WATCH: Oklahoma Police Reserve Officer Accused of Child Sex Assault

WYNNEWOOD, Okla. — Wynnewood police reserve officer Brandon Cross has been freed on bond after being accused of sexually abusing the daughter of his fiancée.

Cross appeared in court with his attorney Friday after a warrant for his arrest was issued two days earlier. He entered a plea of not guilty.

Court documents filed on Wednesday say a minor — identified as “BH” — told her mother earlier this month that Cross regularly sexually abused her over the course of several months while her mother was at work.

The girl’s mother told investigators that the child — who was 13 years old when the alleged abuse began — would hide under her bed and cry.

She was told by him if she told me, then he would kill me and her sister, and then make her watch, then kill her.

The mother said the sexual abuse occurred every time she was away from the house at work.

BH told investigators that Cross, 36, was very controlling, and that he reportedly removed her bedroom door, and threatened to beat her and her sister.

The court documents go into great detail about Cross’s alleged abuse. At one time, B.H. ran away from home and told a Davis police officer about the abuse, but according to the document:

The Davis officer did not believe her because him and Brandon were friends.

That officer allegedly told BH to go home with her parents, so she did.

Following the child’s allegations, Cross is facing three felony charges: Two counts of first degree rape and one count of lewd acts with a child.

We asked for a statement from Wynnewood police, but nobody was available.

Cross was freed on bond Friday with the stipulation that he has no contact with his accuser, her family, or any minor children.

Source: – No One Gets You Closer