WATCH: McKinney, Texas, Girl Who Was Slammed to the Ground by Police at a Pool Party in 2015 Wins Settlement

Remember the teenage girl who got dragged by police at a pool party? Well, she’s getting her money and her own pool party.

Dajerria Becton, who was 15 years old at the time, back in 2015, was last seen in a viral video getting wrestled to the ground by then-McKinney, Texas, Police Officer Eric Casebolt. He later resigned from the force.

Casebolt was seen dragging Dajerria by the hair, slamming her to the ground, pinning her down and then handcuffing her, all while she called out for someone to call her mother.

Following the incident, Dajerria and her caregiver, Shashona Becton, sued the Police Department and the city of McKinney for $5 million. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, under the terms of the settlement, the Bectons, as well as other plaintiffs in the case, were awarded a total of $184,850 last month, with $148,850 of that amount going to Dajerria.

On Saturday her attorney, Kim T. Cole, is hosting a pool party for Dejerria to celebrate the victory as well as her high school graduation.

Cole said that her client plans to use a portion of the money to start a business and that she hopes to become a dentist.