking back toward the front of the residence and heard the dog running toward her from the rear. Officer Gillham turned and observed the same dog running towards her, ears back, teeth showing and growling. The dog attempted to bite Officer Gillham on the legs. She removed her duty weapon and fired one round at the dog. The animal was struck” Hawkes stated at the press conference. The dog died while in transport to Tyler veterinarian.


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